Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Crazy Television Re-cap

Happy Tuesday folks!!! If you are like me and on your college grind, you are probably at that point of the semester where you are at high stress levels with all the papers/presentations/tests/ all the other ish we have to do before finals week. However, like I always say, better I stress out now then to kill someone later, right? no? don't agree? Ok, moving right along...

As I mentioned, I am a television JUNKIE, so you know I watched all of my shows last night. So let's recap:
Dancing With The Stars

Now, I am not going to lie, I kind of got distracted by the madness over at For The Love of Ray J(we talk about that soon...) But I did get to see the final performances of the final four. Now, is it just me or don't you want to see Kelly Osbourne come out as the winner of this year's show? I mean, okay, Mya is doing the damn thing and she looks like she will be taking the trophy this year, but, Kelly is giving it her all and I am truly impress to see the once drugged-up, spoiled brat that annoyed the hell out of me on the reality show Meet The Osbourne turn into this likable, lovable young woman. Snaps to you, sister!

I Want to Work For Diddy 2

On the show, Diddy made the crew exercise and also clean up the house because as Diddy said, "they ain't f*cking up his Italian furniture." Your right Mr. Combs, I mean, you can't afford to buy some new furniture if you wanted too, right? (Sense the sarcasm)The team's assignment this week was to collect donations for the non-profit organization, the Fresh Air Fund. The teams had to collect their donations by riding a bike all across NYC to pick it up from different vendors. The Uptown team FINALLY got a win and it was Downtown team who had to go into the hot seat.

This week, it was John that showed he is a back-stabbing, chauvinistic pig and sure enough got the boot! I must say, it is so true when they say that "Drunk man never tell no tales..." Sure enough, John's drunk ass showed his true colors and showed that he ain't.....well you know the rest.
However, this week two people had to go home and my fellow light-skinned Jamaican, Blake, was asked to leave. Awww poooo....

For The Love of Ray J

Where do I begin?! Well, another girl SMASHED THE HOMEY!!! Yes, Luscious, one of the trainwrecks on the show smashed one of Ray J's homeboys. I was surprise that they all didn't smash one of his boys, I mean you don't really think that they are on this show for love, right?

However, the HIGHLIGHT of the night is my Jamaican gyal Lava showing them why men around the world are scared as hell to date us carribean girl. Lava, the Portland, Jamaica native acted like a true psycho and was ready to tell Ray-J want to do. She refuse to leave his room and demanded him to stay. (SMH) Lava, come on man. You just broke Number 234423323 in the guideline of being a Carribean woman. The rule specifically states:
"Do not show your claws until you have succesfully caught your prey. You play nice, then go for the kill!"

Girl, why are you showing that side of you so early in the game? That is why she got the boot on last night's show. Another girl, Just Right, was kicked off last night too, but her two-color weave was annoying me so I didn't care...



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