Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tuesday Grooves: Now Hit The Booty Dew!

Feliz Martes mis locas!

I hope everyone's day is going fantabulous!!!!!! As for moui, I'm sedated from having to endure 8 hrs of this recklessness- rythemless, bassline-less music on some radio channel here at work. Oh Lawd! One more guitar solo, and I'm numb!

So, in order to save myself from boredom, today's groove is definitely one that will get me hype. I will admit, I am not a Down-South Hip Hop chic. Personally, I am still trying to understand what the hell Southern rapper OJ The Juiceman is saying in his songs! (Have you heard that man speak?! Google him and you see why I need subtitles when he speaks)

However, I am not going to front, when I first heard this song by the Texas-based rap group GS Boyz, I could help but do the booty dew! Don't front! You know when this song plays at a party, you find your with your tongue out and saying in your most hoodrat, ghetto voice "heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" or "owwwwww".

The song definitely grew on me so I know it will grow on you. So check out today's groove and feel free to do the dance at work, as I am doing now.

Later days :-)



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