Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Tea: What's Next for Kelis?

All this week, the jokes were coming left and right against Kelis after what can be called the worst album sales in the history of music!

Her recent album, Fleshtone, only sold a depressing 7,833 copies in its 1st week!!! The album has become the laughing stock (or a fine coaster for some) but I this karma???

As we all know, Kelis and Nas went through a very nasty divorce. She took him to the cleaners and was dubbed "Gold Digger Queen" by fans after milking Nas for everything he has. That being said, is she suffering because of people's disgust? Though, we should judge the art rather than person, are people too bitter that they can't respect the album? Critics even hated the album calling it "a one tone techno mess." The album featuring the song Acapella, went to left for some. Even I, who is a true fan of Kelis didn't understand her direction nor understand why every song sounded the same.

Now, some might argue that this isn't new for Kelis. As a fan (yes, I am still a fan even though I think she has moocher tendencies) Kelis's music has never really gotten the respect it deserved in the US. Overseas, however, this girl is a LEGEND. My friends over in London think she is a god and told me she sell out theaters and stages when she performs unlike her concerts here. So, maybe she just have to give up the US market and stick to her fans overseas. I mean, many American artists gain a strong success overseas and are completely unknown in the States.

However, though her previous albums didn't get huge sales in the US, it was never THIS BAD! I mean she didn't move A UNIT!

So, I poise the question, what's next for Kelis? Can she bounce back from these sales? What went wrong? Did the PR team mess up when pushing the album out?

Though some might not like her, I do and will always be a fan, gold digging and all..

Check out one of my favorite Kelis songs below.....poor thing :-(



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