Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mean Muggin' Mondays: Does Your GPA Really Show Your Growth?

Good Evening My Loves!

As my graduation approaches, I've been having my "time of clarity' and starting to grasp the thought that on May 16th I will be a College graduate, walking across the stage of Madison Square Garden to receive my Bachelors in Mass Communications. ( I felt chills just writing that statement.)

However, today, I asked myself a question that I feel every college graduate should ask themselves as they prepare to take on the "real world."

Does Your GPA Really Show Your Growth?

Some of you would probably interpret my question as me bashing college or "hating" on the 4.0 students. That's not the case at all. 

As soon as we begin our college career, we're told to focus on keeping your grades up and "Getting those A's." We study for tests, read tons of chapters in textbooks and write numerous amount of papers just to make sure that we get that high score. However, have you ever wondered how those tests will affect your growth? Or how writing that paper about European History will help you find a job? 

I poise this question because I feel that college students don't take the time to grow as a person during their four years.

College is a time when you're transitioning from "adolescent mode" and learn how to handle this thing called life. College is the time to build relationships, deal with heartache and learn from all the experiences you will face.  

For me, as I look back at my time at Iona College, I can truly say I have grown up from that insecure 18 year old girl to who I am today. For a small school, I've learn how to handle myself through any trails and tribulations; I've shed many tears, lost many friends and even question if I will make it. However, today, as I count down the days to May16th, I can honestly say....I've made it. This is what college should be. I cannot put into words how proud I am of myself to know that I have changed for the better.  Granted, my education is the best treasure I can ever have but to know I am a better person, a better daughter, a better sister, a better friend;  that is best gift college can ever give to me.  

I know that many of us today probably wondering "Why do we have to go through BS to be great?" To answer your question, I will share with you a saying my parents instilled in me ever since I can remember;

"If you don't go through your tests, you'll never appreciate your testimony."

College is suppose to challenge you, not just academically but emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally. It will be difficult now but like me and many 2010 graduates, you will appreciate it.

So, as I close this post, I would like you all to take the time to stop looking at your GPA and stop wondering about that final paper due on Wednesday (@6:30pm for me) and really ask yourself, "What has College really taught you about yourself?"

Trust me, the results will be truly rewarding.

Duces! :-) 



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