Monday, January 4, 2010

Mean Muggin' Monday: D.O.E = Death of Excuses

What's really good party people?!

I hope the first full week in 2010 is going swell; free from headaches and lames!

Speaking of lames, for today's Mean Muggin, I want to address something that should be said right off the bat and not sugar coated. What I am about to say might piss you off (what else is new?) but we are in a new year and we can start the year off with nonsense!

As an independent woman, I truly believe we are in an age where women should be strong and able to stand on their own two feet. Women today are making their voices be heard in Corporate America and by the looks of things, women might be wearing the big draws and having are male counterparts cook the dinner!

Now, while I am all for the independence movement, I will admit SOME OF YOUR CHICKS CONFUSE INDEPENDENCE WITH DOWN RIGHT SELFISHNESS!!

Over the weekend, I chatted it up with my family about life and what it has to offer black women like moi. One family member of mine (who I love and want to choke all at the same time) made a comment about how she is a certain age( mind you she is relatively young) and yet cannot find a man. Being the Curious George that I am, I dug a little deeper and asked why she felt as though she can't find a man and her response made me cringe so much that I had to give her the ill grill. (You know the look! .Tthe"what the hell you just say" look where you look disgusted for a second.) Her response is the response that I always see plastered on my twitter page and Facebook News Feed!

I think you know exactly what I am about to say:

"I don't have a man because Men ain't Sh*t and can't handle me!"


ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Ladies, when are we going to take responsibility for our own actions?! I am sorry, but women, the reason why some of you lose your men and are lonely is because you
are LAZY, SELFISH, AND INCONSIDERATE! (sorry if I sound intense, I get like that sometimes :-) )

Case in point....

If you ask a woman if she would pay half for a date that she is on with her man, the girl would
look at you as if you said she had the bubonic plague and think the dude is "not good" for her. Now, I don't condone broke dudes, AT ALL but I don't see what is the problem splitting the bill.
Listen, we are in a recession and if your ass want to get the Crab legs, heffa pay half for them crab legs! It seems that this material satisfaction; the notion that you can have a man to buy you everything is more important to a woman rather than genuine love her man gives to her. Then when women see the man treat another woman better than them, they wonder why. Listen, if there is one thing I learned is that you can't force your man to show you love and affection; he has to do it because HE wants to. If all your man can afford is a card and a pack of chocolate, except that and cherish that. Trust me, if he see you appreciate him at his worst than he will definitely love you and spoil you at his best.

Another thing bugs me is that women want to be wined, dined and pampered by their significant other even if they feel they can treat their man like do-do! And your "shocked" because he cheated on you, why? Women mistake "strength" with down right obnoxious! Your showing strength when you carry on in public, your showing that you are an ASS!

How do you expect to be royalty when your action say you are a peasant that do anything!!! I swear, for men, it is like hitting a lottery when they hear that they found a woman who can cook or clean. Half of these chics out here can't even boil water and probably live in a roach-infested houses because "like, they totally do clean up, like eww!" but sure I bet you those nasty ass chic are the same ones who throw on them flyest heels and call themselves "dimes." How can you expect to receive the 5-star treatment from your guy and not give it back. 9 time out of 10, the reason why men leave and look elsewhere is because they don't feel appreciated by the one they love.

However, there are many dogs out there who will break women's heart and use them for their own purposes. I, myself, have been through my fair share of tears and dealt with my fair share of Dogs but what I can't take is when women try to justify their irresponsible, selfish, manipulative behavior on their "broken heart." STOP IT! Listen, just because one man hurt you doesn't mean another will...which leads me to what I think is the hook, line, and sinker of today...JUST BECAUSE ONE RACE OF MEN hurts you doesn't mean the whole race is the same. I say this because it seem that when a black men hurts a black women, that black woman thinks that the whole race is bad (Men, don't clap about this because your ass is guilty of this too! Hm)

Listen, what I am trying to say is, stop looking for what is wrong with other people and figure out what is wrong with yourself! I am not saying that there aren't any dudes who would hurt women on the regular. However, just because one man hurts you mean you should act like an idiot! It is 2010, it is time to pul a D.O.E! Death of Excuses!!!!

If you want to be "kept" then you better learn how to treat your man! Hell, not to toot my own horn, but I know how to take care of mine, hence why I am not bitter and sad. How are YOU feeling?

Take Care

P.S. I am not bashing women at all nor am I trying to dowgrade how some men treat women. However, in a new year, we need to let go of excuses and fix our own sh*t in the love department!



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