Sunday, January 10, 2010

Crazy Music: The International Edition

Hola Folks!

My cousin from London has came to visit me and since she has been here I have been hooked to the "funky house" grooves that are major over seas. So of course I has to share it with you all....

I must say, I love the vibe that the music has over there. I mean, no offense to our own, but we are getting kind of boring with what we are putting out so something new is always grand. Plus, I am digging the mix of Hip hop, house, reggae and r&b :-)
So check out my top fave music from the me, you will dig it :-)

Up first, let me introduce you to K.I.G. I must warn you, you will catch yourself doing the dance. It is quite catchy! Listen here.

And Finally, "Show me, how you get down, that's the new skank!" I am sorry but this tune by Gracious K had me busting a sweat! I am not going to lie, I love love love this song! Check it out here!



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