Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday Eye Candy Graduation Special

Top of the morning boys and girls!!!

It's a cold ass day in NY but not even the rain can hide my joy! Why you ask? My graduation is 4 days away and the graduation money is starting to come in so I am!!!!

For today's eye candy special, I want to give you all a look at who I think would be delicious dudes to speak at my graduation. Let's face it, sometimes the commencement speaker's speech is dumb, lame and corny and that's no bueno!!!!

Therefore, my philosophy is if I have to hear their long ass speech about their "trails", why not make choose a speaker who's appealing to the eye, right????

Here are my choices for the hottest commencement speakers:

Hill Harper

If my school invited Mr. Harper to speak at my school, I don't know what I'll do with myself. This man is intelligent, smart and down right fiooonnneeee!!!! Plus, his inspirational words would definitely motivate me to be great!!!

Gideon Yago

Okay, before you all start throwing tomatoes at me or ask me who the hell is he, hear me out!!! I always had a crush on this dude since he's been on MTV News. His "Daria complex" always struck me as appealing. Plus, he's covered some amazing stories for True Life as well as his special on the young American soldiers who are still stationed in Iraq.

President Obama or Former President Clinton

I just love their swagger!!!! Billy bob is an OG and Obama is just a cool dude! Plus, they still look handsome :-)


Now I choose these two not necessarily because of their looks but rather because of their hustle. I don't care if your a fan of hip hop or not, you cannot deny these two the title of best businessmen.

Lupe Fiasco

Do I really need to explain my obsession with this man again?? lol

Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz is officially my older man crush. He had me at the "you must have sex, everyday" statement! Dr. is a freak! Love it!!!

To my 2010 crazy loves, who would you want to see talking at your commencement?

Sound off!!!

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