Thursday, January 21, 2010

Crazy Fashion: You Look Like A Girly Man!!!

Hola Crazy Peeps!!!

Happy Thursday!!! You know what that means, the weekend is here!!! woop woop!!

So, during my daily read, I stumble upon something that....well....let's just say left me speechless.

Imagine going to the club and you see a man wearing a skirt?????

*scratch heads*

Apparently H&M feels like it is fly as they are adding man skirts to their Men Spring 2010 according to . Now, I have seen men wear Skirts such as kilts for cultural purposes but COME ON, seriously H&M?! I am sorry but I don't know how I feel about this "trend". I mean, I accepted the whole "men wearing heels" trend go because I am not going to front, some men, like my boo in my head Ms. Jay from America's Next Top Model, has a fiercer walk than some chicks I know. However, I don't think I can accept this one.

I am sorry, H&M, but this is an epic fail! fail! fail!

What do you crazies think? Do you think this trend is a hit or a miss?



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