Saturday, January 16, 2010

Crazy Entertainment: Why Heidi Why!??!! And YASSSSS ARENAS YASSSS

Have you seen the latest issue of PEOPLE Magazine featuring Heidi Montag?! Now, I thought the woman is crazy but OMG!!!!!!!!! In the magazine, the fame-hungry starlet admits that she is addicted to plastic and decided to have 10 plastic-surgery procedures in one day. "I'm beyond obsessed," she admits to the mag. Click here to hear the crazy girl talk about her choice. Also, please notice her ego hubby, Spencer, with the video camera trying to get some shine. SMH!

And Finally....

Now I still think he is a dumbass for bringing a gun to the job but at least he love the animals! :-)

Check out Gilbert Arenas as one of the latest celebrities to work with PETA for the No Fur Campaign. Though her is dumb and suspended indefinitely and probably going to serve jail time, he still looks quite delish!!! Yummy!!!!!

What?! You know you think he is scrumptious! :-)



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