Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Eye Candy: 'I Feed The Streets'

Happy Monday!

It's been truly emotional here at Crazyland but no need to fear, I have everything under control so now to your regularly scheduled program.

For today's eye candy, I'll like to salute the men that are not "mainstream". Now, I could go on for days talking about how some of your favorite artists have sold their soul to the record labels but this particular artist not only has the #1 song out right now but his new album, released last week, is FIYAH.

The artist I'm talking about is none other than B.o.B.

Before his hit song, "Nothing On You" was killing the radio waves, I was introduced to the rapper by my friend who goes to Clark Atlanta University. She knew my obsession with Lupe and said I should check him out. After listening to a couple mixtapes and studying his work through Youtube videos, I'm glad to see homie getting what he deserves.

B.o.B is also rather easy on the eyes. He is not "tongue wagging" hot but homie is delish in his own way.

Plus, his swagger reminds me of Lupe so that is always a bonus in my book.
So congratulation Mr. Ray, sir. You've made it onto the eye candy list. Now, all you need to do is admit you ride a skateboard and know what Barnes & Nobles is and you will win in my book. Listen, I've met dudes who don't read and as a writer of a blog, that's an EFFIN insult!

Check out one of my favorite songs off his new album, The Adventures of Bobby Ray.

I'll know you will dig it!

B.o.B. featuring Janelle Monae - The KidsbyHypetrak


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