Crazy Fashion: Y-3 Torsion Heel

Not since the NBA jersey dress came in style has the fashion world been introduced to a tragic trend. Until now.

According to Parlour Magazine, Y-3 recently released the Torsion Heel for their collection with Adidas. Though Y- 3 is known for its edgy, risky take on athletic wear, this might be a tad bit much.  According to the creators, the vision behind the shoes was to create a futuristic athletic shoe for the fashion forward woman, describing it as “the future right at your feet.” However, some might argue that the shoe has taken a piece of the past with this new creation. Who can forget when designer Manolo Blahnik took the ordinary Timberland boot and made them into hottest heels in town or when ladies thought it would be cool to wear their favorite Jordan’s as their high heel foot accessory but has Y-3 made the right sneaker heels?

What do you think? Do you think the Torsion heel will be the next big thing in the fashion world or will it be a major fail for the collection?

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Crazy Question: Should We Filter With Friends?

Hello My Crazy Loves!

So, today, I think I made boo-boo. I know what you're saying, "I thought at Crazy land you don't care who you piss off" which is true but I think this time I made a boo boo.

To say that my life after college has been crazy would be an understatement; from interviews, working, networking, researching, writing, eating, sleeping and bitching, it's been a crazy world. However, I must say I am proud of myself and what I'm doing. I am an avid believer that you have towards your success rather than wait for it to come.

I am very proud of myself, so you can imagine how annoyed I am when someone tries to trample my happiness with a depressing sorry.

I know this guy. We use to work together a few summers ago and I consider the dude my homie. He's around  my age range and, like every recent graduate, is depressed about the economy and finding a job. HOWEVER, every time I would mention something that I am trying to do, he always respond with,

"Well, it's easy for you, you're a woman."

Now, I know it's hard and I must admit it is challenging for men to find a job at times but every time I would mention something, he would always respond with that very thing.

However, it seems as though I reached my breaking point. I mention some great news I received and I was soooo happy. So, as anyone would do, I shared it with the social media world and sure enough I get an IM,

"I really should do a sex change or something. Lucky you."

I don't know if it was because I didn't drink any coffee or if my feet were hurting in my heels but.....I.....SNAPPED!

It was as if I was possessed by the crazy woman in me and began to reply with vengeance,


It was not until today I realize what I wrote and I feel bad :-(  Though, I do feel he is a lazy mother(shut yo mouth), I think I could have presented a tad bit better....

So, I poise the question:
Should We Filter With Our Friends? Though some might be depressing, should be filter the things we say to be understanding and sympathetic?

It is a hard to for any graduate but I mean, I'm human, right???


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Tuesday Grooves: Here We Go Again

Hola My Loves!

I swear this whole real world thing is kicking my ass like Kung Fu! Anyway, it's always nice to unwind so why not jam to this song. This song always make my day!

Pop Quiz: If you know where this song is from, I'll give you a crazy cookie :-)

Enjoy :-)

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Here at Crazyland, one is never shy when the topic of sex is brought up. Sex is an experience that showcase love, fun and emotion that one should cherish and not do with every walking being (Translation: DON'T BE A SLUT!) Since many people( like me) do not believe in shagging everyone, people turn to a practice where one pleasures oneself i.e. masturbating. Everyone, man AND woman, loves to please themselves to relieve sexual frustration. Whether with a dildo, a vibrator, beads, blow up doll, fake sex parts or your good ol' fingers and hands  (Side note: I know these instruments are used during masturbation due to me watching a lot of HBO. It's not like I own them or anything... ::nervous laugh::

However, imagine if you pleasure yourself TO DEATH?! I mean you masturbated so much to the point that you cause your own death???

Don't believe that can happen?? Well it appears that could happen as Parlour Magazine reported. According to the magazine, Nicola Pagination (seen on your left), a young woman from England, was found dead in her flat (which is an apartment for those who don't know) with a sex toy inside her, porn sprinkled around her and her cat on her chest. (LMAO! The cat on the chest? This is so wrong to laugh about..but I can't help it..LMAO) 
Now you might be thinking it's impossible to die from pleasuring yourself and maybe she was killed by someone or even died due to an illness but the coroner told the British newspaper, The Mail,  that she passed of, and I quote,
 “hearty arrhythmia, likely brought on by her state of arousal. The cause of death was also confirmed by Gloucestershire coroner Alan Crickmore who told The Mail that it was likely that ‘her activity before death’ contributed to the fatal arrhythmia.”

*blank stare* 

So in other words, the woman died because had a great orgasm she received by using a sex toy???? WHERE THE HELL CAN I FIND THAT SEX TOY?!?!?!??!?! 

I mean, that's a great way to go, eh? Well, minus the whole sex toy inside her part, lol

Oh, this crazy world, LMAO!

Later days....AND DON'T JUDGE ME! lol

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Tuesday Grooves: Kid Cudi X Kanye Delivers

¿Por qué ¡Hola! Espero que tu día está funcionando de maravilla! Estoy de humor para hablar otro idioma. Sexy, ¿verdad?

Okay, back to English...for today's Groove, check out  Kid Cudi's new single, "Erase Me" featuring Mr. Kanye West. I swear, Kid makes great high music :-) As a non-smoker, I feel like rolling a blunt and rockin' out with old dude :-) 

Gotta love that man! Peep it below :-) 

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Sunday Tea: What's Next for Kelis?

All this week, the jokes were coming left and right against Kelis after what can be called the worst album sales in the history of music!

Her recent album, Fleshtone, only sold a depressing 7,833 copies in its 1st week!!! The album has become the laughing stock (or a fine coaster for some) but I this karma???

As we all know, Kelis and Nas went through a very nasty divorce. She took him to the cleaners and was dubbed "Gold Digger Queen" by fans after milking Nas for everything he has. That being said, is she suffering because of people's disgust? Though, we should judge the art rather than person, are people too bitter that they can't respect the album? Critics even hated the album calling it "a one tone techno mess." The album featuring the song Acapella, went to left for some. Even I, who is a true fan of Kelis didn't understand her direction nor understand why every song sounded the same.

Now, some might argue that this isn't new for Kelis. As a fan (yes, I am still a fan even though I think she has moocher tendencies) Kelis's music has never really gotten the respect it deserved in the US. Overseas, however, this girl is a LEGEND. My friends over in London think she is a god and told me she sell out theaters and stages when she performs unlike her concerts here. So, maybe she just have to give up the US market and stick to her fans overseas. I mean, many American artists gain a strong success overseas and are completely unknown in the States.

However, though her previous albums didn't get huge sales in the US, it was never THIS BAD! I mean she didn't move A UNIT!

So, I poise the question, what's next for Kelis? Can she bounce back from these sales? What went wrong? Did the PR team mess up when pushing the album out?

Though some might not like her, I do and will always be a fan, gold digging and all..

Check out one of my favorite Kelis songs below.....poor thing :-(

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Crazy Music: "I'm A Be Okay!"

Good day my crazy loves!

Have you ever had that moment when you feel as though people take your kindness for weakness? Now, as an aspiring mogul, I am willing to learn and grow in my craft. HOWEVER, as CrazyPrettyLady, I will not, I repeat, WILL NOT, kiss somebody's ass to get there. There's a fine line between "learning the ropes" and "kick people ass to get to the top" and as a hard heading, tongue lashing chick, I don't kiss anyone's ass! :-)

So, for today's crazy music, here's a little pick-me-up for all my go-getters who will not lose themselves as they make their way to the top.

Ahhhhhhh, feels good to be me :-)

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Crazy Music: Usher Dust Off The Sexy Card....

Divorce never look so good.. check out Usher's new video for 'There Goes My Baby." I love this song! I don't care how tough you are, you feel a tad bit mushy when listening to the song.

Check the song out after the jump....

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Crazy Random: Much Needed Inspiration

Thanks to the ladies at Parlour for this......phrases to live by :-)

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Thursday Eye Candy: Idris Elba Is Too FINE!!!

I will admit, I rarely buy magazines. I usually just go to Barnes and Noble, buy a Carmel Macchiato and enjoy the magazine right then and there and bounce. (I know that sounds REALLY bad but times is rough people!)  However, after peeping this month's Ebony Magazine, I had to buy it to get a second glimpse of the sexiness that is Idris Elba. Not only is the man FIONE but his accent will make a girl think...things!!!!

So, enjoy today's chocolate goodness and pick up this month's Ebony magazine on newsstand now! :-)


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Crazy Music: Why Janelle Monae, Lupe, B.o.B. Are Dope!!!

Okay, I'm #latelikeCNN with this but since this REMIX is soooo dope!!!

Check out Janelle Monae's Wondamix of her song, Tightrope, featuring Lupe Fiasco and B.o.B.

Damn, I love her music!!! Vibe out below...

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Crazy Throwback: You Need A Man...With...SENSITIVITY

There are a few songs that can provoke the inner bird in me to act a fool and this song happens to be one. Sometimes, I miss the old school R&B. I don't care if your 22 or even 42, when you hear good R&B, that bird chant, "YAAASSSSSSS" comes out and you find that your tongue sticks out and the stank face appears...

So, join me in some bird activity and jam with ya girl!!!


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Crazy Question: What The Hell Is A Friend With Benefits?

As many people know that I am not one to shy away from speaking my mind. However, there are some concepts in this world that even I don't know what to think or say.

Now, as 20-something chica and having peers around me who are young and free, I love to see individuals love and life live. I'm an avid believer that your 20s are the years  to have fun, act crazy(not Lindsay Lohan crazy but crazy) and mold your future to make your life grand. HOWEVER, there is one concept I can't get down with and that is "friends with benefit."

I have male friends who have them and I have female friends who have them and I don't get the -ish because they are always complaining about something going wrong during these transactions. For those who might now know what a "friend with benefits" is, let me give you a brief definition:

Friends with Benefits- Two friends who have a sexual relationship without being emotionally involved. Typically two good friends who have casual sex without a monogomous relationship or any kind of commitment

Though the concept of having a friend you can f*ck on the regular might sound dandy to some, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO HAVE SEX WITH SOMEONE AND NOT HAVE FEELINGS FOR THEM! I don't care what anyone says, if your having sex with your friend you are going to develop emotional feelings for that friend. 

Especially for women!!! We cannot have a friend with benefits because naturally we see sex as an emotional experience we have with a person that we could potentially see a relationship with. That's why many women keep their ex-boyfriends around because though the relationship is over, you're able to still share that passion one might still have for their ex...even if it only for a couple of minutes (sometimes hours for some, just saying :-) )

Through my experience, I've seen many "friends with benefits" deals go sour and they end up regretting the decision to keep the sexual relationship when they know there's more to it.

So, I poise the question, why the hell would have a friend that you f*ck from time to time when you know that you're going to build feelings for in the long term? Or, is it possible to have a friend you bang from time to time?

What do you think? SOUND OFF! 

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Thursday Eye Candy: Jermaine Can Get A "Booty Call"

Waddup Young World!

I hope you all are well rested after last holiday weekend as I am. Though I am sweating balls right now in NYC, at least I know I am burning extra calories when I am...ummm...."exercising." :-)

For today's eye candy, I want to showcase a brotha who not only rocks a bald head well but he knows how to get a "Booty Call" going wink,wink....

Introducing Mr. Jermaine Paul. You might be familiar with the singer as he has performed with Grammy award winning singer Alicia Keys. The New York native was once signed to Shaquille O'Neal's short-lived label Twism Records (and when I say short live I mean a SECOND) where he was the lead singer for the R&B group 1Accord. The dude also performed on the soundtrack of the hit movie, Booty Call, that featured Jamie Foxx and Jada Pinkett Smith.

After singing background vocals for artists like Mary J. Blige, Brandy and Kelly Price, Jermaine received the opportunity to work with Ms. Keys on her album, "The Diary of Alicia Keys."

Though his resume is impeccable, it's his looks that has many women's panties in a twist! The chocolately-singer has a nice smile (almost like he can do a Colgate commercial) and ladies, trust me when you see him perform, you can't but help to admire the sweat that drips all over his BAAWWWWDDDY, not body BAWDY!!!

So, feast your eyes on the singer and to learn more information about him, check out his song below.

This track is soo dope, I can't tame myself with this track.

Check it out!

Later days....

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Thursday Eye Candy: Lupe + Pharrell = Yummy Eye Candy Sandwich

God, you know how to make this Thursday grand! My two loves join forces for the 'Despicable Me' soundtrack, that Mr. Williams produced.

Check out the song, I'll just be here, staring at the pic above.....YUMMY!!!

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