Monday, November 23, 2009

In Crazy News: Live Rent-Free, Just Give a Little (Censored) and Alzheimer reach and All-Time high in the Black community

Happy Monday my crazy dudes and dudettes!!!

I know you guys are probably excited about Eat-Fest, also known as Thanksgiving, this Thursday. If you are like me, you are probably STARVING YOURSELF from today until Wednesday, so you are fully prepared for the feast Thursday(and you also have the Pepto-Bismol on standby, because you know that you will be eating like a full blown pig!!!!)

Anyway, here is the latest in Crazy News........
As the economy begins to slowly heal from this horrific recession, some apartment owners would like to try to help ease the troubles of some females by offering Rent-Free apartments. Now, before you go running onto Craiglist to find these apartment listings, maybe you should consider running down to the drugstore to pick up some condoms, as you HAVE TO HAVE SEX with these apartment owners to leave rent-free. Yup, you have to be a sex slave in order to live in these luxurious apartments for free.
According to an invesigation done by Inside Edition, these nasty pervs would post their ads on Craiglists saying that they are offering"Free room for females". They would then tell these dumb ass women (before you go on, let me clarify that YES, women have responded to these perverts emails, smh nasty asses) that they would need to have sex "every week, at least three times a day" and they will be able to live in a luxury apartment for free, as these men will cover their rent, utilities, and even go as far as to offer to take these women on regular shopping sprees and vacations.

Now, these are the kind of stories that make me want to SCREAM! These old pervs can't be like normal pervs and just pay for a prostitute; why they have to pay for their rent and have the ho on call, in the house. Also, WHY THE HELL WOULD THESE GIRLS EVEN OBLIGE THESE NASTY ASSES!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me??? I hope that these men die of a heart attack after overdosing on their Viagra, pervs!!!

In other news....

University researchers in Lexington, Ky. have been helping the African American community in the fight against Alzheimer disease after studies shows that blacks are twice as likely to be affected by Alzheimer's disease as among whites. According to Lexington's Courier-Journal Newspaper, University of Kentucky researchers have created an African American Dementia Outreach Partnership that will increase medical care and education for patients suffering from the disease.

One researcher stated that blacks are more prone to chronic diseases like Alzheimer and high blood pressure, due to lack of diet, exercise and poor medical care. Therefore, please make sure you eat right and exercise. Also, go to the doctor and get annual check-ups, better healthy than sorry folks.
(That concludes my PSA for the evening (plays cheesy background music).)


Frederik said...

Everybody must go to the doctor at least twice a year in order to prevent diseases.
I went before I travel to Argentina because I was staying for a while. I did not have any problems and enjoy my trip very much!

September 23, 2010 at 3:58 PM

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