Saturdazzzeee: Do Women Abuse Their Power?

What's goodie fam?!?!?!?!!?!?!!

So, this week, I am going to admit a wrong that I had done. I must admit, I felt really bad about what I done, but nonetheless, I did it lol. On Wednesday, during my lunch break, I went to my favorite spot to get my usual and this dude (who we will give the name Spongebob since I was watching that all night last night. Don't judge me lol) was in the place to order his food. His order just so happen to be the same thing as mine.

Now, I am going to be very honest, the guy ordered his food before me and techinically, he was suppose to get his food first but I, being the impatient girl that I am, wanted to head out and go on my way.(Also, I was kind of running late. 20 minutes to be exact. What? I had to make a H&M stop!) So, I did the unthinkable! I played the "PMS" card. Ladies, you know exactly what I am talking about. When the food was ready and he was about to get his food handed to him, I grabbed my stomach, took the food and acted as though I was suffering from intense cramps. Feeling sorry for me in my "time of need", the gentlemen not only gave me his order but he also paid for mine.

After I left the restaurant, I felt SOOOOO guilty about what I have done and it had me thinking..."Do I use my woman hood power in vain?"

Ladies let's be real, we at one point in our lives use our womanly issues to get ahead in the game. For example, when your man is acting up, you deny in the "coochie" card; when we don't want to go into work, you have a sudden case of cramps; when we know we hit a guy first we play as though we are the victim because we know that "a man should never hit a woman."

This sounds horrible and I do feel bad for what I have done but don't men abuse their gender card too? So, I should not feel so bad about what I did, right?

What do you think? Do you think that women abuse their power? Should we through the rules out and make everything equal?

And to the gentlemen, thank you for helping me :-)

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Crazy Music: Dr. Eric Foreman Can Rap?!

Hola Boys and Girls!

Today, during my lounging time,  I stumble upon this clip of Omar Epps. No, it is not him when he was stripping down during the one-on-one scene in my all-time favorite movie, Love+Basketball.  Believe it or not, Omar Epps USE TO RAP!!! Yes, Dr. Eric Foreman from House use to spit back it the day!

Check him out with his old group, Da Wolfpack! Let me find out!


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Crazy Random: I Like This Weird B*tch

Okay, I will be honest. I am not the HUGEST Amber Rose fan. However, the more and more I see this chick, I gain more respect for her.

It's really rare to find a celebrity (and I call her this with slight hesitation) that is real with them self and to the audience that follows them. I give her props for her honesty as well as her keen fashion. (Well minus the whole half naked dress thing.)

The lighter version of my icon, Grace Jones (what? I loved that freak of nature!!) recently shot some new photos with Austin Powers.

Here is a clip from her Complex interview last year via NecoleBitchie via HelloBeautiful (wooo! That was a lot to say)

"I want to change the face of modeling. I want young girls growing up to know that they can actually eat something, and be beautiful and be a model"

"We could have the garbage truck driver who treats us good and cooks, and really just fall in love with him. Or we can have the guy with millions of dollars, and he's a f*cking dick. I think women want a man with money, but sometimes they get one and realize he's just a man with money. "

"As of right now, I don't believe in marriage. I was raised by a single mother, so I don't feel I need to be married to be happy and live my life."

"They label me a bisexual freak stripper that f*cks Kanye on a daily basis. "

"I'm extremely open with my sexuality. I can be in love with a woman, I can be in love with a man. I'm not into bestiality, but as far as humans go, I definitely find beauty in everybody"

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Friday Eye Candy: Respect the Hustle

Happy Friday!!!!

Boy, am I happy to see this day. Lord knows I am uber tired and damn sure know a glass of mojito is calling my name!
For today's eye candy, it wasn't based on his looks per say. I based my choice on the fact that he is a true hustler.

Last night, during my "let's watch black folks television" time, I stumbled upon the BET special featuring Jay-Z. Now, I am going to keep it real, I don't think Jigga man is no sex machine or anything, but there is something that is so intoxicating about this man.

Let's face it, the man is a great business man. While other rappers are getting arrested over nonsense, Mr. Carter is in the cut buying an island or something. (Well, I don't know if he would buy an island but he wanted to he could.)

I was so attracted to his swagger that I actually did not change the channel and this is an accomplishment for me because I need to take at least five second intervals during my "watching black folks" time to get my chai tea or something.

Watching Mr. Carter was a real pleasure as well as an inspiring one. Hopefully, one day I will be able to be like Mr. Carter and dominate the entertainment industry.

Go Jay-Z! Represent for the Soup Coolers People of America!!!!!!!!!!! (I am a proud member of that crew, AND WHAT?!)


To salute today's eye candy, check out his latest video featuring Swizz Beatz. This song is my theme song of the year, On To The Next One.

"I got a milion ways to get....choose one" :-p Enjoy!

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Wednesday Mean Muggin Special: What if "The Home Wrecker" is The One?

What it do Party People!

Now, this story has been a hot topic in my office, on the streets, hell, even on public transportation!

Rumor has that Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz are reportedly engaged to take that next leap of faith. Now this would be a happy story if Swizz Beatz wasn't TECHINICALLY STILL MARRIED to his soon-to-be ex-wife(once the ink is dry) singer Mashonda. Today, as the story hit the streets, I cannot tell you how many times I overheard women calling Alicia Keys a "home wrecker" or a "man-stealer." I literally choked on my drink since I was laughing so hard at my fellow crazy spazing out at Alicia and listening to her theory on "chicks breaking up happy homes."

I read the message boards and tweets about the story and I must say, in somewhat of an ironic twist path to maturity, I genuinely disagree with everyone's disapproval of Alicia and Swizz's relationship.

Ever since news broke that the two were together, I began to ask myself a question tha even I found shocking.(If this was the CrazyPrettyLady back in the day, Lord knows I would have probably spazzed out myself) What if the woman that is considered "the home wrecker" or the "man stealer" is actually the right one for the man?

*Dodges bottles that are being thrown at me because I ask such a question*


I, myself, went through a situation where a guy who I was dating left me to be with another woman. To be honest, I went on my rants and called her a "home wrecker" and blah blah blah. However, after reflecting with myself (and taking a lot of anger management classes) I personally realize that though it might not have been the right way he started his new relationship with the other woman, at the end of the day, she was the RIGHT woman for him. Listen, no one on this earth cannot control who they fall in love with and sometimes the one that they want is the one they should not have. However, a lot of time people do not follow what their heart because they want to either spare their spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend of pain or in some case, like in Swizz's in my opinion, a child is involved and you want to keep a happy home.

Before men of world try to pat me on the back for "sticking up for them", DO NOT THINK THAT I AM CONDONING CHEATING. I am not saying that AT ALL. If you are cheating, meaninf your sleeping around without a care in the world, you deserve to get your a$$ beat! (Well not beat, but hurt really badly.) What I am saying is that if you know your heart is elsewhere and not with the person you are with now, then it is best to just let that person go and be with the one that makes you happy. This is what Swizz did; he loves Alicia. There is not one person who can tell me that this relationship does not look genuine. I remember seeing pics of Swizz and Mashonda around the time they were going to split and I am not going to lie, THE MAN LOOKED MISERABLE!

And to all the women who calling Alicia a "man-stealer", cut it out! Look, no woman like a home wrecker at all. However, ladies, keep it funky! you Never been in a relationship with a guy you absolutely can't stand but stayed in the relationship to save his heart and spare yourself from being lonely and then you meet the guy that is perfect for you and though you were considered "grimey" to leave your old boyfriend behind, you could care less because you are so happy to be with the one that makes heart and soul smile? I have been that girl and to this very day, I am happy to be with this man and wouldn't change my decision.

So, ladies, put down the pitch fork and stop cussing on the blogs. You can't control what your heart feels and at the end of the day, if the love is real, it will always survive. So, congrats to Alicia and Swizz. I wish you guys nothing but success.

And to Mashonda, I wish you too all the best. Don't worry, you will find your prince charming.

P.S. - If you disagree with me, that's cool. However, I am being honest and real. Some of you chicks out there who are cursing up a storm are the same ones who sleep with your man's friends because you feel *in ghetto dialect* "he wasn't giving it the way I want it. So I went elsewhere" Yea, heffa, I am talking about YOU! So, cut the bullsh*t and leave these lovebirds alone!

Ta-Ta :-)

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Crazy Music: Fugative "Supafly"

Waddup Crazyland!!!!!

It's Wednesday! The week is almost over and Oh am I happy to see the end of this week! Wooooo!

Ever since my cousin came to visit me from London, I've grown a curiousity about music that is popular across the pond. Let's face it, the US is kind of boring with the same 'ole music coming out talking about the same ole thing.

So, in my latest edition of "What's Wicked In the U.K." I stumbled upon hip-hop artist Fugative.

To describe the 15 Year Old "rapper" in the simplest form, if Soulja Boyhad hot monkey sex with pop singer Kei$ha (which is Keisha with a damn dollar sign in her name hence why you have to pronounce that way)and they have a love child, Fugative would be it. Now, I must say even though I cringed a bit when I was listening to the song, I couldn't deny the fact that this little boy's attempts to be "harrd" was oh so adorable and I truly wanted to pitch his cheeks.

Check out his song and tell me what you think? Do you think he have what it takes to make it here in the states? I don't think so, but he is just so adorable that I might make him slide!

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CrazyFashion: Clae Russell X Palladium Boots

Hola Party People!

Now if you haven't notice, I haven't talked about sneakers in a while. This is because I haven't been feeling the sneakers people thought were "fly" now-a-days. I mean, I hate to say it but I love to see unique sneakers that make your mouth water like candy! I love when you see a sneaker that look so good you just want to lick it! (Well, not lick it but definitely admire it!)

So when I saw these two kicks, I was definitely relieve to know that there are still fly kicks in the world!

First up!


The Clae Russell sneaker.

The sneaker has been a big hit but this beige/leather combo is truly a standout. Don't you just want to lick 'em!?!?!?!

and finally...

Now, I wouldn't recommend these boots for women but imagine seeing your man rock these Palladium Pampa Boot. Apparently, according to Complex, Palladium’s been cranking out quality crafted boots since 1947. These boots are ultra delicious and surely should be apart of any man's outfit.

Aaahhhhhh, it is soo nice to see fly kicks again!!!!


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Tuesday Grooves: There Goes My Baby

Happy Tuesday!

Last night, after I wrote a post about missing the old school Usher, a fellow crazy sent me a link from Usher's upcoming album Raymond Vs. Raymond. Now, after I heard his song Papers I wasn't too sure if I would like this link. (Granted he is putting his crazy ex-wife on blast but he could have done it with a better beat or wrote a stronger song.)

So as I cautiously took listen to the song, I will admit, I LOVE IT! It had the essence of his previous album and not too mention I could see him going shirtless in the music video, wish is always nice :-)

So take a listen and see if you think this a major hit for Usher. I am still skeptical about his new album but this song is shaving away some of my worries.


Click on the birdie below to take a listen!


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Monday Eye Candy: Forget The Bush, Pass The Pierre

Happy Monday Crazy land!
Boy, am I happy that today is done! If it weren't for the two cups of coffee and the chamomile tea I had, your girl would have probably someone in a choke hold!
But let's stop talking about be and let's focus on the sexiness!

Yesterday, it became official that the Indiapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints will be facing each other at this year's Super Bowl. After the game, I tweeted on my twitter page (@CrazyPrettyLady) who would be a delicious candidate for today's eye candyand of course, everyone and their mama said Reggie Bush. I completely agree why ladies love the Bush as he is one fine young man. However, I think there is one player that even though he might not be on Reggie's level, he is still a strong candidate.

Ladies, meet Pierre Thomas.....

The Chicago native has grown to be a key reason why the Saints are heading to Miami this year. The running back played excellent in last night's game and looked quite delish during the game. Now, I am going to be a tad bit honest, he has the no-neck syndrome. (You know, when a man has sooo much muscle that you can't find his neck. Yep, that's him.) But he is still adorable and makes me want to pitch his cheeks when he smiles, so he still gets snaps from me.

So feast your eyes on today's eye candy. He is definitely a cutie pie....but we still got love for your Reggie :-)


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Saturdazze: Dating At The Job?

Hola My Love!

Let me paint a scenario.....

You started at new job and you want to make a name for yourself there. You want to be the best and want to be as professional as you can. Then you encounter a guy or girl that you think is really nice when you meet them. You start to befriend them, meet them for drinks after work, you begin to laugh at their corny jokes and you even I'm them while at your desk. Then before you could finish that excel document, SHA BAM!!!!! You just had sex with your co-worker!

Now, let me be the first to say this hasn't happen to me before but I have seen people meet some at the job and did the business with one another. I cannot describe to you how entertaining it is to see co-workers flirting on Monday and then by Friday plowing each other after they clock-out.

Now, I have to poise the question: Is this smart? Is it a good thing to date someone you work with? I mean how awkward is it to sit during those meetings and know that the person who had you speaking in tongues with their "skills" is sitting right next to you? I,personally, think that this is a disaster waiting to happen!

I am such a strong believer in never mix business with pleasure. I have personally seen the train wreck happen when co-workers decide to mess around and then hate each other which effected their success in the company.

Before people start throwing knives at me, I am not saying this applies to everyone. I have seen couples who work together have very loving, lasting relationships. What I am saying is that it is difficult already to balance the emotional attachments relationships or jumpoffs may bring, imagine having to be professional after a horrible fight or bad sex(yikes!).

What do you guys thinks? Do you think dating a co-worker is okay or a complete disaster?

All I am saying is, you never want to bring your personal problems to work. Do you think you can have seeing "the situation" from 9-5?

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Crazy Random: J Live "Them That's Not"

I will admit to you crazy folks, I am a HUGE hip hop junkie!!! I love hip hop that makes you think; hip hop that you can never get tired of; hip hop that doesn't focus on ass shaking or money. So, in my crusade to stimulate your minds with REAL hip hop, I would like to introduce you all to J live. J live, a former rapper and english school teacher, made a name for himself in the underground hip hop scene and his music is still respected!

So enjoy J live and remember, Hip Hop is not about money and girls, it's about talent and being real!

So all you fake rappers.....FALL BACK SON!!!!!!!

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Crazy Music: Hope For Haiti Telethon

Last night was the Hope For Haiti Now Telethon and must say that it truly was one to remember. Everyone that participated did an amazing job!

Check out some of my favorite performance from last night's show. Please remember to donate to help. These people need our help!

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Saturday Eye Candy: "I Like It My Way"

Happy Saturday, My Crazy Amigos!

This morning, as I am doing my daily weekend cleaning, an oldie but goodie came up on my radio and I literally had to drop my broom and do the "stick the tongue out and drop it low" move.

I am not going to lie, I truly miss the '90s Usher. I miss the "Nice and Slow", "My Way", "You Make Me Wanna" Usher. I miss the Usher that use to drop his pants down to show us his Calvin Kleins, the glistening abs with the sexy cut Usher. It seems as though when he got married to the Ugly leech known as Tameka Foster, she sucked away his sex appeal and made him look....normal (sad face.)

I am not saying it is because he got married. Honestly, if he married Chilli, I think he would have still have that appeal to me. The fact that he married Tameka's jealous ass, causing him to tone down, bothered me. Hell, his mama hated her and you know if the mother don't like the girl they marry, she is no good!!!!
So, here is to the old Usher. Hopefully, we will see him again...and those abs.

Here a classic that I know you will all enjoy, and if you want to break out dancing, that's okay too!

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Crazy Fashion: You Look Like A Girly Man!!!

Hola Crazy Peeps!!!

Happy Thursday!!! You know what that means, the weekend is here!!! woop woop!!

So, during my daily read, I stumble upon something that....well....let's just say left me speechless.

Imagine going to the club and you see a man wearing a skirt?????

*scratch heads*

Apparently H&M feels like it is fly as they are adding man skirts to their Men Spring 2010 according to . Now, I have seen men wear Skirts such as kilts for cultural purposes but COME ON, seriously H&M?! I am sorry but I don't know how I feel about this "trend". I mean, I accepted the whole "men wearing heels" trend go because I am not going to front, some men, like my boo in my head Ms. Jay from America's Next Top Model, has a fiercer walk than some chicks I know. However, I don't think I can accept this one.

I am sorry, H&M, but this is an epic fail! fail! fail!

What do you crazies think? Do you think this trend is a hit or a miss?

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Crazy News: Massachusetts Has a "Nudie" Senator, Skin-Lightening Cremes Rises in Sales, and Hope For Haiti Telethon

What it do, Crazyland!!!!

Here is what is going on today in Crazy News.....
Welp, I hope the Democrats re-strategize themselves because The GOP now holds 41 seats after Republican Scott Bown won last night's election in Massachusetts. Now, I know that you all are more focus on how this might affect the health care bill that WE NEED TO PASS, however, I am more focus on the fact that Massachusetts elected a former nudie model!
Yes, folks! It seems as though Mr. Brown use to be a model back in the day, bearing it all for Cosmo in the spread seen below.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I just can wait for the sex scandal to come up next for him. Come on, look at him, he OOZES cheater, don't you think?

In other news...

According to a recent article in the New York Times, sales of skin-lightening cremes are on the rise. This comes after a huge uproar in November involving baseball star (and steroid abuser) Sammy Sosa who appeared to look as white as a ghost after using these cremes. The article also shared that dermatologists are concern about the use of these products as the steroids in them seem to be cancerous.

I am sorry, I will never understand why people are so keen to want to bleach yourself. Black is beautiful, people! You know how many white girls do tons of surgeries to be us?!

Get it together, people!

And finally....
Before you head out to the club on Friday, make sure you tune to the Hope For Haiti Now: A Global Benefit for Earthquake Relief Telethon at 8pm on various stations including MTV, NBC, ABC, and CBS.

Artists like Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Bono, Bruce Springsteen, Coldplay, Alicia Keys and Christina Aguilera are scheduled to perform at the two-hour special. The telthon will be help raise money to help with the Haiti relief efforts. All donations will go directly go to various organizations such as Oxfam America, Partners in Health, Red Cross, UNICEF and Rapper Wyclef Jean's Yele Haiti Foundation.

I understand some of you want to go out and "drop it low" that night but I ask that you guys please give what you can to this telethon. Haiti needs our help and we as human beings must help our brothers and sisters during these trying times.

Catch ya on the flipside folks!

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Wednesday Eye Candy: Just Plain Suitable

Top of the Morning!

I hope you all are having a good week so far. If your week is not so swell, that's okay. The weekend is near and you can drink all your headaches away!

Chin chin :-)

I have a question for you crazy ladies out there. Have you ever been waiting on something and then all of a sudden, a god appears? Well, not a god per say, but something that every women, whether it might be a wild child or a stern wench, love seeing in the morning: a man in a suit!?!?!?!


This morning, I could not see if the train was on time as I was distracted by the many men who were PROPERLY wearing a suit. I swear it is definitely a lost craft that a man can don a suit the right way. It is a lost cause for a man to dress appropriately for anything if you ask me. I will never forget when I was working at a media firm and this dude wore a valor jump suit as his "business casual" look. (I am soooo serious. He really wore a valor jump suit to the office.)

So I would like to salute the many men out there who can dress the part. If you can teach the other half how to, maybe women would quit being so irrational about "changing who you are."

As the saying goes....

"It not the suit that makes the man, it is the man that makes the suit."

Ya digggggg ;-)

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Crazy Sports: Did The Jets Really Won???

If you are like me, you probably still stunned by the fact that the New York Jets won last night game against the San Diego Chargers. Words cannot describe how stunned I am. I know what your thinking:

How as a native New Yorker, are you so shocked by them winning? Shouldn't I be rooting for them in the 1st place?

To answer your question: No, I wasn't rooting for them to be perfectly honest. If you ask many NY sports fans, they would not be surprised with that answer.
The New York Jets, in my opinion,are like thosechildren who were rebellious back in the day and messed up so much that you somewhat lose hope in them. Don't get me wrong you love that child greatly, but they messed up soooo many times that you kind of prep yourself for the worst.
However, I am happy to see that they have won. This is a stronger, wiser team that we see playing right now and hopefully ( and I mean praying 122324948348 times hopefully) they will give their all in what would be the fight of their lives as they will be facing the Indianapolis Colts for a spot in the Super Bowl. This will not be an easy win as they will be going head to head with League MVP Payton Manning and his crazy offensive team.

*Big gulp*

I am not going to jinx them nor am I going to fake like I am their die hard fan. However, I wish them luck and hopefully ( HOPEFULLY) they can win brownie points with their NY fans by bringing home a W, HOPEFULLY.

Cross your fingers folks!

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Crazy Fashion Pt.1: Can I be Halle???

Hello My loves!

Now I am going to say it now, I didn't pay much attention to the fashion, the makeup and what ever else they were talking about during the Red Carpet special of the Golden Globes. Hell, I am just learning about make-up, I have to take baby steps with whole "girly" thing!

However, when actress Halle Berry step out onto the red carpet, my mouth dropped! OMG!

I'm sorry, but she was the best dress of the night. The 43-year-old(yes, she is 43 and has a body better than some 20something years old!) actress wore a stunning onyx silk bias cut gown with lace inserts by Kaufman Franco and accessorized with Kimberly McDonald earrings and bracelet, Christian Louboutin shoes and Irit Design oxidized sterling silver and pave diamond chainlink bracelet.(Info via

The dress clearly showed her ta-tas but she still look classy (unlike Mariah Carey smh...looking a hot mess! Hm, at least she wasn't drunk, right?)

Gosh I wish I can just be her for a day! That's it I am going IN at the gym. I want to be a MILF like her when I grow up!

You go girrrrrlllllllll *two circles and a snap*

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Monday Eye Candy: A Sexy Asshole

Happy Monday Everyone!

First, before I begin with your daily dose of eye candy, I want to wish everyone a great Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Today, please remember what this man worked hard for: love, peace and equality. So enjoy your day off today :-)

Ok, now back to our regularly schedule blogging....

Unlike most bloggers, I really didn't care much for the Golden Globes but I did watch it (that and Snapped on Oxygen. What???? That show is the business!) Anyway, a lot of good things happen during the event but it was today's eye candy that truly made the award show quite entertaining for me.

He not only threaten to cause a scene if they turned the violins on him during his acceptance but actually had the balls to say he won't thank anyone! I love it.

So we would like to recognize Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes star Robert Downey Jr. as today's eye candy!

Damn, does he make being an asshole look scrumptious! He got his Kanye on and didn't even care if it is on live television, LOVE IT!

So go head with your bad self, good sir! You made the award show splendid for me...all you needed was a Henny bottle in your hand and that would have been the icing on the cake! :-)

Later days!!!!!

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Crazy Entertainment: Why Heidi Why!??!! And YASSSSS ARENAS YASSSS

Have you seen the latest issue of PEOPLE Magazine featuring Heidi Montag?! Now, I thought the woman is crazy but OMG!!!!!!!!! In the magazine, the fame-hungry starlet admits that she is addicted to plastic and decided to have 10 plastic-surgery procedures in one day. "I'm beyond obsessed," she admits to the mag. Click here to hear the crazy girl talk about her choice. Also, please notice her ego hubby, Spencer, with the video camera trying to get some shine. SMH!

And Finally....

Now I still think he is a dumbass for bringing a gun to the job but at least he love the animals! :-)

Check out Gilbert Arenas as one of the latest celebrities to work with PETA for the No Fur Campaign. Though her is dumb and suspended indefinitely and probably going to serve jail time, he still looks quite delish!!! Yummy!!!!!

What?! You know you think he is scrumptious! :-)

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Saturdazeee: Death of Chivalry

Happy Saturday Boys and Girls!

I hope you're enjoying your long weekend as I am. Nothing can beat a day where I'm laying back, sipping on a glass of wine and talking to all my crazy loves!

On Friday, I met up with a friend of mine for lunch and like many girls do, we began to talk about men, love, and the bullsh@# in between. A fellow crazita like mwuah, she began to talk about her recent date from hell (I have to admit, I do enjoy a good diaster date story, don't you! lol)

During her story, she began to describe how the buck teeth, cologne-overload wearing man not only talked about himself the whole entire date, he refuse topay for the date forcing her to pay and then expected her to pay for the drinks at the lounge that he wanted to go to! (I am not making this up folks! This is real lol)

As the icing on the cake, homeboy thought he had a right to get some and cursed my friend out
when she decline his offers! Even though I laughed really hard, it got me thinking, Are good men a figment of our imaginations?

Think about it, more and more I see men not caring anymore about being polite and would rather smack a chick than be kind. Even the littlest of gestures like opening the door for a woman or giving up their sitting for a woman to sit on the train, NOPE not with today's men!

However, I have to say, I cannot blame them.(Que in statement that will piss some of you off)I genuinely feel that women allow men to treat them like dirt. With the whole "I love a bad boy" movement, women accept that behavior as a way these dudes show their affection. I will admit, I too had brainwashed myself to believe that being treated like dirt is a sign of love. We tell ourselves if he yells at me, he cares or if he doesn't spend time with me, it is because "of something I have done".(barf!)

The popularity of these reality dating shows such as For The Love of Ray J aren't really helping out chances either ( Though I do love to watch the show and it's chaos). As men feel they can have any girl they want and don't have to put in the effort woo her, the polite, innocence of a man slowly begin to dwindle. SMH

This might sound corny to say but every woman is a queen! Ladies, we are God's gift to men and if they don't know how to act, FUCK THEM and keep it moving! Not to be vulgar about it, but we have the coochie a.k.a. the golden ticket! So why should we tolerate nonsense? If he can't open the door for you, you can ride him, very simple.

As I told my friend, there are good, respectable, polite young men out there who are sexy as well. It is just up to us to surpass the trash to find them :-)

What do you Crazy loves think? Are good men really hard to find?

Sound off!

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Crazy Random: Pants On The Ground!!!

“Pants On the Ground, Pants On The Ground...looking like a fool with your pants on the ground"

If you're like me, you probably have been humming this song ALL DAY! This catchy lil tune came to us by way of 63 year old Atlanta native General Larry Platt. The overnight sensation had became a trending topic on Twitter as well as the major hot topic of everyone's conversation after his memorable performance on last night's American Idol. Clearly over the age limit, Platt still gave a great performance and I have a feeling this won't be the last we hear of him singing about pulling up your knickers.

Check out his memorable performance below. I must warn you, you will have this song stuck in your head! lmao!!!!

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Crazy Sports: Do People Still Go To Nets Game? McGuire States The Obvious and Athletes Need To Stop Singing

Why Hello There! Is That a Bat in you pants or are you happy to have more Crazy Sports in your life? Yes? No? Kinda lame? Ok, moving right along....

SMH! See there are losers and then there are just plain disgraces and The New Jersey Nets, well, they are bordering the line of DISOWNMENT. In true loser fashion, the Nets lose again to the Boston Celtics 111-87 making the Nets season record a graceful, disgusting 3-35. (Pause for reaction)

Seriously, I am not saying the Knicks are any better but DAMN at least they put effort into the games. SMH I hope they are thinking about some trades or SOMETHING. Welp, maybe when they move to Brooklyn it will change their morale and they could maybe bring home more wins.(Please highlight MAYBE. How they are playing, I would be surprise if they actually make it to four wins. Hm)

In other news....

Now if you were shocked about this, you are STUPID! STUPID! STUPID!
Please take a look at this picture of Mr. Mark McGuire. Now, ARE YOU REAAALLLYYY SURPRISED THAT HE ADMITTED HE TOOK STEROIDS DURING HIS TIME WITH THE CARDINALS? Yea, I didn't think so... Well now it is official. According to reports, Mark McGwire finally admitted that he, like many others in the Steriod Era of Basebal, had in fact taken steroids. *gasp*

HM.....I am happy he came clean. Now, all we need is Sammy Sosa to admit that he wants to be white and he bleached himself, we can all go home happy.

and finally....

In the latest edition of " Athletes not sticking to their day job and destroying the art of music" Sand Diego Chargers LaDanian Tomlinson creates this pitiful music video for his "dance move" called " LT Electric Glide". Now, I could go in and talk about how repulsive this video is, but I will let you see it for yourself and make you gain your oen opinion. Athletes, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop trying to sing/rap/act/talk. You good at what you do so like Nike, JUST DO IT!

Thank you and Good Day :-)

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Thursday Eye Candy: A True Man of Class

Top of the morning my Crazy Loves!

Now, I know that we all have been glued to the television after the recent tragedy in Haiti. To see the faces affected by the earthquake is truly heartbreaking. However, today's eye candy not only fly down to help his people in their time of need, but he has always been there to giving a helping hand to them.

The man that I am talking about today is none other than Wyclef Jean. I would not be surprised if he was known as the Mother Teresa of Haiti as he has always been there for his country in a time of need and I truly respect him for that.
Let's not forget to mention that homie use to kill it during his time in the Fugees as well as when he is doing his own thing.
So give it up to him! Plus, if you would like more information on how you can help in this tragedy, visit his charity website and you can see how you can donate money to the relief efforts.

Kudos to you my man!

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CrazyPrettyLady Special: Pray for Haiti

Hello My Crazy Loves!

Now, I usually have something slick to say but after hearing about the recent tragedy in Haiti, I want to take a moment to send out my prayers to the families affected by the earthquake. The earthquake was a Category 7, one of the worst in history.

As a Carribean-American, I feel that it is our duty to help our fellow brothers and sisters in this relief effort. Now matter where you come from, it is up to us to help one another.

Click here to see how you can help in the relief efforts.

My prayers go out to anyone affected by

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Throwback Tuesday: "When The Lights Go Out!"

Hola My Crazy Loves!

I am not going to front, when I was younger.....I....CPL...was a boy band fiend!

Yes, I had Immature, Blackstreet and Dru Hill on my wall. I loved 'NSYNC and Backstreet Boys but it is this song that I truly adore! Now, probably half of you have no idea who 5ive were but in the UK they were HUGE! They only had one hit in the States but I really do love this song.

The little girl in me miss those days of googling over boy bands; The matching outfits, the horrible dance moves, sort of like what Pretty Ricky is trying todo but make it look like disgusting(cue Spectacular in the red draws scene lol)

These bands chics in the hood and in the suburbs screaming in a frenzy!

So check out this blast from the past. If you begin to scream, it is okay, just don't wake your neighbors! :-)

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Crazy Random: Pep Likes It Hot!

Yes! A reality show where black women don't look like a ghetto mess!!! Thank yuhhh Jesus!!!!

I am truly love the new Vh1 show, Let's Talk About Pep! Not only is it scandalous, it is actually classy! Now, for a reality series to be "classic" and still fun to watch is something truly special and this show right chyea! Has soo much potential! The show is a nice mix of Sex in the City, Girlfriends and The Game all mix into one fabulous Cosmopolitan drink! The series follow Peppa from Salt n Peppa and her friends as they meet and date different men. The four ladies all have successful careers and know what they want (especially crazy ass Kittie!). I really like this show and I hope that the rest of the season is just as satisfying as the premiere was.

Check out these bonus clips from the debut episode. Congrats Vh1!, you got another hit on your hands :-)

VH1 TV Shows Music Videos Celebrity Photos News & Gossip

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Crazy News: NBC Drama, Simon Chucking The Deuces to Idol And Toddler Is DUBBING IN THE CLUB?!

Why Hello There!

I hope your week is starting off swell. Here is what makes up today's Crazy News.....

OMG! NBC is going through more drama than a normal reality show! First, they had to deal with the blow that their shows are doing poorly then they have to deal with the transition of being own by Comcast who also owns E! Television Network and G4 now they have to deal with what can possibly be the death of NBC's late night empire!

According to the Associated Press, Conan O'Brien announced he would not host "The Tonight Show" at 12:05am to accomodate moving a shortened "Jay Leno Show" to 11:35pm. In the whole saga, NBC wanted to put one of the "The Original Kings of Late Night" Jay Leno back to his regular 11:35pm, pushing back Conan's Tonight to 12:05am which would mean my personal favorite Jimmy Fallon so late that he should be in the time slots equaling The Today Show. (Not to mention that ridiculous Carson Daly show will be off the air! Well, now that I think about it, that is not too shabby.)

O'Brien, who took over the "Tonight Show" from Leno on June 1, issued a statement in which he explained "The Tonight Show" would no longer be "The Tonight Show" if it were pushed back, and said he wanted no part in damaging what he considered the "greatest franchise in the history of broadcasting."

Wow! Wow! and Wow!

Come on NBC! You know you made a HORRIBLE touch in choosing to switch Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien. As the saying goes, if it ain't broken, don't change it. Instead of messing up these show, why not pick on a show that should be given the boot, like Heroes! I can't stand that cheerleader! Sorry, but that show is way to confusing and weird for my liking.

Moving right along.......

I really think this move might mean the end of the "American Idol" empire. According to, this will be the last season we will see Executive Procuder Simon Cowell seating in as one of the judges for the hit series "American Idol". The show already had to make the transition of not having the cooky yet nice Paula Abdul for Ellen DeGeneres( I am still trying to figure out how she fits into the show.) I'm sorry but I think all you A.I. fans should prep for the beginning of the end for the franchise.

So Sad

And finally....

Talk about bad parenting! Please watch as this toddler basically dubs this younger girl. If that is not bad, watch as the adults in the video cheer lil man on as if that is okay!! I swear, I would whoop my kid's ass then cut off my cable because they are definitely watching too much HBO and BET!


and that's your news, chopped the way you like it baby! :-)

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Tuesday Eye Candy: Respect The "Q"

I will admit, back in the day I use to love to watch Total Request Live. It was truly hilarious to see teeny-boppers scream from the top their lungs and hyperventalate when their favorite artist comes to the show.

Today, I had a slight flashback of those days and I immediately thought about the ever so adorable Quddus. While everyone was all googly eyed for Carson Daly a.k.a the walking skeleton after is dramatic weight loss, I have always thought Quddus was soooooo dreamy.

So for today's eye candy, I would like to salute the Canada-born sex pot. He will always be delicious to me and the inner 12-year old girl inside of me would probably be screaming my head off, holding up my sign outside the MTV studios, hoping to see his pearly white smile (and maybe just to get inside, it is quite cold outside :-) ).

Hmmmm delicious! :-)

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