Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thursday Eye Candy and Grooves: Get Your Money Up!

Happy Thursday Boys and Girls!

For Today's Eye Candy, I want to forget about the sexy abs of the men and talk about the flyness about a woman! (No, I am not talking sexually, get ya mind right!)

Ladies, doesn't it feel great to be able to have the power of the world right between our legs! Think about it, we can take over a corporation and hold down a household all by wearing painful heels and forcing ourselves to be perfection (even though it comes easy to some and when I say some I mean me :-) )

So, for today's I want to highlight the beauty of women. We truly are some bad little mamas.

Now, for the past couple of weeks I have been bumping to a song that I feel truly represents my mentality. Now, I am not going to front, I really think that Keri Hilson is fly. I am even woman enough to admit that she is sexy too! Contrary to what we see as the normal female artist, Keri has a swag to her that screams " I am fly." So, her song "Get Your Money Up" is definitely my anthem for 2010. I mean, I can't be striving for success and my man is striving to rub two pennies together, right?

So vibe out to the song and remember my crazy chicas, a man is just a nice accessory to our life outfit. So, let him know to GET HIS MONEY UP!

Later days :-)



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