Crazy Fashion: Meeeoooow!

My mouth literally began to water when I first laid eyes on these beauties over at Parlour Magazine. Check out these Christian Louboutin's ‘Dorepi’ 120 Pony Shoes. Since I'm in my sophomore year of "Being a Girly Girl" Academy, I think these would be a great upgrade for me, no?

Now, if only I could find $851.00 to buy these bad boys ........ 

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Wednesday Grooves & Crazy Music: You Call It Young Money, I Call It Junior M.A.F.I.A.

Good morning my loves!

As you all are aware, Young Money is arguably the undisputed rap team taking over the hip hop game. I can't hate on the team. Young Money is collecting that money, literally. With Lil Wayne as the front man, he has gathered a strong militia to take over mainstream radio.

However, being a hip hop head and a native NYer, I can't help but to get a tad bit salty when I hear some of their fans call them "original" or "the first team to ever put it down in the game." Anyone who actually understands and know a thing or two about the game knows that Young Money is NOT that original as they try to portray themselves to be.

I am not going to sugar coat it nor build up suspense about what I am going to say; I'm just going to say it:


There I said it!!!! It urks me that hip hop websites, hip hop bloggers, hell NEW YORKERS haven't came out to state this OBVIOUS fact. Now, I am not saying this top throw shade at Young Money as I respect their hustle, however, do not, I repeat, DO NOT believe they are original because just as how Lil' Wayne recruited a group of artists to be apart of his movement, the late, great Notorious B.I.G. did the same thing. I will even go as far as to say that Big was the first to even do that and get mainstream attention.

So for today's grooves, I want you to watch the Junior M.A.F.I.A. video then look at Young Money. You'd be the judge....

Enjoy! :-)

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Monday Eye Candy: LIGHT SKIN IS BACK!!!!!!!

Happy Monday Boys and Girls!!!!

This weekend was very eventful for your girl...from the wonderful Fort Greene Festival to the BET Awards (my thoughts coming soon), this weekend did not disappoint.

For today's eye candy, I would like to highlight my fellow light skin people! I will admit, we had a moment where we went out of style like a juicy Jherri Curl but after seeing El Debarge, Prince, John Legend, Chris Brown and others kill it at the BET Awards, I say WE ARE BACK IN BUSINESS!!!

Check out a clip from El DeBarge's performance here. Now for those who might not know, El DeBarge is probably the reason why you're ass is here, just saying :-)...

#teamlightskin :-)

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Saturdazze's Sex in The Trails of A Recent Grad: Have Fun On A Budget....

Hola Mis amigos, como estas???

As weather heats up, everyone is trying to plan out that epic summer. However, when you have your student loan payments in the back of your mind and a horrible looking checking account, the last thing anyone wants to do spend tons of money on drinks, cover charges and/or dinners.

No need to fear, Crazy's here! Though I have been on this earth for only 22 years, I must say I've mastered the art of being a "frugalista." There have been times where I only had $40 bucks in my name and yet manage to have a great time with my friends and have a glorious time in the city. How, you ask? Here are a few tips for having a splendid time while keeping your pockets happy....

1) Keep an open mind and EXPLORE....

The key reason why many people end up broke during the summer is because they want to portray a certain life. It would be nice to always pop bottles or go to events, yacht parties and get the finest wine in town but if you can't afford it, DON'T GO! Instead, try to explore different alternatives that will be fun and won't hurt your wallet. For example, if you wanted to invite your girls to the hippest restaurant for brunch but can't afford it, why not have a brunch picnic. Make some of your favorite breakfast treats and go to the park with your friends to enjoy good food and a fun time with friends.Plus, nothing better than homemade mimosas!!! :-)

2) Attend FREE events.....

Being a chica from NYC, I have the joy and the opportunity to have entertainment at every corner. From free movie screening at the park to free summer days at your favorite museum, there are tons of free events to go to. Google what's going on in your town and have fun!

3) It's Okay To Be First....

I've always been made fun of by my friends about this but it is okay to be early when going a nightclub. Most clubs usually have a certain time limit where you can get in for free or at a reduced admission so if you know your ass don't have enough money to pay for admission, get there early. Nothing pisses me off more when people bitch and moan about how expensive the cover charge is when it could have easily been avoided if you got ready ON TIME. So, if you can't afford to be fashionably late, get there early!

4) Pre-Game, Pre-Game, Pre-Game!

It's no secret to anyone that I love to have a nice drink. However, when drinks are $10 a pop, it can be detrimental to your wallets. So, my suggestion is to drink at home. If it worked during college, why not do it  now, right? Plus, use this time to bond with your friends and get siked about the night's festivities.

5) Don't Stress About Your Wallet!

If we all looked at our deteriorating bank accounts, the psych ward would be packed with depressed young adults. SO, STOP STRESSING! As a recent grad, it can be frustrating  to know that your dream job is not waiting for you but fear not! Take this summer to reflect and have fun! Don't worry, everything will fall into place.

These might be a few steps but trust me, you can have a great summer on a budget. So, sip on your homemade mimosas and enjoy!!!! :-)

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Saturdazze: The Strength of A Father's Love

Hola my people!!!

How art thou?????

First, Happy Father's Day!!!! 

Today is the day that we honor men who stepped up to the plate and provide for their families.

I have been blessed to have had a father who is always there for me and to help mold me into who I am today. However, in today's society (as I clearly saw through Twitter and the enormous amount of anger I heard today) that many people did not have the opportunity to have a father figure in their lives and felt a slight bit of anger as they had to reflect on life without a father.

It is quite sad that many fathers in today's society do not want to step up to the plate because they know that "they don't have to carry the baby for nine months." They don't realize that the after effects of this abandonment is truly astounding and can affect a child for years to come-especially a woman.

As many of us know, your father is suppose to be the first example as to what a man is and it should help us to figure out what we would want in our future spouse. For example, for me, I grew up with a father who is honest, loving and crazy; a man who always encouraged my brothers and I to be true to who we are. I am not saying I want to be with someone who is a spitting image of my father (because that is effin weird) but I know that I want to a man who treats a woman like a queen like my father treats my mother. 

That is why many woman who suffered from abandonment are more likely to have relationship issues when they get older. According to a study done, we as humans tend to choose someone like Mom or Dad as a partner.
Even if we don't realize it at all, we are attracted to certain personality traits that are parents might have because it makes us feel comfortable.
That is why when women have an estranged relationship with their fathers, they tend to have a sense of anger towards the opposite sex or tend to "settle" with a guy very quickly. 
Now, this post is not to come off as a negative "I hate men' post. I write this post because fathers play a key role in the growth of a child. Whether you didn't have a relationship with your father or had a close, strong bond with them, your father will always play a strong role in your life.

So, as Father's Day come to a close, I want to salute the fathers who are setting great examples for their little girls. As for those women who might not have a bond with their father, do not make this be your Achilles' heel. As the old saying goes "what don't kill you will only make you stronger," so turn the hurt into a lesson and learn to love a man that respects you rather than to settle for a man who will not leave you. 

Happy Father's Day!!!

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Weekend Eye Candy: Chow Time!!!!

Happy Sunday boys and girls!!!

Today's eye candy came by way of my late night insomnia. Last night, I couldn't fall asleep for the life of me (I blame my neighbors who felt it was truly necessary to play Hot 97 on FULL BLAST at 3 A.M., smh)

Since I couldn't fall asleep, I decided to watch some shows on the tele and I happened to have had it on The Style network. On Style, they were playing the Diddy's "If I were King," the mini-documentary that follows Mr. Combs as he preps for his upcoming fashion show.

I was quite interested and inspired by Diddy's grind and strength in the business world, but it was his Creative Director that really caught my attention, not because of his great creative vision (which is dope!) but because this  dude is FIONEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

GOT DAMN!!!!!!

I would like to introduce to you all, Mr. Dao Yi Chow.

After being intrigued by the sexiness of this man, I decided to do some investigation to find out about the dude and his resume is just as impeccable as his good looks!

He was a former freelance journalist for The Source, Vibe Magazine and Ego Trip. A fashion guru, the fashion stylist co-founded the clothing line, Public School. Also, did I forget to mention that homie was a model! He is also very charming and very honest-my kind of guy. Here's a quote from him about his thought on branding....

" I absolutely think its bull shit, if something is great it does not need to be marketed, Traditional marketing is validating something in a context and i think the greatest product and brands validate them selves just by being themselves"- Dao-Yi Chow

So, feast your eyes on this delicious young man. Diddy, you sure know how to pick 'em! 

Can't stop, won't stop! :-)


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Crazy Music: Happy Birthday Tupac!!!!

Today, Tupac Amaru Shakur would have turned 39 today. Tupac was definitely a rapper ahead of his time. The intelligent and realest rapper to ever step foot in the hip hop game's music still knocks and will always touch the heart of those who listen to it. To celebrate the rap legends birthday, check out my all-time favorite Tupac joint.

Happy Birthday!!! I hope they're throwing you a dope ass party in heaven. :-)


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Wednesday EyeCandy: Got Damn Lance!!!!

Now, I'm a woman who doesn't get lost for words that easily but after watching this video, I can't think straight nor can I describe this video without feeling........things :-)

Check out this hot short film featuring the ever so sexy, Lance Gross.

I love you, Eva but homie does look sexier after breaking off the engagement. Single life looks GOOD.ON.YOU!!!!

Check it out. Ladies, make sure you have a spare pair of panties near by, I'm warning you now!!!

::fans self::


Day In The Life: Lance Gross from The Club Nation on Vimeo.

tHANKS, Necole Bitchie for this delightful video.

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Crazy Fit: How To Train Like World Cup Star

Good Day My Crazy Loves!!!

As you know, Summer is here and everyone is trying to get that perfect body. For today's crazy fit, we turn to the soccer field to learn some secrets as to what keeps these players at the peak of their game. 

Now, women tend to stay away from weight training  because they don't want to "bulk up" or ::in my best ditzy girl voice:: don't want to like bulk up like a guy because like that's like so totally like eww!! (Just typing that statement annoyed  me.) In actuality, ladies, weight training is the BEST thing a woman can do. Muscles burn more calories even when you are resting. Studies also show that if you incorporate weight training into your workout, you are less likely to lose bone mass as you grow older lowering the risk of osteoporosis. Also, ladies, bat wing arms are NOT cute (contrary to what Wendy Williams might show you)  so it is important to have a great balance of cardio and weight training is important.  So train like the soccer pros with these training moves:

Goaltender Shuffle

 1. Crouch down and bend forward slightly with your feet about shoulder-width apart move one foot underneath your body until it is nearly touching the other. 

2. Move the outside foot away from the other foot in the same direction. Repeat slowly at first, then build up speed. 

3. Continue this for during a 10-minute interval workout consisting of one minute of lateral shuffles and one minute of jumping jacks 


The Defender Quick Feet

1. For ten seconds, sprint in place

2. After a five second break, jump rope for 20 seconds. Make sure you move your feet while jumping as it will help with your agility and speed.

Midfielders Sprints 

 1. Fast-jog for three minutes. You can do this at your local park or even around your neighborhood, NO EXCUSE!!!!! The walk for one minute. After one minute, repeat the fast jog agin but this time cut it down to two minutes and then one minute. Continue these ladder sprints and it will definitely improve your cardio fitness while increasing your calorie burn in a short amount of time.

Forward Weight Training

1. Try doing a mixture of free weights and non-free weights with your strength training regimen. Push-ups and assisted pull-ups are great exercises to use your body weight as the weight-lifting tool.

2. When using free weights, make sure you use a good size weights that you know you will feel stress on the muscle. DO NOT CHEAT. Women tend to go for the 3 pounds weights and this is WRONG. Try to use at least a five pound weights when working on your biceps, triceps, and shoulders. As you become use to a certain weight level, always increase the size but do not overexert yourself. Know your limits.

For information on how to obtain your own soccer bod, visit for great fitness and weight loss tips.

Remember you have to maintain a crazy body to live this crazy life so make sure you working it out!!!

P.S.- Sex counts as exercising...Just saying :-)

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There's a World Cup Fever happening around the world!!!! This is the time where the world's best teams fight to gain the right to call themselves the world's best in the game of football(FYI- You Americans who are correcting me right now saying it's called soccer, no, it's football! REAL FOOTBALL.HM!)

As a soccer fan and a lover for all things eye candy, today's eye candy hails from Ghana and lets just say, this man is the definition of chocolate!!!

Introducing Stephen Appiah.........


 Mr. Appipah hails from Ghana  and  plays for the Italian club team Bologna and this dark chocolate young man is a member of his national team at this year's World Cup. I'm sorry but everytime I see this man, I begin to drool a little bit. I mean look at him.....LOOK AT HIM!!! The man skin is soo smooth, you just want to see sweat drip alll ovaaa his bawwwwddddyy! :-)

Granted Appipah sat out during his team's opening game against Serbia, we can still admire him on the bench. Look out for the Ghana star as Ghana plays in Group D of the opening stages of the World Cup.

Go, Chocolate, GO!!!


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Crazy Cocktails: Watermelon Vodka Slush

Hello my loves!

How unnu do?!

It's Summer time so everyone is trying to find the best recipe for that Summer cocktail. So, why not add in a summer fruit classic into your favorite drink, WATERMELON!!!!!! 

This Watermelon Vodka Slush will be the hit drink at any functions and all my dudes who don't want too look "fruity" with this drink, don't worry, this drink will get your boys tipsy so fast that they might confuse the drink with Nuvo, so you'll be fine :-)



  • 4 cups watermelon flesh, seeds removed
  • 2 fluid ounces simple syrup( you can get this at any grocery store)
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 1 cup vodka (I love this with Ciroc Original or Ciroc Berry but any vodka can work with the mix)
  • 2 fluid ounces melon liqueur(You can use any margarita/daquiri mix if you can't find the melon liqueur)
  • 4 twists lemon zest, garnish


  1. In a food processor, puree the watermelon flesh. Pour the pureed watermelon into empty ice cube trays and freeze for at least 4 hours. Also, freeze 4 martini glasses. If serving for more people, freeze more
  2. In a blender combine the frozen watermelon cubes, simple syrup, lemon juice, vodka, and melon liqueur; blend until smooth. Pour into 4 frozen martini glasses and garnish each with a lemon twist.

Trust me, this drink will be a hit at any party!!! Enjoy!!!!!!

For more info, visit 

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Saturdazze: Sex And The Trail Of The Recent Grad

Hola Mis Amores!!!!

Today, I took a wonderful personal day to sit down and reflect on life, my goals and what bottle of wine I should crack (that could be a daunting task!).

During this time, I watched almost four hours straight of the hit HBO series, "Sex in The City." I blame my HBO On Demand for making sit and watch Seasons 1-3 of the sexy series. As I am watching Carrie and the girls tackle the mean streets of NYC, I begin to think about my life and what I am going through (I tend to do that) and I wonder why my "NY" doesn't look like that? Lord knows if I could run around NYC, go to all the fabulous events in my Jimmy's and Loubitons and have amazing sex at any point of the day, life would be grand without a care in the world.

As a young NY chica, the life of Carrie Bradshaw is what many would want but only few ( if not no one) can live in that fantasy. So, I propose a fabulous comprise. As the old saying goes, "life is what you make it," right?

Therefore, why can't I not take a few ideas from this young lady's world and make it fit into my recent college grad, broke as a church mouse,job hunting, PMS, dealing with my insecurities world. Therefore, for the Summer I will showcase a series known as "Sex and The Trails Of The Recent Grad". During this summer, I will go on a quest to find happiness and satisfaction in all parts of my life and share it with you all.

I will hit up some of NY's fabulous events, explore the daily life of some everyday women and bring to you how you too can achieve your "Carrie Bradshaw" life in the comforts of your own city.

So come take a journey with me this summer.

Hey, you might get a great orgasm along the way like Samantha would, wink wink!

Later days my crazy loves :-)  

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Crazy Fashion: Supa Dupa Supras...

Good Day Mates!!!

It's summer time so you know what that means?!?!?!?!

It's fly heels and kicks time!!!!!

Gone are days where we dread to wear our best heels because we're afraid that the snow messing them up. We can break out the toes and pull out the fresh pair of sneakers and parlay around town.

For today, I want to showcase these fly ass Supras I found over at The Supra Bandits will be available soon and I must say, they are quite delish!!! I particularly love the grey one(it comes in black as well) for the grey suede and black canvas panels give the kicks a fabulous touch.

Do you dig these kicks??????

Ooo how I love Summer :-)

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Crazy Music: Hear Her Roar....Literally

Why Good Day My Crazy Loves!

It's been crazy here at Crazyland but if our lives are not hectic and crazy, then my friends, we are dead. Just saying. 

For today's Crazy Music, I would like to introduce to who I think will be the next big singer to hit the R&B scene. Now, I know what you're thinking, "Awwwww, here we go!!! Another blogger saying someone is hot when they are far from it." However, trust me when I say that this young lady definitely has the talent and the creds to take her career to the next level. Plus, growing up in the concrete jungle, you always see people say they want to make it in the game but shorty definitely puts her money where her mouth is!!!

Young world, I would like to introduce you to the artist the goes by the name Cheeki or CheekiTheSinger or Cheekipowpow (you see!!!! She's already channeling her inner mogul status with the name changes. GO 'HEAD GIRL!!!). Although she can be considered a rookie when it comes to "the business," she's been grinding her way to get into the industry her whole life,singing and writing her own songs while still learning how to gain longevity in the game. This is rare look for those who follow the entertainment/music world because everyone wants to start out at the top but never want to work their way up there.

CheekiPowPow’s long-awaited first project has been recently released and has already been getting buzz via Twitter and Facebook. “Hear Me Roar” has been available for free download via various media outlets, particularly: Reverbnation, and . This album is the perfect marriage of mixtape, she-mixes and original songs, which is why Cheeki often refers to it as her Malbum (mixtape/album) This started with her re-mix of Kid Cudi’s Day N Night which has accumulated approximately 30,000 listens/views via youtube. (If you haven't peep the track, listen here.) 

Cheeki is independently releasing “Hear Me Roar” with the help of  producer Skyz Muzik and popular up and coming rapper GreggSelf . Producer/graphic designer Prophecy, is also responsible for producing some of Cheeki’s best records. She is currently being guided by a number of reputable moguls but is still seeking a manager that fits her style, energy, drive and vision.

Although Cheeki is embarking on the release of her freshman album, the writing and most of the production for her EP is nearly completed. She plans to have a 5 song second introduction to the music world - out by early 2011. Her next moves include the formation of a band for a more engaging live performance. Auditioning for musicals +Modeling and performing more in shows in which she can be a featured act. No Grind no shine, right?

So, get familiar with the singer. Trust me, you will dig it and fellas, you can just stare at her boobs and think she is singing to you. See, she can sing you a song and get you off all at the same time. That's a down ass chick :-) 

So cop the malbum here.....

Later days :-) 

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Monday Eye Candy: 'Stand Up!'

Hello, Good Morning!

Happy Monday!!!!!!

Last night, I had the opportunity to go to this year's Hot 97 Summer Jam in NJ (more info in Mean Muggin' Mondays post).

While I had my personal favorites that I wanted to see, it was today's eye candy who literally got me out my seat and dancing during his whole entire set.

This isn't surprising to me because it seems that every song this man has put out in his 10 year career always get any good party started.

The man I'm talking about is no other than Mr. ATL himself, Ludacris.

Ludacris is one of the top Southern rappers in the game and is one of the most creative artist to ever step foot at the mic.

Not only is homie a dope rapper, he is a good businessman and humanitarian. This man is always willing to give back to his community not just for the glamour but rather for the greater good of his community.

Plus, I think that anyone who was at Summer Jam yesterday can testify that homie knows how to put on a show!

So, kudos to you, Luda!

And thank you for putting out my anthem, "My Chick Bad". It is because of you I catch myself booty poppin' so early in the morning :-)

Later days!!!

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Crazy Random: This Is Why I Avoid Miami On Memorial Day

Everyone and their mama flocks down to the Sunshine state to enjoy a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. People save up their pennies in the winter to fly down to South Beach to have fun in the sun. However, for me, personally, I don't want to go to Miami during Memorial Day be quite a HOT, GHETTO ASS, ROLLS SHOWING, SLOPPY MESS!!!!!!! I'm sorry but I consider Memorial Day weekend in Miami to be "hood appreciation" weekend because it seems the ghetto-est(I made that word up), sloppiest chicks and dudes flock down there and act a DAMN fool.

Don't believe me? See for yourselves(If you have a gag-reflex, I suggest you have a garbage can on stand-by) 

Yea....I will just wait until 4 of July weekend.

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Wednesday Eye Candy: I Can't Give Him The "Cole" Shoulder

Why hello there my pretties!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend. Now, I must admit something: I was not really diggin' today's eye candy when I first heard of him. A friend of mine introduced me to the rapper and I wasn't sure if I would be a fan of his. However, after hearing his DOPE-TASTIC freestyle on Funk Master Flex, he has definitely made me a fan.

The rapper I'm talking about is J.Cole. The North Carolina raised 25-year old was born in Germany (European, sweet!). The dude definitely has talent as well as brains(COME ON, PEOPLE!!! Too early to think so flithy!!!!!!)

Mr.Cole graduated from St.John's University magna cum laude which is rather impressive. The rapper is signed to Jay-Z's Roc Nation so I will definitely be on the look out for what's to come with  this dude. Plus, he's easy on the eyes :-)

Check out his official fan page here to learn more about the rapper.

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