Friday Eye Candy: Law Abiding Sexiness!!

T.G.I.F. Boys and Girls!

For today's eye candy, I would like to introduce to you Mr. Joseph Nevels.

After being introduced to the Kentucky native( via Essence) I must say I am impressed!!!!  The 25 year old is a law student at Northern Kentucky University Chase Law School, a singer, an actor and a model!!!!!

The man exude tons of confidence and knows what he want out of life. He even likes a girl with confidence, mentioning to the magazine, "I like women that are confident and ambitious, so anyone that’s opposite of that turns me off.”

So ladies, feast your eyes on this intelligent Black man and for more info on his music, check out his artist page here.


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:In My Best Martin Voice:

wassup, Wassup, WAAAASSSAAAAAAA!!!!!

Today, I've come to the conclusion that I think some might not understand or even comprehend. In a world where being a barbie is key, I've come to the conclusion....I don't want to be referred to as a "dime piece."

Ladies put in major hours in the gym, keep up to date with the latest fashion trends and go to extremes (i.e. Chicken steroids in the ass, etc.) just to have the ability to say that they are a dime. Don't get me wrong, I know I look good (not to toot my own horn but HONK HONK!) but I don't see the big obsession with being a dime piece now-a-days. As we all know, beauty has evolved over the years but I don't understand when my beauty is equivalent to a small silver coin? Hell, we couldn't be the half dollar!!! I like the half dollar coin!!!!

I know what some are saying: "You're probably mad that you not a dime yourself" or " You're just a ugly hater," blah blah blah. I respect everyone's opinion as you all know we here in Crazy land respects everyone's view point but what I'm saying is I am okay with who I am and my status on the hot-o-meter. I've never been the girly girl type and I slowly grew into my cute stage. Therefore, why should I put pressure on myself to look like a video vixen?

What I like to consider myself to be is "pretty/adorable" (for those who might be wondering, that would be a solid 8 on the hot-o-meter). I like to be considered "pretty" because I feel that there is something genuine with that term. To be referred to as "sexy" is cool, don't get me wrong ( I have my moments) but that term is usually used because the guy is thinking about the girl doing that cool Karma Sutra move he saw on the porno Booty Hunt Part 4.

To be referred to as "pretty" or "cute" or even "sweet" has a genuine, loving meaning behind it. It means to me that the guy sees me as a woman who has a chance to warm his heart. I know that sounds sappy but even the toughest women on the planet wants to have that moment where they're adore by a man.

I am not knocking girls who consider themselves to be a dime, different strokes for different folks. What I'm saying is that I'm okay being the "cute" girl. I would rather warm your heart than to only be considered as a one-night banger because I know that you care about me if I touch your heart but I don't know if your hard "stick" is going to be a night of bliss for I'll take your love for 500 :-)
What do you think? Sound off......

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Thursday Eye Candy: The Rise Of The Intelligent Rapper

Hey Young World!!!!

After many tweets, emails, FB messages and even texts..THE EYE CANDY POSTS ARE BACK! I took a break from doing the eye candy posts because I felt as though there was a drought going in the "Sexy Men" department. However, Summer is coming and men are baring those six-packs again so all is right in the world :-)

In today's music scene, there's seem to be a shift going on. Back in the day, when Sports Team Jersey Dresses were poppin' and neck chokers were the shizzle, the rap scene was all about the streets. If your music wasn't poppin' in the streets, you wouldn't be considered "fly". I remember being in the 5th grade and hearing older girls in my family talk about how they were obsessed with Trench from Naught by Nature because :in bird dialect: "he a rough neck and I like 'dat."

However, many things have changed. Rather than building up your street cred, many rappers are trying to build up the college credibility. The rise of the "smart rapper" is heating up and I love it like I love life!!! Gone are the days were rapper talk about a "Gangsta Bitch". Now, rappers today are focusing on bagging the college girl.

Did I also mention that they are all MY TYPE!!! HOORAAAYYYY!!! Check out some of my favorite rappers that are heating up the College scene:

Theophilus London
The Brooklyn native's new wave/ hip hop vibe has been a favorite of mine ever since I was introduce to the rapper last winter. The way he mixes what would be two extreme music genres is quite impressive. Plus, homie is a snazzy dresser. Snaps to him!

Mickey Factz

The BX native and "Alpha" man has been in the game for a minute now. I was introduced to him when I went a Cool Kids concert and I been diggin' his music since. Though he does remind me of my husband in my head, Lupe Fiasco, his flow and skills puts him in a league of his own.


Many people might not know who he is but this dude is the truth! He wrote for some of your favorite rappers and is signed to the Young Money camp. Hopefully, we will get a full album from old dude because his mixtapes are crazy.


Now, many have been introduced to the LA rapper by his Young Money association but I liked this dude even when he put out his first album(yes, he put an album out). The dude's flow is unlike what I expect a  LA rap vibe should be. He's quite ill and I think he has potential to doing big things in the game. Kudos!!!

These are just a few people that I heating up college radio that I dig. I am happy that hip-hop is taking this turn. Now, all we need is to stop with the damn ice nonsense and we will be good to go!

Later dayssss.....

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Crazy Random: Dirty Fruits

Sometimes, you need something so random to put a smile on your face....enjoy :-)

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Saturdazze: Can The Opposite Sex Just Be Friends???

Mawning Mi Youts!

How unnu do???? lol

It's been crazy these past couple of weeks for me but I enjoy my crazy world. Life is pretty sweet for your girl but no need to freight, CrazyPrettyLady is here to stay......

The other day, I got into a heated debate that I would like to share with you. As a girl who likes to party all the time ::cue annoying '80s song::, I love to dance. If there's music involved, you best believe that I will be on the dance jamming!!!! I'm not going to toot my own horn but I got skills. I hanged up my Dancehall queen title but from time to time I dust it off and bust a whine. That being said, when I go to the club, I don't mind dancing with a guy and having a good time. There's nothing better to dance with a guy AND HE HAS RHYTHM! However, fast forward to the end of the night, the dude you were dancing with automatically expects you to a)give out your number b)end up at his house or c)go to the nearest motels and do......"things".

It's as if you can't have a platonic, fun time with a guy without having to wonder if he thinks you want the wild card that is in his pants. (I call it the wild card because YOU NEVER KNOW!!! He might say he has a cucumber but he actually rocking a string bean. Just saying :-) ) It's as if it is not okay for the opposite sex to be friends with one another.

Is it possible that a man can't be friendly to a woman  without having any intentions? As you know, men are not the only one who are guilty of expecting the goodies upon meeting someone. When men are nice to a woman, some chicks will automatically fall in love and will plan her wedding with the dude!

So, I poise the question: Can a platonic relationship occur between the opposite sex? I mean can I dance with a guy and not have to give him my number? Can a guy just be cool with a girl and not have to worry about her drawing hearts around his name on her notebook?

What do you think?????

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Crazy Music: Oh, Kelis

So, I was perusing over at when I stumbled upon the craziness that is Kelis. Now, I am not going to lie, I dig Kelis as a musician. She has been riding that crazy train even before we ever heard of Gaga and I truly respect her for being true to her art. HOWEVER, I am having a hard time to respect this chick as a woman. She is tip toeing on the line of gold digger for me because she is milking her ex-husband Nas for everything he has and that's just not cool but we shall save that issue for another post. Check out some of the shots from her upcoming album, "Fleshtone" not available for release in the U.S. until July 6th.

P.S.- Am I the only one who thinks her poising as a half breed dog are*shots fired* at PETA??? I think that is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!

aaaahhhh shit!!!!!!! 

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Tuesday Morning Java: If I Can Change The Opposite Sex......

Good Morning!!!!

Yesterday, I poised a question on twitter that seemed to spark a revolution and seemed to get me into trouble, lol. I asked the following:

"If you can change one thing about the opposite sex, what would it be and why?"

I asked this question because, let's face it, if we could play God for a day we would probably change that annoying habit that the opposite sex have.

As I am an avid believer in people accepting others for who they are, there is always that ONE trait that could use a little tweaking.

For me, if I could change one thing about a man, I think I would change their misconception of the working woman. I hate when a man seeing a strong woman, they automatically assume that she is a "bitch" or "she can't get a man" and blah blah. Listen, if you want to talk real talk here, I think that some women(because you know that there are some women who are lazy b*tches) are grinders, movers and shakers. I think that stereotype needs to just DIE!

What do you think?

What do you want to see change? SOUND OFF!!!

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Wednesday Eye Candy Graduation Special

Top of the morning boys and girls!!!

It's a cold ass day in NY but not even the rain can hide my joy! Why you ask? My graduation is 4 days away and the graduation money is starting to come in so I am!!!!

For today's eye candy special, I want to give you all a look at who I think would be delicious dudes to speak at my graduation. Let's face it, sometimes the commencement speaker's speech is dumb, lame and corny and that's no bueno!!!!

Therefore, my philosophy is if I have to hear their long ass speech about their "trails", why not make choose a speaker who's appealing to the eye, right????

Here are my choices for the hottest commencement speakers:

Hill Harper

If my school invited Mr. Harper to speak at my school, I don't know what I'll do with myself. This man is intelligent, smart and down right fiooonnneeee!!!! Plus, his inspirational words would definitely motivate me to be great!!!

Gideon Yago

Okay, before you all start throwing tomatoes at me or ask me who the hell is he, hear me out!!! I always had a crush on this dude since he's been on MTV News. His "Daria complex" always struck me as appealing. Plus, he's covered some amazing stories for True Life as well as his special on the young American soldiers who are still stationed in Iraq.

President Obama or Former President Clinton

I just love their swagger!!!! Billy bob is an OG and Obama is just a cool dude! Plus, they still look handsome :-)


Now I choose these two not necessarily because of their looks but rather because of their hustle. I don't care if your a fan of hip hop or not, you cannot deny these two the title of best businessmen.

Lupe Fiasco

Do I really need to explain my obsession with this man again?? lol

Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz is officially my older man crush. He had me at the "you must have sex, everyday" statement! Dr. is a freak! Love it!!!

To my 2010 crazy loves, who would you want to see talking at your commencement?

Sound off!!!

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Tuesday Grooves: ' Why Don't You Love Me'

Buenas Martes!

You can hate on her or even say what you want about the woman but Beyonce is truly a talented woman. I just peeped her new music video, "Why Don't You Love Me" and I must say, I'M IMPRESSED! The song, written by the eclectic Knowles family member Solange, channels the 1960s and was done wonderfully.

Check out the video below. Are you digging it?  

"Why Don't You Love Me" - Beyoncé from Beyoncé on Vimeo.

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Mean Muggin' Mondays: Does Your GPA Really Show Your Growth?

Good Evening My Loves!

As my graduation approaches, I've been having my "time of clarity' and starting to grasp the thought that on May 16th I will be a College graduate, walking across the stage of Madison Square Garden to receive my Bachelors in Mass Communications. ( I felt chills just writing that statement.)

However, today, I asked myself a question that I feel every college graduate should ask themselves as they prepare to take on the "real world."

Does Your GPA Really Show Your Growth?

Some of you would probably interpret my question as me bashing college or "hating" on the 4.0 students. That's not the case at all. 

As soon as we begin our college career, we're told to focus on keeping your grades up and "Getting those A's." We study for tests, read tons of chapters in textbooks and write numerous amount of papers just to make sure that we get that high score. However, have you ever wondered how those tests will affect your growth? Or how writing that paper about European History will help you find a job? 

I poise this question because I feel that college students don't take the time to grow as a person during their four years.

College is a time when you're transitioning from "adolescent mode" and learn how to handle this thing called life. College is the time to build relationships, deal with heartache and learn from all the experiences you will face.  

For me, as I look back at my time at Iona College, I can truly say I have grown up from that insecure 18 year old girl to who I am today. For a small school, I've learn how to handle myself through any trails and tribulations; I've shed many tears, lost many friends and even question if I will make it. However, today, as I count down the days to May16th, I can honestly say....I've made it. This is what college should be. I cannot put into words how proud I am of myself to know that I have changed for the better.  Granted, my education is the best treasure I can ever have but to know I am a better person, a better daughter, a better sister, a better friend;  that is best gift college can ever give to me.  

I know that many of us today probably wondering "Why do we have to go through BS to be great?" To answer your question, I will share with you a saying my parents instilled in me ever since I can remember;

"If you don't go through your tests, you'll never appreciate your testimony."

College is suppose to challenge you, not just academically but emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally. It will be difficult now but like me and many 2010 graduates, you will appreciate it.

So, as I close this post, I would like you all to take the time to stop looking at your GPA and stop wondering about that final paper due on Wednesday (@6:30pm for me) and really ask yourself, "What has College really taught you about yourself?"

Trust me, the results will be truly rewarding.

Duces! :-) 

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Crazy Random: Diary of a Big Booty Woman

Summer is making its appearance in NYC and I couldn't be more happier. As a girl from a warm island, summer is the best time of the season. I'm in shape, I can break out my summer clothes and the parties in NYC are always poppin'!

However, there one part of the Summer that I have a love/ hate relationship with; a part of summer that I love and yet dread at the same time.

That part is shorts season. This is that time of year were we put up our sweats and strap on those booty huggers to embrace the sunshine.

However, for me I always have a certain hesitation when it putting on a pair of shorts. Don't get me wrong, I love my athletic legs but my thing butt is a weird dude magnet.

I know I'm not the only chica who have dealt with the whistles, the hollers, the" ayo ma, lemme talk to you right quick." I love shorts but sometimes I don't want to attract any attention but I just can't seem dodge it! I can wear a maxi dress and STILL I attract the weirdos.

Am I the only one who suffers this? Crazyettes sound off! Do you sometimes feel your summer look attracts the wrong attention??????

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Monday Eye Candy: 'I Feed The Streets'

Happy Monday!

It's been truly emotional here at Crazyland but no need to fear, I have everything under control so now to your regularly scheduled program.

For today's eye candy, I'll like to salute the men that are not "mainstream". Now, I could go on for days talking about how some of your favorite artists have sold their soul to the record labels but this particular artist not only has the #1 song out right now but his new album, released last week, is FIYAH.

The artist I'm talking about is none other than B.o.B.

Before his hit song, "Nothing On You" was killing the radio waves, I was introduced to the rapper by my friend who goes to Clark Atlanta University. She knew my obsession with Lupe and said I should check him out. After listening to a couple mixtapes and studying his work through Youtube videos, I'm glad to see homie getting what he deserves.

B.o.B is also rather easy on the eyes. He is not "tongue wagging" hot but homie is delish in his own way.

Plus, his swagger reminds me of Lupe so that is always a bonus in my book.
So congratulation Mr. Ray, sir. You've made it onto the eye candy list. Now, all you need to do is admit you ride a skateboard and know what Barnes & Nobles is and you will win in my book. Listen, I've met dudes who don't read and as a writer of a blog, that's an EFFIN insult!

Check out one of my favorite songs off his new album, The Adventures of Bobby Ray.

I'll know you will dig it!

B.o.B. featuring Janelle Monae - The KidsbyHypetrak

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