Monday, January 18, 2010

Crazy Sports: Did The Jets Really Won???

If you are like me, you probably still stunned by the fact that the New York Jets won last night game against the San Diego Chargers. Words cannot describe how stunned I am. I know what your thinking:

How as a native New Yorker, are you so shocked by them winning? Shouldn't I be rooting for them in the 1st place?

To answer your question: No, I wasn't rooting for them to be perfectly honest. If you ask many NY sports fans, they would not be surprised with that answer.
The New York Jets, in my opinion,are like thosechildren who were rebellious back in the day and messed up so much that you somewhat lose hope in them. Don't get me wrong you love that child greatly, but they messed up soooo many times that you kind of prep yourself for the worst.
However, I am happy to see that they have won. This is a stronger, wiser team that we see playing right now and hopefully ( and I mean praying 122324948348 times hopefully) they will give their all in what would be the fight of their lives as they will be facing the Indianapolis Colts for a spot in the Super Bowl. This will not be an easy win as they will be going head to head with League MVP Payton Manning and his crazy offensive team.

*Big gulp*

I am not going to jinx them nor am I going to fake like I am their die hard fan. However, I wish them luck and hopefully ( HOPEFULLY) they can win brownie points with their NY fans by bringing home a W, HOPEFULLY.

Cross your fingers folks!



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