Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Eye Candy: "I Like It My Way"

Happy Saturday, My Crazy Amigos!

This morning, as I am doing my daily weekend cleaning, an oldie but goodie came up on my radio and I literally had to drop my broom and do the "stick the tongue out and drop it low" move.

I am not going to lie, I truly miss the '90s Usher. I miss the "Nice and Slow", "My Way", "You Make Me Wanna" Usher. I miss the Usher that use to drop his pants down to show us his Calvin Kleins, the glistening abs with the sexy cut Usher. It seems as though when he got married to the Ugly leech known as Tameka Foster, she sucked away his sex appeal and made him look....normal (sad face.)

I am not saying it is because he got married. Honestly, if he married Chilli, I think he would have still have that appeal to me. The fact that he married Tameka's jealous ass, causing him to tone down, bothered me. Hell, his mama hated her and you know if the mother don't like the girl they marry, she is no good!!!!
So, here is to the old Usher. Hopefully, we will see him again...and those abs.

Here a classic that I know you will all enjoy, and if you want to break out dancing, that's okay too!



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