Saturday, January 9, 2010

Weekend Eye Candy: Gotta Love The Nerd!

Top of the Morning to you folks!

First, sorry about yesterday my crazy loves. My old laptop and I are having a difficulties to understand each other. It seems as though when it saw me go on the Apple website to look for a Macbook, it got jeal (that's jealous for short) and threw its middle finger at me. However, thank God for the library and my cup of coffee. So no need to fear, your crazy girl is here.

Now, I probably have said this 121102103424737912801280 times but I just LOVE skateboard riding, alternative music listening, and NERDY looking guys. So, it is no secret to anyone when I say that Actor Michael Cera is the cutest thing in the world!

Now, he might not be packing some abs or have a swagger that I normally go for, but you have to admit when you see this guy, you can't help but to love the kid!

Since my introduction to him in one of my all-time favorite movie, Superbad, Cera has been my cuddle friend in my head and I am super stoked to see his new movie, Youth in Revolt, in theaters this weekend.
So enjoy today's eye candy and check him out in his new movie, Youth in Revolt, in theaters this weekend.
Also, Check out the "Ceranation" hanging out with the cast of my favorite guilty pleasure, The Jersey Shore....HILARIOUS!!!!

Happy Saturday!



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