Saturday, November 28, 2009

In Crazy Sports: Tigers Woods Gets A Chris Brown Beat Down On Top of His Major Car Crash And Ron Artest Scamming The System!

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Here is the latest in Crazy Sports.....

Pro-Golfer Tiger Woods crashed his car early Friday morning in his central Florida neighborhood. Originally, they were saying that it was due to a car accident. However, it looks like the car crash was not due to a car crash but rather it is due to TIGER GETTING HIS ASS BEAT BY HIS WIFE, Elin Nordegren!!!!

According to the National Enquirer( don't judge the source),they are claiming that Tiger Woods was having an affair with New York Club Owner Rachel Uchitel( Picture on the right), who according to the magazine, is notorious for messing around with married men after losing her own fiancee in the September 11th attack, how ironic.

After finding out that her husband was playing extra "holes"(no pun intended), Mrs. Woods went crazy!! They reported that the facial injuries that Tiger suffered were not from the accident but rather it is from his wife punching him in the face! According to reports, after realizing that his wife was going to beat his ass, Tiger ran out of his house and got into the car to escape from her wrath. Knowing that he was trying to escape, Mrs. Woods chased him down with a golf club and busted the windows out of his car.(Que the Jasmine Sullivan song)

According to TMZ, it was due to him being frighten about her smashing his windows, he lost control of the car and smashed into a tree.

This story has so much drama that it sounds like an episode of The Game, just a golf version of it. If the story is true, KUDOS to you, wifey!!!! I must say judging from how she usually looks in pictures, I would not expect her to go crazy as she did. You go, girl! Let him know you are not like the other celebrity athlete's wives and you will not put up with the nonsense!

In other news.......

NBA Star Ron Artest is being investigated for Welfare Fraud?!?!?!?! According to, Ron and his sister Latoya Holmes-Ivey are being investigated by welfare authorities after being accused of defrauded taxpayers out of at least $34, 000. Yikes! According to reports, Latoya was receiving Section 8 assistance for the apartment she rents for her and her 3 children. In order to get the Section 8 voucher, LaToya claimed she had no kind of income. However, I guess Ron Artest pissed off his former accountant because he claims that Latoya's baller brother actually pays all of her bills and expense, therefore meaning she does not need the assistance. WOW!

This is just sad. Talk about being greedy. Instead of stealing taxpayers' money, homegirl should try to steal a better weave because her hair is ATROCIOUS!



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