Thursday, January 14, 2010

Crazy Sports: Do People Still Go To Nets Game? McGuire States The Obvious and Athletes Need To Stop Singing

Why Hello There! Is That a Bat in you pants or are you happy to have more Crazy Sports in your life? Yes? No? Kinda lame? Ok, moving right along....

SMH! See there are losers and then there are just plain disgraces and The New Jersey Nets, well, they are bordering the line of DISOWNMENT. In true loser fashion, the Nets lose again to the Boston Celtics 111-87 making the Nets season record a graceful, disgusting 3-35. (Pause for reaction)

Seriously, I am not saying the Knicks are any better but DAMN at least they put effort into the games. SMH I hope they are thinking about some trades or SOMETHING. Welp, maybe when they move to Brooklyn it will change their morale and they could maybe bring home more wins.(Please highlight MAYBE. How they are playing, I would be surprise if they actually make it to four wins. Hm)

In other news....

Now if you were shocked about this, you are STUPID! STUPID! STUPID!
Please take a look at this picture of Mr. Mark McGuire. Now, ARE YOU REAAALLLYYY SURPRISED THAT HE ADMITTED HE TOOK STEROIDS DURING HIS TIME WITH THE CARDINALS? Yea, I didn't think so... Well now it is official. According to reports, Mark McGwire finally admitted that he, like many others in the Steriod Era of Basebal, had in fact taken steroids. *gasp*

HM.....I am happy he came clean. Now, all we need is Sammy Sosa to admit that he wants to be white and he bleached himself, we can all go home happy.

and finally....

In the latest edition of " Athletes not sticking to their day job and destroying the art of music" Sand Diego Chargers LaDanian Tomlinson creates this pitiful music video for his "dance move" called " LT Electric Glide". Now, I could go in and talk about how repulsive this video is, but I will let you see it for yourself and make you gain your oen opinion. Athletes, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop trying to sing/rap/act/talk. You good at what you do so like Nike, JUST DO IT!

Thank you and Good Day :-)



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