Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturdazeee: Death of Chivalry

Happy Saturday Boys and Girls!

I hope you're enjoying your long weekend as I am. Nothing can beat a day where I'm laying back, sipping on a glass of wine and talking to all my crazy loves!

On Friday, I met up with a friend of mine for lunch and like many girls do, we began to talk about men, love, and the bullsh@# in between. A fellow crazita like mwuah, she began to talk about her recent date from hell (I have to admit, I do enjoy a good diaster date story, don't you! lol)

During her story, she began to describe how the buck teeth, cologne-overload wearing man not only talked about himself the whole entire date, he refuse topay for the date forcing her to pay and then expected her to pay for the drinks at the lounge that he wanted to go to! (I am not making this up folks! This is real lol)

As the icing on the cake, homeboy thought he had a right to get some and cursed my friend out
when she decline his offers! Even though I laughed really hard, it got me thinking, Are good men a figment of our imaginations?

Think about it, more and more I see men not caring anymore about being polite and would rather smack a chick than be kind. Even the littlest of gestures like opening the door for a woman or giving up their sitting for a woman to sit on the train, NOPE not with today's men!

However, I have to say, I cannot blame them.(Que in statement that will piss some of you off)I genuinely feel that women allow men to treat them like dirt. With the whole "I love a bad boy" movement, women accept that behavior as a way these dudes show their affection. I will admit, I too had brainwashed myself to believe that being treated like dirt is a sign of love. We tell ourselves if he yells at me, he cares or if he doesn't spend time with me, it is because "of something I have done".(barf!)

The popularity of these reality dating shows such as For The Love of Ray J aren't really helping out chances either ( Though I do love to watch the show and it's chaos). As men feel they can have any girl they want and don't have to put in the effort woo her, the polite, innocence of a man slowly begin to dwindle. SMH

This might sound corny to say but every woman is a queen! Ladies, we are God's gift to men and if they don't know how to act, FUCK THEM and keep it moving! Not to be vulgar about it, but we have the coochie a.k.a. the golden ticket! So why should we tolerate nonsense? If he can't open the door for you, you can ride him, very simple.

As I told my friend, there are good, respectable, polite young men out there who are sexy as well. It is just up to us to surpass the trash to find them :-)

What do you Crazy loves think? Are good men really hard to find?

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