Monday, November 16, 2009

What To Watch: Monday

I must admit, I do love watching prime-time television. Here are some of the shows coming on tonight:

Dancing With The Stars: 9pm ET (ABC)

As the season winds down, the stars put their best foot forward to see who can take home the title of being grand champion on the hit show. I must say, reality star/singer Kelly Osbourne shocked the hell out of me by lasting this long in the competition, but she looks fabulous and I love to see that she is putting much effort into the competition. However, I think that it will come down to Mya or Donny Osmound in the finals. I am just happy to see that Mya is doing something other than being known as the industry ho, whoops did I say that out loud???

I Want to Work For Diddy 2: 8pm (VH1)

I absolutely love this show, and I just started watching it!!! This week, the teams have to raise money for the Fresh Air fund. Hopefully Poprah (now why her mama gave her a name like that) and the Uptown team can get back into the game, even though Poprah is just there for the drama (oh, how typical of reality shows...Angry Black, Bitchy Girl = Nice ratings)

For the Love of Raj 2 9pm (VH1)

This is my guilty pleasure!!! You know can't help but to watch the madness!!! This week, ONE GIRL IS GOING TO BE EXPOSED THAT SHE SMASHED THE HOMIE (dun dun daaaaaaaaaaaaa) smh...this hot mess of a show is a nice touch to my Monday nights! Love it!!!

Happy watching folks....



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