Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Crazy Fit: How To Train Like World Cup Star

Good Day My Crazy Loves!!!

As you know, Summer is here and everyone is trying to get that perfect body. For today's crazy fit, we turn to the soccer field to learn some secrets as to what keeps these players at the peak of their game. 

Now, women tend to stay away from weight training  because they don't want to "bulk up" or ::in my best ditzy girl voice:: don't want to like bulk up like a guy because like that's like so totally like eww!! (Just typing that statement annoyed  me.) In actuality, ladies, weight training is the BEST thing a woman can do. Muscles burn more calories even when you are resting. Studies also show that if you incorporate weight training into your workout, you are less likely to lose bone mass as you grow older lowering the risk of osteoporosis. Also, ladies, bat wing arms are NOT cute (contrary to what Wendy Williams might show you)  so it is important to have a great balance of cardio and weight training is important.  So train like the soccer pros with these training moves:

Goaltender Shuffle

 1. Crouch down and bend forward slightly with your feet about shoulder-width apart move one foot underneath your body until it is nearly touching the other. 

2. Move the outside foot away from the other foot in the same direction. Repeat slowly at first, then build up speed. 

3. Continue this for during a 10-minute interval workout consisting of one minute of lateral shuffles and one minute of jumping jacks 


The Defender Quick Feet

1. For ten seconds, sprint in place

2. After a five second break, jump rope for 20 seconds. Make sure you move your feet while jumping as it will help with your agility and speed.

Midfielders Sprints 

 1. Fast-jog for three minutes. You can do this at your local park or even around your neighborhood, NO EXCUSE!!!!! The walk for one minute. After one minute, repeat the fast jog agin but this time cut it down to two minutes and then one minute. Continue these ladder sprints and it will definitely improve your cardio fitness while increasing your calorie burn in a short amount of time.

Forward Weight Training

1. Try doing a mixture of free weights and non-free weights with your strength training regimen. Push-ups and assisted pull-ups are great exercises to use your body weight as the weight-lifting tool.

2. When using free weights, make sure you use a good size weights that you know you will feel stress on the muscle. DO NOT CHEAT. Women tend to go for the 3 pounds weights and this is WRONG. Try to use at least a five pound weights when working on your biceps, triceps, and shoulders. As you become use to a certain weight level, always increase the size but do not overexert yourself. Know your limits.

For information on how to obtain your own soccer bod, visit iVillage.com for great fitness and weight loss tips.

Remember you have to maintain a crazy body to live this crazy life so make sure you working it out!!!

P.S.- Sex counts as exercising...Just saying :-)



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