Thursday, December 3, 2009

You Think You Can Handle The Truth?? Maybe? Not So Much...

Hey My loves!

Ok, so last week, if you recall, I spoke about switching the roles of the one night stand and ladies having control rather the other way around. I got some good feedback (thank you by the way :-) ) but I got a twitter message from a follower who seem a tad perturbed by my decision to write that post.

In it he states:

"Yo, why you hating on a dude. You probably alone and just hating on the fact that you are not getting any..."

(Pause to laugh)

Listen, I am not "hating" as you kids call it. As a matter of fact, I am being honest. Men, why is it that when a woman call you out on something, you automatically assume they are either "alone" or "mad that they are not getting any?" I find it truly humorous to see grown men use such juvenile comebacks to attain what is left of their manhood lol

So, in closing...if you are mad about what I say, Don't hate me, hate that you cannot stand the truth...

Ta-Ta :-)



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