Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturdazze: Can The Opposite Sex Just Be Friends???

Mawning Mi Youts!

How unnu do???? lol

It's been crazy these past couple of weeks for me but I enjoy my crazy world. Life is pretty sweet for your girl but no need to freight, CrazyPrettyLady is here to stay......

The other day, I got into a heated debate that I would like to share with you. As a girl who likes to party all the time ::cue annoying '80s song::, I love to dance. If there's music involved, you best believe that I will be on the dance jamming!!!! I'm not going to toot my own horn but I got skills. I hanged up my Dancehall queen title but from time to time I dust it off and bust a whine. That being said, when I go to the club, I don't mind dancing with a guy and having a good time. There's nothing better to dance with a guy AND HE HAS RHYTHM! However, fast forward to the end of the night, the dude you were dancing with automatically expects you to a)give out your number b)end up at his house or c)go to the nearest motels and do......"things".

It's as if you can't have a platonic, fun time with a guy without having to wonder if he thinks you want the wild card that is in his pants. (I call it the wild card because YOU NEVER KNOW!!! He might say he has a cucumber but he actually rocking a string bean. Just saying :-) ) It's as if it is not okay for the opposite sex to be friends with one another.

Is it possible that a man can't be friendly to a woman  without having any intentions? As you know, men are not the only one who are guilty of expecting the goodies upon meeting someone. When men are nice to a woman, some chicks will automatically fall in love and will plan her wedding with the dude!

So, I poise the question: Can a platonic relationship occur between the opposite sex? I mean can I dance with a guy and not have to give him my number? Can a guy just be cool with a girl and not have to worry about her drawing hearts around his name on her notebook?

What do you think?????



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