Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Crazy Random: Pep Likes It Hot!

Yes! A reality show where black women don't look like a ghetto mess!!! Thank yuhhh Jesus!!!!

I am truly love the new Vh1 show, Let's Talk About Pep! Not only is it scandalous, it is actually classy! Now, for a reality series to be "classic" and still fun to watch is something truly special and this show right chyea! Has soo much potential! The show is a nice mix of Sex in the City, Girlfriends and The Game all mix into one fabulous Cosmopolitan drink! The series follow Peppa from Salt n Peppa and her friends as they meet and date different men. The four ladies all have successful careers and know what they want (especially crazy ass Kittie!). I really like this show and I hope that the rest of the season is just as satisfying as the premiere was.

Check out these bonus clips from the debut episode. Congrats Vh1!, you got another hit on your hands :-)

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