Monday, January 4, 2010

Crazy News: G-Not, Drive Thru Gone Wild, and Fantastia Gets Played!

Happy Monday Boys and Girls!
Here is the 1st ever Crazy News for 2010! Wahoooooo!! And herrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeee we go!

Attention Ladies! You are not down with the G...G-spot that is. According to London researchers, after conducting a study involving 1,800 women, they believe that the famous G-spot, the point of satisfication for a woman, might just be a figment of our imagination! (Gasp!)

According to the research, The Gräfenberg Spot, or G-Spot, is not true point in our body because there are no specific trait that indicatewhere it is located in a woman's body.

(Please excuse my capitalization for the following statemen) THIS IS A BUNCH OF BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT!
(sorry for my language, but it couldn't be said any other way. )

I personally think that theses researchers asked the WRONG women. I don't know about you but we here in crazyvilee feels there should be another survey or ladies in London need to find better sex partners or buy a much better vibrator, just saying. :-/

In other news...
Don't mess with a woman and her Chicken McNuggets!

According to Ohio newspaper, The Blade, Police say an Ohio woman was not to happy that her local McDonald's didn't have her beloved Chicken McNuggets. Angry Nuggetswanted to let them know she was not too happy about her missing nuggets and punched through the drive-through window! Ohio police arrested the erratic woman who later plead not guilty to a vandalism charge.

LMAO! Now, I know this story is quite dumb but can you imagine seeing this in person! I swear, she must love those nuggets (and probably haven't watched that movie Super Size Me.) Lmao! Only in America, folks!

And Finally..

Now, if there is one thing I learned back in '09 is to never, ever, ever date a marry man and then GO GET THEIR NAME TATTED ON YOUR BODY! COME ON SON!!!!
Well Ms. Fantasia is learning this the hard way as her married boyfriend, Antwan Cook, dumped her to be with his family and HE DUMPED HER OVER THE HOLIDAYS! WOOOOWWWW!
If you remember a couple months ago, Fantasia was in a heated scandal as she was accused of stealing Cook from his wife and two children. Now, it seems as though Cook came to his senses and spend the holidays with his familia.
Now, I am not surprise. It must be very tough to go through something like this. Truth is....homegirl shouldn't have ever tried to break up a happy home.
Side Note: Ladies, in 2010, lets NOT fall for the taken guy. Save yourself the drama and the tattoo removal pain :-)
And that's your Crazy News....



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