Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Crazy Music: Hear Her Roar....Literally

Why Good Day My Crazy Loves!

It's been crazy here at Crazyland but if our lives are not hectic and crazy, then my friends, we are dead. Just saying. 

For today's Crazy Music, I would like to introduce to who I think will be the next big singer to hit the R&B scene. Now, I know what you're thinking, "Awwwww, here we go!!! Another blogger saying someone is hot when they are far from it." However, trust me when I say that this young lady definitely has the talent and the creds to take her career to the next level. Plus, growing up in the concrete jungle, you always see people say they want to make it in the game but shorty definitely puts her money where her mouth is!!!

Young world, I would like to introduce you to the artist the goes by the name Cheeki or CheekiTheSinger or Cheekipowpow (you see!!!! She's already channeling her inner mogul status with the name changes. GO 'HEAD GIRL!!!). Although she can be considered a rookie when it comes to "the business," she's been grinding her way to get into the industry her whole life,singing and writing her own songs while still learning how to gain longevity in the game. This is rare look for those who follow the entertainment/music world because everyone wants to start out at the top but never want to work their way up there.

CheekiPowPow’s long-awaited first project has been recently released and has already been getting buzz via Twitter and Facebook. “Hear Me Roar” has been available for free download via various media outlets, particularly: Reverbnation, and . This album is the perfect marriage of mixtape, she-mixes and original songs, which is why Cheeki often refers to it as her Malbum (mixtape/album) This started with her re-mix of Kid Cudi’s Day N Night which has accumulated approximately 30,000 listens/views via youtube. (If you haven't peep the track, listen here.) 

Cheeki is independently releasing “Hear Me Roar” with the help of  producer Skyz Muzik and popular up and coming rapper GreggSelf . Producer/graphic designer Prophecy, is also responsible for producing some of Cheeki’s best records. She is currently being guided by a number of reputable moguls but is still seeking a manager that fits her style, energy, drive and vision.

Although Cheeki is embarking on the release of her freshman album, the writing and most of the production for her EP is nearly completed. She plans to have a 5 song second introduction to the music world - out by early 2011. Her next moves include the formation of a band for a more engaging live performance. Auditioning for musicals +Modeling and performing more in shows in which she can be a featured act. No Grind no shine, right?

So, get familiar with the singer. Trust me, you will dig it and fellas, you can just stare at her boobs and think she is singing to you. See, she can sing you a song and get you off all at the same time. That's a down ass chick :-) 

So cop the malbum here.....

Later days :-) 


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