Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Eye Candy: Forget The Bush, Pass The Pierre

Happy Monday Crazy land!
Boy, am I happy that today is done! If it weren't for the two cups of coffee and the chamomile tea I had, your girl would have probably someone in a choke hold!
But let's stop talking about be and let's focus on the sexiness!

Yesterday, it became official that the Indiapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints will be facing each other at this year's Super Bowl. After the game, I tweeted on my twitter page (@CrazyPrettyLady) who would be a delicious candidate for today's eye candyand of course, everyone and their mama said Reggie Bush. I completely agree why ladies love the Bush as he is one fine young man. However, I think there is one player that even though he might not be on Reggie's level, he is still a strong candidate.

Ladies, meet Pierre Thomas.....

The Chicago native has grown to be a key reason why the Saints are heading to Miami this year. The running back played excellent in last night's game and looked quite delish during the game. Now, I am going to be a tad bit honest, he has the no-neck syndrome. (You know, when a man has sooo much muscle that you can't find his neck. Yep, that's him.) But he is still adorable and makes me want to pitch his cheeks when he smiles, so he still gets snaps from me.

So feast your eyes on today's eye candy. He is definitely a cutie pie....but we still got love for your Reggie :-)




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