Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Eye Candy: Respect the Hustle

Happy Friday!!!!

Boy, am I happy to see this day. Lord knows I am uber tired and damn sure know a glass of mojito is calling my name!
For today's eye candy, it wasn't based on his looks per say. I based my choice on the fact that he is a true hustler.

Last night, during my "let's watch black folks television" time, I stumbled upon the BET special featuring Jay-Z. Now, I am going to keep it real, I don't think Jigga man is no sex machine or anything, but there is something that is so intoxicating about this man.

Let's face it, the man is a great business man. While other rappers are getting arrested over nonsense, Mr. Carter is in the cut buying an island or something. (Well, I don't know if he would buy an island but he wanted to he could.)

I was so attracted to his swagger that I actually did not change the channel and this is an accomplishment for me because I need to take at least five second intervals during my "watching black folks" time to get my chai tea or something.

Watching Mr. Carter was a real pleasure as well as an inspiring one. Hopefully, one day I will be able to be like Mr. Carter and dominate the entertainment industry.

Go Jay-Z! Represent for the Soup Coolers People of America!!!!!!!!!!! (I am a proud member of that crew, AND WHAT?!)


To salute today's eye candy, check out his latest video featuring Swizz Beatz. This song is my theme song of the year, On To The Next One.

"I got a milion ways to get....choose one" :-p Enjoy!



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