Crazy Question: Would You Hook Up With A Random Person From A Night Club?

"Night life is the reason why I live life....."

Living in NYC is the best thing that can ever happen to a 20-something year old. There's so much to do as well as the nightclubs are always fun. However, there is ONE key thing that annoys the crap out of me when I go out.

Now, I know that sometimes when you mix alcohol and great music, things might happen but I don't understand why people RANDOMLY HOOK UP with complete strangers they meant at the club. These drunk, incoherent chicks feel the need to find the best guy that looks decent through their beer goggles and randomly hook up with them and all I have to say to that is, why?

Don't get me wrong, I don't believe in c*ck blocking at all. I also believe that everyone should get a little loving from time to time but I feel that when you hook up with a random dude in the club, it's like your licking a toilet bowl. Sure, I might be exaggerating a bit but making out with a stranger is too much of a wild card.

What do you think? Would you hook up with someone you just meant? 

SMH, I'm going to live in a bubble away from you nasty folks! :-/  

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Saturday Tea: Find The Courage

Hola Mi amores locas!

On my quest to be the best little lady possible, I realized that though I pushing myself to be the best, I am also holding myself back. Why, you ask? All my life, I've always wanted to be the best at whatever I do.

Whether it was school, work, sports or talking -ish, I've always wanted to be the best. However, I realized that's not healthy.

If we live in a world where we all are perfect, then life would be so lame! That's why I vow to not look into things TOO much and just live!

What do you think? What is holding you back? Sound off!

PS: We here at  crazy land been MIA but no need to fear, we are back and we are not going anywhere :-)

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Get Familiar: Tanya Morgan

Since I am on vacation from work, I've had the chance to relax,vibe out and explore some music. Then I stumbled upon this group, Tanya Morgan and they are so ill!

 I am very fickle when it comes to today's music. When I see the Wacka Flocka's and nonsense on the TV, I I take today's music with a grain of salt but I love this group and so will you, check it out!

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Crazy Sneakers: Sweet Jesus, I Want.........

Over at Kicks On Fire, I saw what I want for my half birthday (yes, I celebrate my half birthday, say something?!)

The Nike Air Royalty is a part of the Vach Pack. The shoe is a blend of tweed with brown leather and I want these kicks in my life!!!!! So, on October 22nd, make sure you pick up a pair for me.

Please and Thank you. 

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Random Music: Listen To Stevie!

......because I said so :-)

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Crazy Question: Can Twitter Make or Break A Show's Success?

On Saturday, I had to endure a four hour trip to go to an art gallery opening.  When we had to stop for gas, I would read my timeline on Twitter to see what's going on. I noticed that everyone and their mother was tweeting about the BET Hip Hop Awards happening in the ATL this weekend.

Everyone was tweeting about who was there, who won an award, who was whack, how people didn't get up to honor Guru but got up to do the Dougie *evil side eye* and the beef that brewed between Wacka " I need to go back to school and learn how to talk" Flocka Flame and Stephen Hill.

Everyone was tweeting and revealing what was going on that I started to wonder, "What the hell is the point to watch the damn show when I already know what the hell is going to happen and what they are probably going to cut out?"

So, I poise the question: " Can Social Media Effect The Success of a business, a show or even a person?"

As much as we praise social media, can it destroy us at the same time? Think about it, many people threw criticisms at the award ceremony, do you think that people will still tune in? Or, do you think the criticism will help the network?

What do you think?

PS: Next, BET, I suggest you banned anyone from tweeting, facebooking, myspacing, linkedining or whatever-ing about the show next year. You want people to be surprise, I'm just saying.....

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Tuesday Crazy Music: Montara!

Wassup people!

As busy as I am, Lord knows when I have the time to relax. However, thanks to Youtube, I can use music as my way to breathe.  Listen to this song and I promise you will be so calm, you want to kiss your boss (or not want to choke him or her)

PS: If you know who sampled this song, I'll give you a cookie :-)

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Crazy Kicks: If You Love Me, You Will Get Me.....


Sneakers: The Tuskegee Sneakers in Black By Atelier Arthur
Cost: $ 110

Sneakers via Karmaloop

Thank you, I love you, bye bye :-)

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Crazy Music: I Know A Song That Gets On Everybody's Nerves.......

Imagine working in a office with mostly men. Now, imagine hanging out with "Big Meech" fanatics. Now, imagine working with mostly dudes AND they're obssessed with a big, fat Miami rapper that goes by the name of Rick Ross. Yep, that's my sorrow.

I've practically heard this man's album over....and over.......and over....AND OVER for the past two months!

Don't get me wrong peeps, I respect the man's hustle but GOT DAMN! How many times do I have to see broke ass dudes call themselves "Big Meech" ;-\

So,  since I have to deal with the torture, so will YOU!!!! mwhahahahahahaha Check out the Rick Ross tunes I can actually tolerate.


Good day :-)

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Crazy Random: School House Rock!

I swear children today are missing out! Enjoy!

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Wednesday Eye Candy: Oh No She Didn't!

You might be familiar with singer/songwriter Miguel through his hit single, All I Want Is You. However, I loved Miguel since my MySpace days! This Cali native has an impeccable voice and a sexy swag that can have you lost for words. I'm so happy to see that he is getting the love he deserved.

Check out some of his songs off his critically acclaimed mix tape. I must warn you, you probably will be thinking about sex the whole entire day, just saying :-)

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Attention NYC !!!!

Tomorrow, Beyond the Basement presents Building The Basement happeningat the ultra posh China 1 Restaurant and Lounge. CPL's favorite singer, Cheeki The Singer will be in the building alongside Yung Juggz.

This is an event you don't want to miss! See you guys manana :-) 

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Crazy Wisdom: Don't Burn Bridges, It Will Actually Leave You With Scars

As you guys know, I'm on my pursuit to success. Adulthood can be a mother but I'm learning sooo much along the way. However, the biggest lesson I've learned is to NEVER EVER BURN BRIDGES!!!!

Case in point..........

A friend of mine had the opportunity to work with a great media company. He loved his job and I hated him for having the job (what? I'm going to lie). However, three months into his job, he started to have trouble with a co-worker and when I say trouble, I mean he would constantly have screaming matches with his fellow employee. Recently, the fighting reached a breaking point when he spazzed out on everyone in his office and quit on the spot.

At the time, he felt liberated to express his feelings and "put them in their place" but now he is suffering from this decision because due to his outburst, many people in his field are hesitant to work with him.

Don't get me wrong, I know I'm a hot-headed individual (hence the name, DUH!) but I'm learning that in order to make it in the business world, you can't curse people out when you want to. To be honest, there have been many times where I had to walk around a little bit just to avoid these situations. Plus, I know I'm too pretty to go to jail so I don't want to do anything to get me there :-)

Also, most of the time, the one that you probably do not like probably have the most connections known to man! It might be annoying but you have to suck it up and roll with the punches. It makes no sense to bitch and moan, just suck it up! Listen, if I can avoid a fight, you can do too!!!!!!


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Crazy Sneakers: I WANT.........

Supra's Pilot Skytops! I need these in my life! That is all.....

Images via Supra Footwear  

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Crazy Music: "F*ck You!"

No, I'm not saying "Fuck You" to you guys (well, not right now) but I'm talking about the catchy Cee-lo song that I think is the cutest thing ever!

Check out the song here! Now, how in the hell are they going to edit this song for the radio? Oh well, F*ck it!:-)

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Sunday Tea: When Is It Okay To Meet The Parents?

Every woman knows that meeting their partner's parents is  a  HUGE step in a relationship. Meeting a man's parents and family is like they are giving you a key into soul and heart and that's the JACKPOT!

However, some women  force the process and pressure their man into making this happen. Why is that?

Don't get me wrong, I have had my moments where I wanted to have the "Lifetime Channel" relationship and have everything is perfect but why rush it?

In a world where divorce rate is high, women seem to have gone into panic mode and want to have a long-term relationship in a short period of time.

So I poise the question: When should a man or a girl allow their mate to meet their family? One month? six months? a year?

What do you think?

Spill the tea....

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Sunday Groove: Happy Birthday To The King of Pop!!!!

Hola Mis amores!

Today, the "King of Pop" Micheal Jackson would have been 52 today. However, instead of mourning his death, we here at Crazy INC. want to celebrate his life by listening to some of his greatest hits.

Here are the top 5 songs that I love from The King...enjoy!

Happy Birthday!

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Crazy Kicks: Ransom By Adidas Originals Valley Highs

Fall season is slowly approaching and everyone is in a scramble to get their sneaker game ready. Well, Adidas Originals has created what I think will be a perfect addition to your wardrobe.  Adidas Originals is developing these two new  Valley Highs from the Ransom design collection featured on These are designed for a formal look more than an athletic one. Black suede uppers are used against grey accents and a white sole on the first pair. The second owns a brown canvas upper, orange accent stripes, tan leather liner and boot laces. Check them out below: 

Do you dig them???

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Crazy Sports: Do You Have YOG DNA?

The Summer Youth Olympics Games is under way in Singapore! To promote the event, they turn to track star and Jamaican born Usain Bolt to build up excitement for the event.

Check out the commercial here!

Got to love Bolt and his poises, lol

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Monday Eye Candy: If I Had To Do A Vampire, It Would Be With......

Happy Monday Boys and Girls!

I feel like I've been missing out on the True Blood movement. I am highly upset that no one told me that this show was down right good! It's like a dope ass soap opera that actually shows the sex scenes! 

Anyway, I couldn't help but to LUST over the sexiness that is Eric Northman. Ladies, let's be honest, we would not mind being this vampire's sex slave ( Lord knows I wouldn't mind, chain ME up! :-) ) 

The man behind the sexy vampire is Alexander Skarsgård. The Swedish actor is also a director and starred in Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi."( The things you learn from

Feast your eyes on this sexy immortal! 

I think I'm now a True Blood fan, viva la vampires!!!!!! :-)      

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Monday Eye Candy: If I Had To Do A Vampire, It Would With......

Happy Monday Boys and Girls!

I feel like I've been missing out on the True Blood movement. I am highly upset that no one told me that this show was down right good! It's like a dope ass soap opera that actually shows the sex scenes! 

Anyway, I couldn't help but to LUST over the sexiness that is Eric Northman. Ladies, let's be honest, we would not mind being this vampire's sex slave ( Lord knows I wouldn't mind, chain ME up! :-) ) 

The man behind the sexy vampire is Alexander Skarsgård. The Swedish actor is also a director and starred in Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi."( The things you learn from

Feast your eyes on this sexy immortal! 

I think I'm now a True Blood fan, viva la vampires!!!!!! :-)      

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Crazy Drinks: The Debbie Downer Pick-Me-Up Drink

Mondays can be the worst but a yummy ALCOHOLIC beverage and make a Monday into a fun day (you know you love alcohol as much as I do. It's okay, I'll say it for you.) I found a great drink that will change anyone's mood with just one sip....

Bailey's Irish Cream a personal fave of mine. It is so rich and creamy and the Irish cream's taste makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. It is the perfect liqueur to drink when your in a bit of a funk. Try this yummy concoction tonight and I bet you will feel 10 times better than you did before.

*sips drink* Trust me, I know :-) 

Bailey's Pick-Me-Up Milkshake


Baileys®  Original Irish Cream 
2 scoops vanilla ice cream (if you are a health nut like me, you can use Vanilla frozen yogurt)
Cocoa powder

Brown sugar cube

Whipped cream

Blend all the ingredients together to make a yummy milkshake!
For more recipes, check out for more.
Damn! This drink taste gawwwwdddd (Yes, I said Gaawwwdddd! Don't judge me.) Tell me what you think!

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Monday Crazy Music: "Get Munny" With Badu

Hola Mi Locitas!

I am going to be honest, I've been M.I.A. lately.  I have so much going on that it is important for me to have a punching bag and a bottle of Belvedere and wine on stand by at all times. (Check out today's   Mean Muggin' Monday post to see why)


I love Erykah Badu, I really do. I consider Ms. Badu to be my crazy ass friend in my head that continues to mind f*ck me with all of her wardrobe changes and antics but I adore her for that. HOWEVER, I don't know how I feel about her new video for her song, "Get Munny." Don't get me wrong, the B.I.G. sample is dope and I loved the song from the time I heard it but the video is leaving a bad after taste in my month.

Peep the video below, can you dig it?

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Crazy Fashion: Y-3 Torsion Heel

Not since the NBA jersey dress came in style has the fashion world been introduced to a tragic trend. Until now.

According to Parlour Magazine, Y-3 recently released the Torsion Heel for their collection with Adidas. Though Y- 3 is known for its edgy, risky take on athletic wear, this might be a tad bit much.  According to the creators, the vision behind the shoes was to create a futuristic athletic shoe for the fashion forward woman, describing it as “the future right at your feet.” However, some might argue that the shoe has taken a piece of the past with this new creation. Who can forget when designer Manolo Blahnik took the ordinary Timberland boot and made them into hottest heels in town or when ladies thought it would be cool to wear their favorite Jordan’s as their high heel foot accessory but has Y-3 made the right sneaker heels?

What do you think? Do you think the Torsion heel will be the next big thing in the fashion world or will it be a major fail for the collection?

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Crazy Question: Should We Filter With Friends?

Hello My Crazy Loves!

So, today, I think I made boo-boo. I know what you're saying, "I thought at Crazy land you don't care who you piss off" which is true but I think this time I made a boo boo.

To say that my life after college has been crazy would be an understatement; from interviews, working, networking, researching, writing, eating, sleeping and bitching, it's been a crazy world. However, I must say I am proud of myself and what I'm doing. I am an avid believer that you have towards your success rather than wait for it to come.

I am very proud of myself, so you can imagine how annoyed I am when someone tries to trample my happiness with a depressing sorry.

I know this guy. We use to work together a few summers ago and I consider the dude my homie. He's around  my age range and, like every recent graduate, is depressed about the economy and finding a job. HOWEVER, every time I would mention something that I am trying to do, he always respond with,

"Well, it's easy for you, you're a woman."

Now, I know it's hard and I must admit it is challenging for men to find a job at times but every time I would mention something, he would always respond with that very thing.

However, it seems as though I reached my breaking point. I mention some great news I received and I was soooo happy. So, as anyone would do, I shared it with the social media world and sure enough I get an IM,

"I really should do a sex change or something. Lucky you."

I don't know if it was because I didn't drink any coffee or if my feet were hurting in my heels but.....I.....SNAPPED!

It was as if I was possessed by the crazy woman in me and began to reply with vengeance,


It was not until today I realize what I wrote and I feel bad :-(  Though, I do feel he is a lazy mother(shut yo mouth), I think I could have presented a tad bit better....

So, I poise the question:
Should We Filter With Our Friends? Though some might be depressing, should be filter the things we say to be understanding and sympathetic?

It is a hard to for any graduate but I mean, I'm human, right???


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Tuesday Grooves: Here We Go Again

Hola My Loves!

I swear this whole real world thing is kicking my ass like Kung Fu! Anyway, it's always nice to unwind so why not jam to this song. This song always make my day!

Pop Quiz: If you know where this song is from, I'll give you a crazy cookie :-)

Enjoy :-)

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Here at Crazyland, one is never shy when the topic of sex is brought up. Sex is an experience that showcase love, fun and emotion that one should cherish and not do with every walking being (Translation: DON'T BE A SLUT!) Since many people( like me) do not believe in shagging everyone, people turn to a practice where one pleasures oneself i.e. masturbating. Everyone, man AND woman, loves to please themselves to relieve sexual frustration. Whether with a dildo, a vibrator, beads, blow up doll, fake sex parts or your good ol' fingers and hands  (Side note: I know these instruments are used during masturbation due to me watching a lot of HBO. It's not like I own them or anything... ::nervous laugh::

However, imagine if you pleasure yourself TO DEATH?! I mean you masturbated so much to the point that you cause your own death???

Don't believe that can happen?? Well it appears that could happen as Parlour Magazine reported. According to the magazine, Nicola Pagination (seen on your left), a young woman from England, was found dead in her flat (which is an apartment for those who don't know) with a sex toy inside her, porn sprinkled around her and her cat on her chest. (LMAO! The cat on the chest? This is so wrong to laugh about..but I can't help it..LMAO) 
Now you might be thinking it's impossible to die from pleasuring yourself and maybe she was killed by someone or even died due to an illness but the coroner told the British newspaper, The Mail,  that she passed of, and I quote,
 “hearty arrhythmia, likely brought on by her state of arousal. The cause of death was also confirmed by Gloucestershire coroner Alan Crickmore who told The Mail that it was likely that ‘her activity before death’ contributed to the fatal arrhythmia.”

*blank stare* 

So in other words, the woman died because had a great orgasm she received by using a sex toy???? WHERE THE HELL CAN I FIND THAT SEX TOY?!?!?!??!?! 

I mean, that's a great way to go, eh? Well, minus the whole sex toy inside her part, lol

Oh, this crazy world, LMAO!

Later days....AND DON'T JUDGE ME! lol

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Tuesday Grooves: Kid Cudi X Kanye Delivers

¿Por qué ¡Hola! Espero que tu día está funcionando de maravilla! Estoy de humor para hablar otro idioma. Sexy, ¿verdad?

Okay, back to English...for today's Groove, check out  Kid Cudi's new single, "Erase Me" featuring Mr. Kanye West. I swear, Kid makes great high music :-) As a non-smoker, I feel like rolling a blunt and rockin' out with old dude :-) 

Gotta love that man! Peep it below :-) 

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