Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Crazy News: NBC Drama, Simon Chucking The Deuces to Idol And Toddler Is DUBBING IN THE CLUB?!

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I hope your week is starting off swell. Here is what makes up today's Crazy News.....

OMG! NBC is going through more drama than a normal reality show! First, they had to deal with the blow that their shows are doing poorly then they have to deal with the transition of being own by Comcast who also owns E! Television Network and G4 now they have to deal with what can possibly be the death of NBC's late night empire!

According to the Associated Press, Conan O'Brien announced he would not host "The Tonight Show" at 12:05am to accomodate moving a shortened "Jay Leno Show" to 11:35pm. In the whole saga, NBC wanted to put one of the "The Original Kings of Late Night" Jay Leno back to his regular 11:35pm, pushing back Conan's Tonight to 12:05am which would mean my personal favorite Jimmy Fallon so late that he should be in the time slots equaling The Today Show. (Not to mention that ridiculous Carson Daly show will be off the air! Well, now that I think about it, that is not too shabby.)

O'Brien, who took over the "Tonight Show" from Leno on June 1, issued a statement in which he explained "The Tonight Show" would no longer be "The Tonight Show" if it were pushed back, and said he wanted no part in damaging what he considered the "greatest franchise in the history of broadcasting."

Wow! Wow! and Wow!

Come on NBC! You know you made a HORRIBLE touch in choosing to switch Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien. As the saying goes, if it ain't broken, don't change it. Instead of messing up these show, why not pick on a show that should be given the boot, like Heroes! I can't stand that cheerleader! Sorry, but that show is way to confusing and weird for my liking.

Moving right along.......

I really think this move might mean the end of the "American Idol" empire. According to People.com, this will be the last season we will see Executive Procuder Simon Cowell seating in as one of the judges for the hit series "American Idol". The show already had to make the transition of not having the cooky yet nice Paula Abdul for Ellen DeGeneres( I am still trying to figure out how she fits into the show.) I'm sorry but I think all you A.I. fans should prep for the beginning of the end for the franchise.

So Sad

And finally....

Talk about bad parenting! Please watch as this toddler basically dubs this younger girl. If that is not bad, watch as the adults in the video cheer lil man on as if that is okay!! I swear, I would whoop my kid's ass then cut off my cable because they are definitely watching too much HBO and BET!


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