Tuesday, June 15, 2010


There's a World Cup Fever happening around the world!!!! This is the time where the world's best teams fight to gain the right to call themselves the world's best in the game of football(FYI- You Americans who are correcting me right now saying it's called soccer, no, it's football! REAL FOOTBALL.HM!)

As a soccer fan and a lover for all things eye candy, today's eye candy hails from Ghana and lets just say, this man is the definition of chocolate!!!

Introducing Stephen Appiah.........


 Mr. Appipah hails from Ghana  and  plays for the Italian club team Bologna and this dark chocolate young man is a member of his national team at this year's World Cup. I'm sorry but everytime I see this man, I begin to drool a little bit. I mean look at him.....LOOK AT HIM!!! The man skin is soo smooth, you just want to see sweat drip alll ovaaa his bawwwwddddyy! :-)

Granted Appipah sat out during his team's opening game against Serbia, we can still admire him on the bench. Look out for the Ghana star as Ghana plays in Group D of the opening stages of the World Cup.

Go, Chocolate, GO!!!




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