Mean Muggin' Mondays: Eff Calling Supernanny, Go Get Me The Belt!!!

For Today's Mean Muggin' Monday, I will like to address the epidemic that is rude children.

Today, as I was on my way to school, I stumbled upon these young little thundercats who called themselves "thugs". These young, snot-nose children came unto the train and began to talk about how "they get all the P*ssy, son." I began to laugh to myself when I see these little boys pull out their Boost Mobile phones and begin to chat away with a random little girl (mind you they purposely put the phone on speaker so they all can hear this dumb little girl call the boy "daddy" and to hear her talk other nonsense.) As they began to talk louder about their jump-offs and how they get money (or their allowance), I started to get more irritated by the minute and I truly felt like I was going to snap! However, I wasn't in the mood to deal with them so I just chuckled to myself. I assume that one of these little boys heard me laughed and proceeded to try to call me a "hating ass b*itch" (you see the depth of their vocabulary skills.) I continue to laugh some more because honestly, I found the whole thing funny and quite entertaining . He then dropped his bag and proceeded to come towards me as if he was going to hit me, so I did what is a natural reflex to me, I smacked the shit out of him. Yes, I smacked the boy and pushed his little behind down ( I blacked out afterwards, so the rest is blurry.)

After I smacked him on the train, it was quite funny to see the reactions I received. On one end, I heard some passengers say "Good for him! That is what he gets for being disrespectful," but I also heard "Why did she hit him? He is a child..."

So this leads me to the question, WHERE ARE THE PARENTS TO TEACH THEIR CHILDREN ABOUT RESPECT?!?!?! To be honest, I think that a lot of parents now-a-days want to be friends with their children and would rather sit down and watch a show about "Bitches and hoes" their kids rather than teach them about being respectable young men and women. I cannot tell you how many times I go into a grocery store and cringed when I see a child curse out their parents because they couldn't get their Coco Puffs or throw a tantrum in the middle of a store, throwing themselves down on the floor until their parents obliged to their demands. Excuse me? THEY ARE THE F$%$$%$^ CHILD! REMIND THEM OF THAT! I cannot stand when I see parents go on shows such as "The Supernanny" or "World's Strictest Parents" and cry because "they don't know what to do with little Johnny." Well, fear not you weak little parent, I have the solution, BEAT YOUR CHILDREN! Yes, I said it, beat your children! Parents are not suppose to be friends with their children, they are suppose to be parents. Therefore, if your child decides to throw themselves down in the supermarket, whoop their ass in the Supermarket because that is where they decided to embarrass themselves. I am not saying to beat them up into a coma, but kick they ass! As my motto goes, Smack The Child, Ease the Mind.

So to everyone who was on the train with me today and felt I was wrong to smack the boy, OH WELL!! I bet you that he will never be disrespectful to women ever again because he will refer back to that fateful monday when he stepped to the wrong woman. Like I said, I Smacked the child, now another woman will have a better peace of mind.


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Monday Eye Candy: Skateboard P

Happy Monday!!

I hope everyone enjoyed their you know, we here at Crazyland loves to start the week of with a little man meat! So here is today's eye candy.....

Ok, So I will confess one thing. I do like a nice six pack and muscles but I LOVE a skinny, skateboard riding, tatted up, artsy kind of dude. There is something about that artistic vibe that just make my mouth water. Plus, you know what they say about skinny guys: They are skinny in shape, but BIG in the right places like their.....................................feet! :-)

So for today's eye candy, we take a look at Mr. Skateboard P himself, Pharrell Williams. The Neptunes producer, rapper, designer, and artist is truly talented and please don't forget that he can hold a conversation. This is truly a lost art with the male species; they seem to lose their grammar and conversation skills as they grow, which is quite odd.

Anyways, please enjoy this delicious man....some of you might hate on the skinny men, but don't knock until you try them (wink wink) enjoy :-)

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In Crazy Music: Lupe Fiasco Releases New Mixtape!

Hello Boys and Girls!

Here is today's Crazy Music...

I will admit, I am a HUGE fan of Lupe Fiasco.Lupe gave his fans a true treat by releasing his latest mixtape, Enemy of The State: A Love Story on Thanksgiving Day. I had the chance to listen to some of the tracks and I truly enjoyed what I heard. As a lyricist, I think that he doesn't get the credit that he truly deserves. Unfortunately, if you don't drink sizzurp out of white cups or if you don't rap about "Getting every girl in the world", the industry does not care for you. However, we here at Crazyland respect REAL music, therefore I think it is important for me to share the greatness.

Here are some tracks featured on the mixtape and while you are listening go download the mixtape NOW! Enjoy ;-)

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Stylish Sunday Brunch: Selita's Style and "I Like My Supras, Daddy!"

Happy Sunday Crazyistas!

I hope you all are enjoying this wonderful Sunday. I have my mimosas in my glass and definitely relaxing before Monday hits and something piss me off all over again.

Before I begin, I will admit one thing: I am not a fashion-junkie like many women I know. I grew up in a house where we thought that having the latest pair of soccer cleats was the trendiest thing in the world. However, I've grown into my girlish ways and I am proud to say I am finding my inner fashionista from within.

Today, as I was checking out my daily websites, I stumbled upon this look inspired by model Selita Ebanks over at I love her minidress and fur-shrug(though I would prefer the faux kind. I am not balling like that...yet.) Finally,the patent booties with the sheer stockings and black leather gloves gives it a great touch. I would definitely would wear this to any party or even a nice date. As the fashionistas say now-a-days, this look is very chic. Snaps Snaps!

Now, I love being girly, but deep down I am still a tomboy and I do love me some fly-ass sneakers. So, the latest sneakers that caught my eye were the Supra's Muska Skytop TUF Grey Gunny sneakers. Now, ever since I became introduce to the brand, I truly fell in love with their very versatile sneakers. This sneaker can be dressed up by a guy but it can also bring out the tomboy-sexy in any girl.

These sneakers will definitely make an appearance on my Holiday list. What do you guys think?

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In Crazy Sports: Tigers Woods Gets A Chris Brown Beat Down On Top of His Major Car Crash And Ron Artest Scamming The System!

Hello My Crazy Loves!

Here is the latest in Crazy Sports.....

Pro-Golfer Tiger Woods crashed his car early Friday morning in his central Florida neighborhood. Originally, they were saying that it was due to a car accident. However, it looks like the car crash was not due to a car crash but rather it is due to TIGER GETTING HIS ASS BEAT BY HIS WIFE, Elin Nordegren!!!!

According to the National Enquirer( don't judge the source),they are claiming that Tiger Woods was having an affair with New York Club Owner Rachel Uchitel( Picture on the right), who according to the magazine, is notorious for messing around with married men after losing her own fiancee in the September 11th attack, how ironic.

After finding out that her husband was playing extra "holes"(no pun intended), Mrs. Woods went crazy!! They reported that the facial injuries that Tiger suffered were not from the accident but rather it is from his wife punching him in the face! According to reports, after realizing that his wife was going to beat his ass, Tiger ran out of his house and got into the car to escape from her wrath. Knowing that he was trying to escape, Mrs. Woods chased him down with a golf club and busted the windows out of his car.(Que the Jasmine Sullivan song)

According to TMZ, it was due to him being frighten about her smashing his windows, he lost control of the car and smashed into a tree.

This story has so much drama that it sounds like an episode of The Game, just a golf version of it. If the story is true, KUDOS to you, wifey!!!! I must say judging from how she usually looks in pictures, I would not expect her to go crazy as she did. You go, girl! Let him know you are not like the other celebrity athlete's wives and you will not put up with the nonsense!

In other news.......

NBA Star Ron Artest is being investigated for Welfare Fraud?!?!?!?! According to, Ron and his sister Latoya Holmes-Ivey are being investigated by welfare authorities after being accused of defrauded taxpayers out of at least $34, 000. Yikes! According to reports, Latoya was receiving Section 8 assistance for the apartment she rents for her and her 3 children. In order to get the Section 8 voucher, LaToya claimed she had no kind of income. However, I guess Ron Artest pissed off his former accountant because he claims that Latoya's baller brother actually pays all of her bills and expense, therefore meaning she does not need the assistance. WOW!

This is just sad. Talk about being greedy. Instead of stealing taxpayers' money, homegirl should try to steal a better weave because her hair is ATROCIOUS!

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Saturdazee: Black Friday:The Movie

Hello my crazy loves!!!

I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving. We here at Crazyland enjoyed ourselves! We ate like a gluttons, slept like a lazy bums, and made some fabulous cocktails to enjoy!
So, yesterday, many of you went out in the early hours of the morning to shop until you put yourself into debt on Black Friday. Lines were stretching from the front of the stores to the next block just so people can get the best sales and deals on a fabulous crockpot or a sensational Snuggie blanket (don't you lie, you know you want one.)

Now, I respect a great deal as the next chica would, but some consumers go to the EXTREME to get the latest sale. I was watching the news and some woman said that she drank 5 cups of coffee and drank a red bull to make sure she makes it to JCPenny. Are you kidding me? In my local shopping center, two guys were literally about to fight each other because neither of them were going to give up the last Wii system that the store had in stock (which was on sale for $199.99). People are willing to kill each other, punch little children, push old ladies out of the way, and do whatever it takes to get that final sale.

To see this sort of behavior proves to me why America is in the state that we are in. Let be honest, half of those people who were shopping yesterday probably maxed out their credit cards, cleaned out their bank accounts, and even tried to exchange their food stamps to get that down comforter. Personally, I love to save and shop, but to see how people carry on like their lives depend on it is truly sad. To see grown adults argue in front of their children about a digital camera or a toy is horrific and this is why children are disrespectful to others. If they see mommy run over the lady with the shopping cart for those shoes, they are probably going to think that is normal and then imitate that in life.

All I am saying is that it is okay to shop and save on Black Friday, but I don't think it is necessary to kill one another over a pot; it will be there tomorrow.

Ta Ta.......

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Hello Everyone!

I wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to all my Crazy LOVES!!!!! Enjoy stuffing your face and enjoying your time with your family.

Now, excuse is time for me to taste my mother's cooking :-)

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In Crazy Music: Buy Two Pan Pizza, Get Rihanna's Album for Free, Adam Lambert's Contreversial Performance and Lady Gaga Says It's Ok to Be a Freak!

This is just SAD!!!

I was checking my Twitter(@CrazyPrettyLady) and I stumbled upon this nonsense! As you all know, Rihanna's new, dark album Rated R is not doing so well and her record label, Def Jam, decided to mark the album down to 99 cents. As if that is not embarrassing enough, they decided to work with Pizza Hut to sale the album. So, if you buy two pan pizzas, you can get the album for free. DAMN!!! ARE THE SALES THAT BAD?!?!?!?!SMH, I am sorry but I am not suprised that the album flopped. She is trying to act as if she is hard and she isn't. I think she needs to just take some time for herself and figure out what she wants to do with her life.

In other news...

Adam Lambert is the new boobgate! Well, not exactly, but damn near close to it! If you have been under a rock this whole week, you missed the scandal that is Adam Lambert. During his performance at Sunday's AMAs, Glambert had a full make-out session with his male keyboardist and poised on stage as if he was getting some head (politcial term: imitating oral sex). After the show, ABC has been getting a lot of criticism for the performance and banned Adam from performing on Good Morning America. Noticing that they could probably get a lot of much need publicity, CBS's Early Show invited him onto their show Tuesday to react to all the criticism. (Smart move CBS! Smart move!) During his interview, Adam said that he felt "picked on" about his performance only because he was a man. He goes on to point out that "Lady Gaga smashed liquor bottles; Janet grabs a man's crotch and no body says anything about it." When asked how did he feel knowing that children were watching the show, he simply said " I am not their parent, I am a performer. (OOOHHHH CHILE!!! GLAMBERT IS THROWING SHADE!!!)

In my opinion, I felt the performance was a tad bit too much. I mean, this was Adam's first performance. We are not used to Adam yet so for him to start out like that was quite intense for me. However, I do agree with him when he mentioned that there is a double standard going on. Let's face it, since he is a gay man kissing a man, people are outraged and throwing Holy Water on their television set. If you are going to get mad at the performance, you should get mad at Madonna, Britney Spears and everyone who are "raunchy." Keep it equal across the board.


After her crazy performance at the AMAs, Lady Gaga goes on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and talks about accepting her role as a freak. On Friday, she says, "The whole point of what I do — the Monster Ball, the music, the performance aspect of it — I want to create a space "The whole point of what I do — the Monster Ball, the music, the performance aspect of it — I want to create a space for my fans where they can feel free and they can celebrate...I didn't fit in in high school, and I felt like a freak. So I like to create this atmosphere for my fans where they feel like they have a freak in me to hang out with and they don't feel alone."

Well, Kudos to you,Gaga! I respect a person who doesn't care about other people opinions. But, sometime, the woman does scare the hell out of me. I mean, the woman had blood coming out of her during her VMAs performance, SO I will continue to watch her, with with my hands over my eyes to shield me from the madness....

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In Crazy News: MTV Stereotyping Against Italians, Are Black Women getting Fat on Purpose and Ms. J Tells all in New Book

Happy Wednesday!!!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!! I definitely have been starving myself today to make sure that I have enough space to fit the TONS of food that I will be munching on tomorrow. (Listen, if you have a mother like mine, who knows how to throw down in the kitchen, you would definitely do the same thing.)

Here is the latest in Crazy News....If you've been watching MTV lately, you probably have seen the commercial for their upcoming series "Jersey Shore." The new reality-show will document the hard-partying lifestyle of the shore towns along the New Jersey Coast. The series features an Italian- American group who are pretty much drinking, partying, hooking-up and tanning on the show (in any particular order). While the network is excited for its premiere, some groups are not so happy with its show's upcoming release and even go as far as to call the show "racist against Italian Americans." According to AOL's Pop Eater, UNICO, the largest Italian American Service Organization in the US, are not pleased with the release of the show. Unico president Andre DiMino told the Associated Press that "'Jersey Shore' is nothing shy of 'trash television.' "

Is it? Here is the commercial of the show, Do you think it is truly offensive?

In other news....
I must admit, I have not been keeping up with this season's America's Next Top Model. I mean it had gotten a tad bit boring, plus I can probably catch the whole entire season by watching re-runs on the Oxygen Network on Sundays. However, I do love me some Ms. J! J. Alexander, the runway diva has some of the baddest legs I have ever seen (even though he is a man!) J has released a tell-all book called Follow The Model. The book will talk about Ms. J's journey in the fashion world.

He took the time to talk to AOL's Black Voice about his book:

What inspired you to write this book?

I talk too much as it is, and I am a great storyteller. I thought telling stories would be great in a book about my journey. With a push from agent Nancy Josephson and a shove from agent Suzy Unger, we all made it happen!

You reveal a lot that your fans don't know about you. Was writing about your life therapeutic?
Maybe I revealed too much! In a way it was therapeutic. I got my mind to think about other things, other than designer ball gowns and the latest pair of this season's heels. It opened up a thought process of memories, which made me relax and smile.

I love little touches like the designer pronunciation guide and the guide to Karl Lagerfeld. What made you include these instead of doing a straight bio?
Because the average person outside of fashion who buys this book may not know who some of the latest designers are, let alone how to pronounce their names!

I was shocked to read that you once considered becoming an accountant. What made you think it was a good idea at the time?
My sister, who I idolized, Barbara Ann, who died of breast cancer, worked at an accounting firm. That is where I had my first job in Manhattan as a messenger. I was fascinated by calculators and key-punch machines. Calculators because of totaling up my future earnings and key-punch machines because the cards that came out of the machine reminded me of perforated leather jackets. Plus, I knew one day I would need to know how to manage my money and to make sure I get every penny owed and promised to me!

Ultimately, what do you think empowers us to unleash presence, poise and power? Presence is when you enter the room. Poise is when you are standing there being photographed in the room. And power is owning the room.

After reading some of the reviews, I am curious to read how this diva from the Bronx made his way to Paris. Hopefully, you will be reading it too!


I stumbled upon this video over at In the following clip, this woman claims that African American women are obese because men are more attractive to "fat black women". I am not going to lie, the woman sound kind of ignorant. I find it funny that she is throwing shade at her own, knowing damn well she ugly ass hell too. ( I'm sorry, if you are ugly, it is not a good thing to be talking badly about people. I'm just saying.) Watch the clip below and judge for yourself......

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Throwback Tuesday: R&B Grooves

Hello, My Crazy Ones....

Now, I know what you are saying, " Girl, you do realize that it's Wednesday, right?" I know that!!! What happen was my computer decided to have a psycho moment and not allow me to post Throwback MY BAD!!!

Anyway, if you are a college student like me, you probably suffer from many night where you cannot go to bed. I have been suffering from sleeples nights A LOT due to all the work I need to do (maybe it is also has something to do with all of the thoughts that are going on in this big head of mine. Yes, I do have a big head. I DARE YOU TO CRACK A JOKE!)

So, one night when I couldn't sleep, I decided to go onto You Tube to watch some videos and I stumbled upon MY JAM!! Now, I am happy to see R&B making a true comeback with the help of artists like Musiq Soulchild, Trey Songz, and Ne-Yo but nothing can compare to the soul and the music of what R&B use to be in the 1970s, 80s and 90s. Even me, "I hate mushiness" attitude acts like a gitty little girl when a good R&B song use to come on BET(when they actually played videos.) However, I must give the network credit for creating the Centric Channel. I actually like that channel and THEY ACTUALLY PLAY MUSIC VIDEOS! YAY!

So enjoy this trip down memory lane (feel free to turn your volumes up high....)

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Shout out to A2Z4Lyfe for sharing this with me...

Now, when I saw that Diggy Simmons was rapping, I must admit I was ready to GO IN on this little boy and curse him out, but he ACTUALLY Suprise the hell out of me. He is really good! No offense, Jo Jo, but your brother is looking like he might be the next great rapper in the game, ooooo snap, you better work on that...

Listen to Diggy's Freestyle, I promise you will be pleasantly surprised :-)

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AMA Recap: J.Lo about Fall "I Meant To Do That" (Riiiiiiight)

On Sunday Night, I watched the AMAs and I must say, I was truly impressed. With all the scandal, falls and misses, it was just so entertaining (P.S. Check out my Twitter to see the play by play on what I thought about the show!)
One of the many scandal that went down was when Jennifer Lopez BUSTED HER ASS during her performance of her new, lackluster song "Louboutins."
According to, the morning after the AMAs, Jennifer tried to cover it up like nothing happenedby saying during her interview:
“Did I trip a little bit? I don’t even remember. Yeah, I meant to do that. That was part of the choreography.”

“The measure of things isn’t what happens when you fall, it’s how you recover when you fall. It was fun, it was really fun. It was nice to be back on stage and doing my thing.”

Now , Jenn, honey, darling, dear.... YOU KNOW DAMN WELL YOU DIDN'T MEAN TO FALL!! I mean look on the bright side, at least the fall gave an entertaining aspect to your lackluster performance. You had a good concept, BUT we know you can do better than that. I am not hating on you, I am trying to help out my fellow NY chica. So, you get back up and try again!

This time, no jumping :-)

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Tuesday Morning Eye Candy

Morning, my fellow crazzettes!

It's another day, another dollar, and another reason why you should pull the covers over your head, say F*ck it and continue that dream where you and your dream guy are in the rain, kissing and hugging and......(wooo, let me compose myself. Can't start the day with my crazy thoughts, hehehe :-)

Well, as your morning motivation,we are going to Viva La France for today's eye candy. Let's feast our eyes on Gabriel Aubry. I know most of you found out about him after seeing him arm and arm with my friend in my head, Halle Berry. But, it was his Calvin Klein ad that made my mouth water and got my attention!

Feast your eyes, my crazy ones!!! Enjoy Enjoy ENNNNNNNNNJOY :-)

Viva La France!!! We We :-)

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Mean Muggin' Mondays: "I Walk?! Boy ,I got satisfied..your free to go" :-)

Hello My loves,

First, let me apologize for my tardiness. School is giving it to me hard body!(Wait, that sounds really bad. Oh well...) Well, for today's edition of Mean Muggin' Monday, I want to talk about the infamous WALK OF SHAME.

On any college campus or local area, you probably have seen that girl walking home bowl-legged after a "crazy night." Since my college is not too far from where I live, I usually just take the train or drive home. Through out my WHOLE ENTIRE TIME at my school, I can probably count on my fingers and toes how many girls I see going back to their dorms after a long night of "hooking up" (translation: F#@$#$#G!) To see the girl's doing the duck walk(when they walking as if their feet are deformed) from one side campus to the other is truly hilarious!!! Also, some of these girls, who also are commuters like myself, would ride the train with their hair looking a HOT MESS and wearing smeared make-up and the guy's shirt-on to coverup their vomit-covered clothes, since they were drunk as a skunk .

SMH. Ladies, listen to me and listen to me good, STOP HOOKING UP ON THE MAN'S TERRITORY! I consider the art of "hooking up" to be a sport. There are two players in the game, and one player will have HOME COURT ADVANTAGE(are you seeing where I am going with this...) Ladies, you don't want the man to have home court advantage. If you go to his dorm room or apartment, someone he probably knows will see you and sure enough they will give him a high five for "getting his, son." You don't want that....I'm sorry, but that is not cute.

Another thing that I think is TRULY ANNOYING is that once these girls hook up with the guy and try to talk to him when they see them on the street the next, they act surprised when the guy acts like they are non-existent. ATTENION, DUMB WOMAN, YOU WERE A JUMP-OFF! As my favorite wrestler, The Rock, used to say, "Know your roll and shut your mouth."

When you give the guy the advantage, you have NO right to be crying and wondering why he is not talking to you. I think it is soooooooooo annoying when I am in the library trying to do my work and I see a girl asks her friend, " I don't understand why he doesn't call me...." My dear, he is not going to call you unless he has hennessy in his system and strong boner in his pants.

Now, after seeing this, I have devise the plan I would like to call "Operation: Boy, I own your -ish." Ladies, when you are getting yours, do on your territory. When you do it on your territory, you will have the advantage to kick him out when necessary. Now, when he is on your territory, prior to you starting your "festivities", set your phone alarm to 5 a.m., even if it is the weekend and you have no where to go, set your phone alarm at 5 a.m.

After you do the deed and you are finished with your "session", act like you are going to the bathroom, and STAY THERE. Yes, I mean stay in there. Stay in the bathroom as long as you can; check your blackberry for messages, check your emails, hell clean your ears with a q-tip, stay in there. When the guy notices that your are not immediately running back to the bedroom to him, it will make him wonder and then the "bitchassness" hormone, which is stimulated by insecurities, will set in. After your moment, come back to the room. When he asks (and yes he will ask) "Yo, were you go?", answer with "Oh, I had to do something, good night," and lay down. This throws him off and you earn points in the game.

Now, when laying down DON'T CUDDLE WITH HOMEBOY!!! HE IS A JUMP-OFF!!!! YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED IN MAKNG HIM YOUR BOYFRIEND!!! As a woman, I know that we get emotionally connected very quickly, but if you going to make the choice to have a jump-off, don't treat him as a temporary" boyfriend." Remember his roll and stay there.

The last plan of action is when the phone alarm comes on, wake up and act like you have somewhere to go. Rush him out! Make up any excuse in the book " Oh, my parents are visiting you have to leave now!"or " Oh my God! I have an important meeting, you have to go!" Make up something and don't allow him to properly put on his clothes. The more rugged the better. Rush him out! If he ask for cab fare, don't give it to him, you are done with his services and he should be dismissed. This finalizes the plan of action. So, when your friend sees old boy walking back, you give each other the chest bump, for a job well done.

Now, fellas, please don't take this personal. I am just sick and tired of men being known as the "man" if they get some and the woman is forced to deal with the stares and laughter coming home in last night's clothing. Let's not forget, you too are a jump-off. As you say " Don't hate the player, hate the game."

And, ladies, if you are going to ho yourself, at least have some sense to do it your way.(This is why I like relationships...because I will be DAMNED if you have me walking....homie, get you sh@# and go, you can catch the 7a.m. metro north train :-)

aaahhhhh, I feel better letting that one out...ta ta :-)

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The Black Masquerade: Get Your Drink on...a Monday!

Now, I know it is monday and all....but sometimes you need a little something to catch up the spirits, right? :-)

I was reading this article on my new favorite website,, (if you haven't visited the site, GO AND VISIT IT NOW!!!!!) and they had this recipe, featuring the new cognac, Hennessy Black. Now, I know my crazy, dunk self will be trying this during the Thanksgiving vacation, so I think you all should try it with me too..


Check out this delicious recipe :-)

The Black Masquerade
1 part Hennessy Black

4 parts demi-sec


1 brown sugar cube or ¼part simple syrup

lemon zest

½part demi-sec

1 dash of lemon juice

1 dash of simple syrup
shaken and strained

served over ice

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In Crazy News: Live Rent-Free, Just Give a Little (Censored) and Alzheimer reach and All-Time high in the Black community

Happy Monday my crazy dudes and dudettes!!!

I know you guys are probably excited about Eat-Fest, also known as Thanksgiving, this Thursday. If you are like me, you are probably STARVING YOURSELF from today until Wednesday, so you are fully prepared for the feast Thursday(and you also have the Pepto-Bismol on standby, because you know that you will be eating like a full blown pig!!!!)

Anyway, here is the latest in Crazy News........
As the economy begins to slowly heal from this horrific recession, some apartment owners would like to try to help ease the troubles of some females by offering Rent-Free apartments. Now, before you go running onto Craiglist to find these apartment listings, maybe you should consider running down to the drugstore to pick up some condoms, as you HAVE TO HAVE SEX with these apartment owners to leave rent-free. Yup, you have to be a sex slave in order to live in these luxurious apartments for free.
According to an invesigation done by Inside Edition, these nasty pervs would post their ads on Craiglists saying that they are offering"Free room for females". They would then tell these dumb ass women (before you go on, let me clarify that YES, women have responded to these perverts emails, smh nasty asses) that they would need to have sex "every week, at least three times a day" and they will be able to live in a luxury apartment for free, as these men will cover their rent, utilities, and even go as far as to offer to take these women on regular shopping sprees and vacations.

Now, these are the kind of stories that make me want to SCREAM! These old pervs can't be like normal pervs and just pay for a prostitute; why they have to pay for their rent and have the ho on call, in the house. Also, WHY THE HELL WOULD THESE GIRLS EVEN OBLIGE THESE NASTY ASSES!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me??? I hope that these men die of a heart attack after overdosing on their Viagra, pervs!!!

In other news....

University researchers in Lexington, Ky. have been helping the African American community in the fight against Alzheimer disease after studies shows that blacks are twice as likely to be affected by Alzheimer's disease as among whites. According to Lexington's Courier-Journal Newspaper, University of Kentucky researchers have created an African American Dementia Outreach Partnership that will increase medical care and education for patients suffering from the disease.

One researcher stated that blacks are more prone to chronic diseases like Alzheimer and high blood pressure, due to lack of diet, exercise and poor medical care. Therefore, please make sure you eat right and exercise. Also, go to the doctor and get annual check-ups, better healthy than sorry folks.
(That concludes my PSA for the evening (plays cheesy background music).)

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In Crazy Musc: Toni Braxton...The New Cougar? Grr...

So I am suffering from the worse case of insomnia and cannot fall asleep.(So much for taking a nap at 6pm smh) So, I thought it would be a swell idea to browse through YouTube and watch some music videos. I then stumbled upon the new music video for Toni Braxton's Yesterday. The song features the ever-so-delish Trey Songz. Now, if you have been reading the blogs and the entertainment news, Toni has been getting a lot of slack after completely MAKING OUT with Trey in front of her now estranged husband at the Soul Train Music Awards a couple of weeks ago.(I wonder if BET is going to edit that part out?)

Now, after watching the music video, I am a little so-so about if I like it or not...take a look and tell me what u think...

Also, check out Toni trying to talk her way out of all the rumors on Wendy....

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Precious's Star = Big in Size, GIGANTIC IN CONFIDENCE!! GO GIRL!!!!

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If you haven't seen the movie Precious, you need to go and see it!!! I literally went through a whole pack of tissues when watching this movie. It is definitely not for the faint of heart, but you will definitely get your money's worth.

Gabourey Sidibe, who played the main character Precious, did an amazing job, being that it was her first movie role. But, I have to say that it is seeng Gabourey off-screen that I really do connect with her and absolutely ADORE her. Now, unless you are a blind bat, you can obviously see that she is not the smallest girl in the world. However, she has great self-confidence and you can see that she doesn't care what anybody thinks of her. YOU GO GIRRRLLLL!!!!

Check out her interview on the Ellen Show....Go 'head girl!!!

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Hello My Crazy but Lovely Ones,
Happy Saturdazzeeeee......

You all are probably nursing that hangover after that crazy night at the club. Tell me, how was the club last night? Did you have a great time at the table when you were "poppin' bottles all night," as you cool kids say these days?


As you all probably observe when watching some people, people go to great length just so that they can "ball" in the club. However, after they ball in the club, the ball (as in cry) at home because they don't know how they are going to pay their bills?

I find such great humor when I see people's facebook or twitter status go from " Poppin' bottles and standing on couches all night, just on our level, son" to " Damn, why Con Ed cut my Sh#$ off right now, son...they told me I got 'till Monday."

Now, some of you lovely readers might think that I am probably hating on your lifestyle or might be saying (in ghetto dialect) "Oh, you mad 'cuz I'm stylin' on u....You wish you can drink dis bottle of Goose out the bottle at the club like me"

On the contrary, I am not mad at you. Do your thing playboy. I just don't see the logic in living a dark-ass apartment just so I can drink a bottle of Nuvo ( personal fave by the way) in the club, which I can spend only $24.99 for a big bottle if I go down to Mr. Chin's liquor store near my house. I know and come to terms with the fact that I am not on the level to go and buy it as much as I want at the club, hence why I am in school so I can get there and just don't think it's a swell idea to fake like I am....

So YOU GO PARTY LIKE A ROCKSTAR... Just make sure you blow out the candles that you use as your light source after you read this...

Ta Ta :-)

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