Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Eye Candy: Skateboard P

Happy Monday!!

I hope everyone enjoyed their you know, we here at Crazyland loves to start the week of with a little man meat! So here is today's eye candy.....

Ok, So I will confess one thing. I do like a nice six pack and muscles but I LOVE a skinny, skateboard riding, tatted up, artsy kind of dude. There is something about that artistic vibe that just make my mouth water. Plus, you know what they say about skinny guys: They are skinny in shape, but BIG in the right places like their.....................................feet! :-)

So for today's eye candy, we take a look at Mr. Skateboard P himself, Pharrell Williams. The Neptunes producer, rapper, designer, and artist is truly talented and please don't forget that he can hold a conversation. This is truly a lost art with the male species; they seem to lose their grammar and conversation skills as they grow, which is quite odd.

Anyways, please enjoy this delicious man....some of you might hate on the skinny men, but don't knock until you try them (wink wink) enjoy :-)



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