Sunday, January 24, 2010

Saturdazze: Dating At The Job?

Hola My Love!

Let me paint a scenario.....

You started at new job and you want to make a name for yourself there. You want to be the best and want to be as professional as you can. Then you encounter a guy or girl that you think is really nice when you meet them. You start to befriend them, meet them for drinks after work, you begin to laugh at their corny jokes and you even I'm them while at your desk. Then before you could finish that excel document, SHA BAM!!!!! You just had sex with your co-worker!

Now, let me be the first to say this hasn't happen to me before but I have seen people meet some at the job and did the business with one another. I cannot describe to you how entertaining it is to see co-workers flirting on Monday and then by Friday plowing each other after they clock-out.

Now, I have to poise the question: Is this smart? Is it a good thing to date someone you work with? I mean how awkward is it to sit during those meetings and know that the person who had you speaking in tongues with their "skills" is sitting right next to you? I,personally, think that this is a disaster waiting to happen!

I am such a strong believer in never mix business with pleasure. I have personally seen the train wreck happen when co-workers decide to mess around and then hate each other which effected their success in the company.

Before people start throwing knives at me, I am not saying this applies to everyone. I have seen couples who work together have very loving, lasting relationships. What I am saying is that it is difficult already to balance the emotional attachments relationships or jumpoffs may bring, imagine having to be professional after a horrible fight or bad sex(yikes!).

What do you guys thinks? Do you think dating a co-worker is okay or a complete disaster?

All I am saying is, you never want to bring your personal problems to work. Do you think you can have seeing "the situation" from 9-5?


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