Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday Morning Eye Candy

Morning, my fellow crazzettes!

It's another day, another dollar, and another reason why you should pull the covers over your head, say F*ck it and continue that dream where you and your dream guy are in the rain, kissing and hugging and......(wooo, let me compose myself. Can't start the day with my crazy thoughts, hehehe :-)

Well, as your morning motivation,we are going to Viva La France for today's eye candy. Let's feast our eyes on Gabriel Aubry. I know most of you found out about him after seeing him arm and arm with my friend in my head, Halle Berry. But, it was his Calvin Klein ad that made my mouth water and got my attention!

Feast your eyes, my crazy ones!!! Enjoy Enjoy ENNNNNNNNNJOY :-)

Viva La France!!! We We :-)



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