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In Crazy News: MTV Stereotyping Against Italians, Are Black Women getting Fat on Purpose and Ms. J Tells all in New Book

Happy Wednesday!!!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!! I definitely have been starving myself today to make sure that I have enough space to fit the TONS of food that I will be munching on tomorrow. (Listen, if you have a mother like mine, who knows how to throw down in the kitchen, you would definitely do the same thing.)

Here is the latest in Crazy News....If you've been watching MTV lately, you probably have seen the commercial for their upcoming series "Jersey Shore." The new reality-show will document the hard-partying lifestyle of the shore towns along the New Jersey Coast. The series features an Italian- American group who are pretty much drinking, partying, hooking-up and tanning on the show (in any particular order). While the network is excited for its premiere, some groups are not so happy with its show's upcoming release and even go as far as to call the show "racist against Italian Americans." According to AOL's Pop Eater, UNICO, the largest Italian American Service Organization in the US, are not pleased with the release of the show. Unico president Andre DiMino told the Associated Press that "'Jersey Shore' is nothing shy of 'trash television.' "

Is it? Here is the commercial of the show, Do you think it is truly offensive?

In other news....
I must admit, I have not been keeping up with this season's America's Next Top Model. I mean it had gotten a tad bit boring, plus I can probably catch the whole entire season by watching re-runs on the Oxygen Network on Sundays. However, I do love me some Ms. J! J. Alexander, the runway diva has some of the baddest legs I have ever seen (even though he is a man!) J has released a tell-all book called Follow The Model. The book will talk about Ms. J's journey in the fashion world.

He took the time to talk to AOL's Black Voice about his book:

What inspired you to write this book?

I talk too much as it is, and I am a great storyteller. I thought telling stories would be great in a book about my journey. With a push from agent Nancy Josephson and a shove from agent Suzy Unger, we all made it happen!

You reveal a lot that your fans don't know about you. Was writing about your life therapeutic?
Maybe I revealed too much! In a way it was therapeutic. I got my mind to think about other things, other than designer ball gowns and the latest pair of this season's heels. It opened up a thought process of memories, which made me relax and smile.

I love little touches like the designer pronunciation guide and the guide to Karl Lagerfeld. What made you include these instead of doing a straight bio?
Because the average person outside of fashion who buys this book may not know who some of the latest designers are, let alone how to pronounce their names!

I was shocked to read that you once considered becoming an accountant. What made you think it was a good idea at the time?
My sister, who I idolized, Barbara Ann, who died of breast cancer, worked at an accounting firm. That is where I had my first job in Manhattan as a messenger. I was fascinated by calculators and key-punch machines. Calculators because of totaling up my future earnings and key-punch machines because the cards that came out of the machine reminded me of perforated leather jackets. Plus, I knew one day I would need to know how to manage my money and to make sure I get every penny owed and promised to me!

Ultimately, what do you think empowers us to unleash presence, poise and power? Presence is when you enter the room. Poise is when you are standing there being photographed in the room. And power is owning the room.

After reading some of the reviews, I am curious to read how this diva from the Bronx made his way to Paris. Hopefully, you will be reading it too!


I stumbled upon this video over at In the following clip, this woman claims that African American women are obese because men are more attractive to "fat black women". I am not going to lie, the woman sound kind of ignorant. I find it funny that she is throwing shade at her own, knowing damn well she ugly ass hell too. ( I'm sorry, if you are ugly, it is not a good thing to be talking badly about people. I'm just saying.) Watch the clip below and judge for yourself......


Anonymous said...

Ok time to go in. (Stretches arms and cracks knuckles). First off, this Jersey Shore show looks interesting, and by interesting I mean horrid. When will people learn that television sitcoms have been playing off racial stereotypes for decades. Get used to it. This is America, the country built off racism. As an African American, it's interesting to see another race become offended by a stereotype, especially Caucasians. Now I do agree that the Italian American community has every right to be upset, but please don't be surprised like you didn't know that there are young Italian-Americans who actually represent this stereotype. Every race has a stereotype, positive and negative. Unfortunately, some more negative than others. Moving on, ummmm, oh yes, fat black women. Way back when, the plus-size or "rubenesque" woman was a symbol of beauty. Fast forward to the 21st century, this concept is still applied, becoming more prevalent in the African American community. NOW! there IS a limit! That line between being thick and being down right obese has deliberately been crossed. For example, Raven-Symone: Thick. The chick in Precious: Obese. As black men, we have to stop lying to these obese women and saying they are thick. Now more power to the men who love their BBW (Big Beautiful Women) regardless of their physical traits because there are some big women out there who are pretty as hell. Just from a health aspect, they become delusional and think that the more they eat, the sexier they will become. NO! aside from women with a hereditary predisposition or a thryoid glandular disorder, this is just not healthy. And it is not just black women who are mostly fat so this chick is ignorant as hell.

November 26, 2009 at 12:28 AM

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