Monday, November 30, 2009

Mean Muggin' Mondays: Eff Calling Supernanny, Go Get Me The Belt!!!

For Today's Mean Muggin' Monday, I will like to address the epidemic that is rude children.

Today, as I was on my way to school, I stumbled upon these young little thundercats who called themselves "thugs". These young, snot-nose children came unto the train and began to talk about how "they get all the P*ssy, son." I began to laugh to myself when I see these little boys pull out their Boost Mobile phones and begin to chat away with a random little girl (mind you they purposely put the phone on speaker so they all can hear this dumb little girl call the boy "daddy" and to hear her talk other nonsense.) As they began to talk louder about their jump-offs and how they get money (or their allowance), I started to get more irritated by the minute and I truly felt like I was going to snap! However, I wasn't in the mood to deal with them so I just chuckled to myself. I assume that one of these little boys heard me laughed and proceeded to try to call me a "hating ass b*itch" (you see the depth of their vocabulary skills.) I continue to laugh some more because honestly, I found the whole thing funny and quite entertaining . He then dropped his bag and proceeded to come towards me as if he was going to hit me, so I did what is a natural reflex to me, I smacked the shit out of him. Yes, I smacked the boy and pushed his little behind down ( I blacked out afterwards, so the rest is blurry.)

After I smacked him on the train, it was quite funny to see the reactions I received. On one end, I heard some passengers say "Good for him! That is what he gets for being disrespectful," but I also heard "Why did she hit him? He is a child..."

So this leads me to the question, WHERE ARE THE PARENTS TO TEACH THEIR CHILDREN ABOUT RESPECT?!?!?! To be honest, I think that a lot of parents now-a-days want to be friends with their children and would rather sit down and watch a show about "Bitches and hoes" their kids rather than teach them about being respectable young men and women. I cannot tell you how many times I go into a grocery store and cringed when I see a child curse out their parents because they couldn't get their Coco Puffs or throw a tantrum in the middle of a store, throwing themselves down on the floor until their parents obliged to their demands. Excuse me? THEY ARE THE F$%$$%$^ CHILD! REMIND THEM OF THAT! I cannot stand when I see parents go on shows such as "The Supernanny" or "World's Strictest Parents" and cry because "they don't know what to do with little Johnny." Well, fear not you weak little parent, I have the solution, BEAT YOUR CHILDREN! Yes, I said it, beat your children! Parents are not suppose to be friends with their children, they are suppose to be parents. Therefore, if your child decides to throw themselves down in the supermarket, whoop their ass in the Supermarket because that is where they decided to embarrass themselves. I am not saying to beat them up into a coma, but kick they ass! As my motto goes, Smack The Child, Ease the Mind.

So to everyone who was on the train with me today and felt I was wrong to smack the boy, OH WELL!! I bet you that he will never be disrespectful to women ever again because he will refer back to that fateful monday when he stepped to the wrong woman. Like I said, I Smacked the child, now another woman will have a better peace of mind.




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