Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday Mean Muggin Special: What if "The Home Wrecker" is The One?

What it do Party People!

Now, this story has been a hot topic in my office, on the streets, hell, even on public transportation!

Rumor has that Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz are reportedly engaged to take that next leap of faith. Now this would be a happy story if Swizz Beatz wasn't TECHINICALLY STILL MARRIED to his soon-to-be ex-wife(once the ink is dry) singer Mashonda. Today, as the story hit the streets, I cannot tell you how many times I overheard women calling Alicia Keys a "home wrecker" or a "man-stealer." I literally choked on my drink since I was laughing so hard at my fellow crazy spazing out at Alicia and listening to her theory on "chicks breaking up happy homes."

I read the message boards and tweets about the story and I must say, in somewhat of an ironic twist path to maturity, I genuinely disagree with everyone's disapproval of Alicia and Swizz's relationship.

Ever since news broke that the two were together, I began to ask myself a question tha even I found shocking.(If this was the CrazyPrettyLady back in the day, Lord knows I would have probably spazzed out myself) What if the woman that is considered "the home wrecker" or the "man stealer" is actually the right one for the man?

*Dodges bottles that are being thrown at me because I ask such a question*


I, myself, went through a situation where a guy who I was dating left me to be with another woman. To be honest, I went on my rants and called her a "home wrecker" and blah blah blah. However, after reflecting with myself (and taking a lot of anger management classes) I personally realize that though it might not have been the right way he started his new relationship with the other woman, at the end of the day, she was the RIGHT woman for him. Listen, no one on this earth cannot control who they fall in love with and sometimes the one that they want is the one they should not have. However, a lot of time people do not follow what their heart because they want to either spare their spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend of pain or in some case, like in Swizz's in my opinion, a child is involved and you want to keep a happy home.

Before men of world try to pat me on the back for "sticking up for them", DO NOT THINK THAT I AM CONDONING CHEATING. I am not saying that AT ALL. If you are cheating, meaninf your sleeping around without a care in the world, you deserve to get your a$$ beat! (Well not beat, but hurt really badly.) What I am saying is that if you know your heart is elsewhere and not with the person you are with now, then it is best to just let that person go and be with the one that makes you happy. This is what Swizz did; he loves Alicia. There is not one person who can tell me that this relationship does not look genuine. I remember seeing pics of Swizz and Mashonda around the time they were going to split and I am not going to lie, THE MAN LOOKED MISERABLE!

And to all the women who calling Alicia a "man-stealer", cut it out! Look, no woman like a home wrecker at all. However, ladies, keep it funky! you Never been in a relationship with a guy you absolutely can't stand but stayed in the relationship to save his heart and spare yourself from being lonely and then you meet the guy that is perfect for you and though you were considered "grimey" to leave your old boyfriend behind, you could care less because you are so happy to be with the one that makes heart and soul smile? I have been that girl and to this very day, I am happy to be with this man and wouldn't change my decision.

So, ladies, put down the pitch fork and stop cussing on the blogs. You can't control what your heart feels and at the end of the day, if the love is real, it will always survive. So, congrats to Alicia and Swizz. I wish you guys nothing but success.

And to Mashonda, I wish you too all the best. Don't worry, you will find your prince charming.

P.S. - If you disagree with me, that's cool. However, I am being honest and real. Some of you chicks out there who are cursing up a storm are the same ones who sleep with your man's friends because you feel *in ghetto dialect* "he wasn't giving it the way I want it. So I went elsewhere" Yea, heffa, I am talking about YOU! So, cut the bullsh*t and leave these lovebirds alone!

Ta-Ta :-)



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