Crazy Music: Love Me Now!

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, check out this classic song that is guaranteed to put you in the right frame of mind.

Enjoy :-)

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Happy Valentine'​s Day From CrazyPrett​yLady

Ahhhhhh, it's that time of the year! The time of year where everyone is in the mood for love! It's Valentine's Day!

Today is the day when lovers all around this crazy world make those special dinner reservations, buy those pretty flowers and watch owners of greeting card companies plan their huge vacation after seeing their bonus from Valentine's Day card sales.

However, it is also that time of the year where #f*cklove become the #1 hashtag for many without a Valentine. Singles take to twitter or facebook to denounce love, express their feelings on how "love stinks" and wear black all day as they're in mourning.

For me, as someone who recently got traded to play on the singles' team, today is a day filled with happiness and love because I've found the best Valentine of all - myself.

I make the best Valentine because I can cook, I workout, I keep the toilet seat down AND I'm f*cking hot. :-)

On a serious note, everyone should celebrate Valentine's day. Couples should celebrate Valentine's Day. Divorcees should celebrate Valentine's Day. Singles should, everyone should. Today shouldn't be a day of mourning. Everyone should use today to recognize the people who are in their lives and the people who are finally out. Don't use today to weep over an ex - their called "an ex" because you "ex"perienced that relationship and finally realized  what you want and don't want for yourself.

So, enjoy Valentine's Day everyone!

And to all my single friends out there, remember the best thing to do to get over one to replace him with a new one!

Alright, alright, alriiiiiiiight :-)

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Crazy Eye Candy: Love After War...

Robin Thicke.

That man. OOOOOO LAWD!!! *begins to think of thoughts that are  too hot to share on this blog*

Though I think that singer Robin Thicke and his wife actress Paula Patton are perfect together,  I have to admit, Robin Thicke is a sexy man. There is something delicious about a man who can connect with his inner feelings, who can express his love for his woman and who can wear a damn suit!

Check out this video by Robin Thicke and if you start to imagine yourself to be Paula Patton in this video, trust me, you're not the only one.

*wipes sweat*

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Sunday Tea: Live Fast, Die Fearless

Dictionary Definition: Fear (noun) - a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid*

The four-letter word "fear" has so much power than anyone can imagine. Many individuals' lives are stagnant due to the fear of falling in love, the fear of growth or the fear of being honest with oneself. Though our pride might sugar-coat things, fear can divert someone off the road to success.

For me, I strongly dislike (not hate....strongly dislike) to admit my fears. I would rather hide my emotions before I would ever let an individual know what can make me shake in my boots. However, if we as human beings pride ourselves to be authentic, why should we be afraid.... of being afraid?

Nothing is guranteed in this world and a happy ending isn't always promised but never trying gurantees us a boring life. Facing your fears are the spicy moments the universe likes to throw at us to help us become stronger. The difference between a success leader and a boring follower is that one person decided to conquer their fears and take a chance.

So, going into this week, I challenge all of my Crazy folks to live fearlessly and take a f*cking chance! Profess your love for someone, talk to your boss about that promotion, wear that tight dress to the club, conquer your fears and just do it! Do not think about the negative outcome.You only live once. I'm not saying you should do illegal things....I'm saying that you should just live.

Stay Crazy :-)

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