Sunday, November 29, 2009

Stylish Sunday Brunch: Selita's Style and "I Like My Supras, Daddy!"

Happy Sunday Crazyistas!

I hope you all are enjoying this wonderful Sunday. I have my mimosas in my glass and definitely relaxing before Monday hits and something piss me off all over again.

Before I begin, I will admit one thing: I am not a fashion-junkie like many women I know. I grew up in a house where we thought that having the latest pair of soccer cleats was the trendiest thing in the world. However, I've grown into my girlish ways and I am proud to say I am finding my inner fashionista from within.

Today, as I was checking out my daily websites, I stumbled upon this look inspired by model Selita Ebanks over at I love her minidress and fur-shrug(though I would prefer the faux kind. I am not balling like that...yet.) Finally,the patent booties with the sheer stockings and black leather gloves gives it a great touch. I would definitely would wear this to any party or even a nice date. As the fashionistas say now-a-days, this look is very chic. Snaps Snaps!

Now, I love being girly, but deep down I am still a tomboy and I do love me some fly-ass sneakers. So, the latest sneakers that caught my eye were the Supra's Muska Skytop TUF Grey Gunny sneakers. Now, ever since I became introduce to the brand, I truly fell in love with their very versatile sneakers. This sneaker can be dressed up by a guy but it can also bring out the tomboy-sexy in any girl.

These sneakers will definitely make an appearance on my Holiday list. What do you guys think?



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