Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday Eye Candy: Respect The "Q"

I will admit, back in the day I use to love to watch Total Request Live. It was truly hilarious to see teeny-boppers scream from the top their lungs and hyperventalate when their favorite artist comes to the show.

Today, I had a slight flashback of those days and I immediately thought about the ever so adorable Quddus. While everyone was all googly eyed for Carson Daly a.k.a the walking skeleton after is dramatic weight loss, I have always thought Quddus was soooooo dreamy.

So for today's eye candy, I would like to salute the Canada-born sex pot. He will always be delicious to me and the inner 12-year old girl inside of me would probably be screaming my head off, holding up my sign outside the MTV studios, hoping to see his pearly white smile (and maybe just to get inside, it is quite cold outside :-) ).

Hmmmm delicious! :-)



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