Sunday, January 10, 2010

Saturdazzee: See You At The Crossroads...

Oh the vicious 20s!!!!

You are old enough to get into your favorite nightclubs and be on your own, living the "adult" life
but young enough to lounge around and watch Saturday morning cartoons with pride. A period in your life where you have to deal with your very 1st pile of bills, rejection/ heartbreak, and your first grey hair.

As a 21-Year Old, Fresh-Out-Of -College, young NY chica, I am going through these dreaded years and personally, I am going mad!

*Pulls Hair*

I know where I want to go in my life, but damn! damn! damn! must it be so stressful? For example, my dream has always been to take over the media world by storm. I want Crazyprettylady to make a strong name for itself, but of course in order for me to do so, I have to be the coffee-getting, errands running intern in the game. It works my nerves that I have to work my way from the bottom, but hell I don't come from a rich family and I am not willing to get on my knees and do something strange for a piece of change, so I have to do what I do.

Going through these years are a gift and a curse all at the same time but will it be worth it? Lets call it what is, the decisions I decide to make from now probably will affect my income, my happiness, my relationships, my career and most importantly, my sanity! *wipes sweat* That is a lot to take on, but for some weird strange reason, I like the challenge that I could potentially destroy or create my life story. I mean, it is somewhat of a reward to have the opportunity to make your mark in this universe. I am not going to lie, I am Sh*tting bricks due to my fear of not knowing what's to come, but I kind of like it!

So, as I sit here, paying my bills, watching my bank account go down with every payment I make, looking at apartments that I have to probably strip for living in order to afford them, I take pride that though it is a struggle, it is my struggle, my story, my journey. If I mess up or if I succeed, it is because I did on my own.

So to all that is going through this phase in life, keep yuh head up! We all will make it through this high tech storm and before you know it, you will be 30 years old wishing to go back to your 20th birthday to do it all over again.




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