Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Crazy Random: Thank God For The Corner Store!

什么是真正地好疯狂的家庭! (That's Chinese Simplified, what chu know 'bout dat kid?!)

If you are a 20 something, fresh out of college sista like myself, you already know that being a grown-up can suck major balls at times. I mean you have bills 
to pay, a job to maintain, and you have to realize that mommy and daddy is done supporting your ass! (Well, not really....I am a bit spoiled...Ha! who am I kidding lol)

That being said, I am going to keep it extra funky with you guys, I AM BROKE! Yes, your girl got bills and last night after paying my bills off, my bank account l
ooked as though it had been ganged raped by the credit card company, smh.( Thank God I get paid soon! Wooo!) So today, I woke up STARVING for something to eat! However, if I would have eaten something at my house, my ass would have be late and CrazyPrettyLady would have been a BrokePrettyLady and that's a big no no.

So, I had a dilemma: I am hungry and broke. What the hell I am going to do? Well, if you live in NY like me, you know that there is a place where you can be poor as hell but
 yet get a sandwich and drink
 ; a place where I
 can get my italian ices and my quarter water. That place I am talking about is the CORNER STORE. I am not being funny. If it weren't for those .75 rolls or 99 cent Arizona Diet Green Teas,
 my black ass would be dying of hunger. 

So I wanted to take the time to salute them for they are saving my life!......well until I get paid on Thursday :-)

What do you do when you are broke? How do you survive during those broke days? Share with the crazy one! 

Now if you would excuse me, I am about to much on my 4.00 Turkey sandwich, yum!



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