Monday, June 21, 2010

Saturdazze: The Strength of A Father's Love

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First, Happy Father's Day!!!! 

Today is the day that we honor men who stepped up to the plate and provide for their families.

I have been blessed to have had a father who is always there for me and to help mold me into who I am today. However, in today's society (as I clearly saw through Twitter and the enormous amount of anger I heard today) that many people did not have the opportunity to have a father figure in their lives and felt a slight bit of anger as they had to reflect on life without a father.

It is quite sad that many fathers in today's society do not want to step up to the plate because they know that "they don't have to carry the baby for nine months." They don't realize that the after effects of this abandonment is truly astounding and can affect a child for years to come-especially a woman.

As many of us know, your father is suppose to be the first example as to what a man is and it should help us to figure out what we would want in our future spouse. For example, for me, I grew up with a father who is honest, loving and crazy; a man who always encouraged my brothers and I to be true to who we are. I am not saying I want to be with someone who is a spitting image of my father (because that is effin weird) but I know that I want to a man who treats a woman like a queen like my father treats my mother. 

That is why many woman who suffered from abandonment are more likely to have relationship issues when they get older. According to a study done, we as humans tend to choose someone like Mom or Dad as a partner.
Even if we don't realize it at all, we are attracted to certain personality traits that are parents might have because it makes us feel comfortable.
That is why when women have an estranged relationship with their fathers, they tend to have a sense of anger towards the opposite sex or tend to "settle" with a guy very quickly. 
Now, this post is not to come off as a negative "I hate men' post. I write this post because fathers play a key role in the growth of a child. Whether you didn't have a relationship with your father or had a close, strong bond with them, your father will always play a strong role in your life.

So, as Father's Day come to a close, I want to salute the fathers who are setting great examples for their little girls. As for those women who might not have a bond with their father, do not make this be your Achilles' heel. As the old saying goes "what don't kill you will only make you stronger," so turn the hurt into a lesson and learn to love a man that respects you rather than to settle for a man who will not leave you. 

Happy Father's Day!!!


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