Friday, May 28, 2010


:In My Best Martin Voice:

wassup, Wassup, WAAAASSSAAAAAAA!!!!!

Today, I've come to the conclusion that I think some might not understand or even comprehend. In a world where being a barbie is key, I've come to the conclusion....I don't want to be referred to as a "dime piece."

Ladies put in major hours in the gym, keep up to date with the latest fashion trends and go to extremes (i.e. Chicken steroids in the ass, etc.) just to have the ability to say that they are a dime. Don't get me wrong, I know I look good (not to toot my own horn but HONK HONK!) but I don't see the big obsession with being a dime piece now-a-days. As we all know, beauty has evolved over the years but I don't understand when my beauty is equivalent to a small silver coin? Hell, we couldn't be the half dollar!!! I like the half dollar coin!!!!

I know what some are saying: "You're probably mad that you not a dime yourself" or " You're just a ugly hater," blah blah blah. I respect everyone's opinion as you all know we here in Crazy land respects everyone's view point but what I'm saying is I am okay with who I am and my status on the hot-o-meter. I've never been the girly girl type and I slowly grew into my cute stage. Therefore, why should I put pressure on myself to look like a video vixen?

What I like to consider myself to be is "pretty/adorable" (for those who might be wondering, that would be a solid 8 on the hot-o-meter). I like to be considered "pretty" because I feel that there is something genuine with that term. To be referred to as "sexy" is cool, don't get me wrong ( I have my moments) but that term is usually used because the guy is thinking about the girl doing that cool Karma Sutra move he saw on the porno Booty Hunt Part 4.

To be referred to as "pretty" or "cute" or even "sweet" has a genuine, loving meaning behind it. It means to me that the guy sees me as a woman who has a chance to warm his heart. I know that sounds sappy but even the toughest women on the planet wants to have that moment where they're adore by a man.

I am not knocking girls who consider themselves to be a dime, different strokes for different folks. What I'm saying is that I'm okay being the "cute" girl. I would rather warm your heart than to only be considered as a one-night banger because I know that you care about me if I touch your heart but I don't know if your hard "stick" is going to be a night of bliss for I'll take your love for 500 :-)
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