Sunday, June 27, 2010

Saturdazze's Sex in The Trails of A Recent Grad: Have Fun On A Budget....

Hola Mis amigos, como estas???

As weather heats up, everyone is trying to plan out that epic summer. However, when you have your student loan payments in the back of your mind and a horrible looking checking account, the last thing anyone wants to do spend tons of money on drinks, cover charges and/or dinners.

No need to fear, Crazy's here! Though I have been on this earth for only 22 years, I must say I've mastered the art of being a "frugalista." There have been times where I only had $40 bucks in my name and yet manage to have a great time with my friends and have a glorious time in the city. How, you ask? Here are a few tips for having a splendid time while keeping your pockets happy....

1) Keep an open mind and EXPLORE....

The key reason why many people end up broke during the summer is because they want to portray a certain life. It would be nice to always pop bottles or go to events, yacht parties and get the finest wine in town but if you can't afford it, DON'T GO! Instead, try to explore different alternatives that will be fun and won't hurt your wallet. For example, if you wanted to invite your girls to the hippest restaurant for brunch but can't afford it, why not have a brunch picnic. Make some of your favorite breakfast treats and go to the park with your friends to enjoy good food and a fun time with friends.Plus, nothing better than homemade mimosas!!! :-)

2) Attend FREE events.....

Being a chica from NYC, I have the joy and the opportunity to have entertainment at every corner. From free movie screening at the park to free summer days at your favorite museum, there are tons of free events to go to. Google what's going on in your town and have fun!

3) It's Okay To Be First....

I've always been made fun of by my friends about this but it is okay to be early when going a nightclub. Most clubs usually have a certain time limit where you can get in for free or at a reduced admission so if you know your ass don't have enough money to pay for admission, get there early. Nothing pisses me off more when people bitch and moan about how expensive the cover charge is when it could have easily been avoided if you got ready ON TIME. So, if you can't afford to be fashionably late, get there early!

4) Pre-Game, Pre-Game, Pre-Game!

It's no secret to anyone that I love to have a nice drink. However, when drinks are $10 a pop, it can be detrimental to your wallets. So, my suggestion is to drink at home. If it worked during college, why not do it  now, right? Plus, use this time to bond with your friends and get siked about the night's festivities.

5) Don't Stress About Your Wallet!

If we all looked at our deteriorating bank accounts, the psych ward would be packed with depressed young adults. SO, STOP STRESSING! As a recent grad, it can be frustrating  to know that your dream job is not waiting for you but fear not! Take this summer to reflect and have fun! Don't worry, everything will fall into place.

These might be a few steps but trust me, you can have a great summer on a budget. So, sip on your homemade mimosas and enjoy!!!! :-)



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