Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Crazy Music: Fugative "Supafly"

Waddup Crazyland!!!!!

It's Wednesday! The week is almost over and Oh am I happy to see the end of this week! Wooooo!

Ever since my cousin came to visit me from London, I've grown a curiousity about music that is popular across the pond. Let's face it, the US is kind of boring with the same 'ole music coming out talking about the same ole thing.

So, in my latest edition of "What's Wicked In the U.K." I stumbled upon hip-hop artist Fugative.

To describe the 15 Year Old "rapper" in the simplest form, if Soulja Boyhad hot monkey sex with pop singer Kei$ha (which is Keisha with a damn dollar sign in her name hence why you have to pronounce that way)and they have a love child, Fugative would be it. Now, I must say even though I cringed a bit when I was listening to the song, I couldn't deny the fact that this little boy's attempts to be "harrd" was oh so adorable and I truly wanted to pitch his cheeks.

Check out his song and tell me what you think? Do you think he have what it takes to make it here in the states? I don't think so, but he is just so adorable that I might make him slide!



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